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Faking a Slow Connection for Web Development

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It is becoming harder and harder to test web sites at a dial-up speed these days. And as much as we would like it, the majority of people do not have broadband. Instead of asking your misfortunate friend who only has a 56k modem to check your work, check it yourself with mod_bandwidth!

Over at Quiet Confusion there is an article about the mod_bandwidth module for Apache.

If you develop Web or Flash sites (regardless of Operating System) you should check this article out. This article is, however, specific to OS X. You can get the mod_bandwidth module for Windows and Linux though. Following these instructions (and the tip in the comments about adding symbolic links) took me little time and I am now up and running testing sites as though I were on a 28k or 56k modem.

This is such a great tool to have at my disposal.

Another interesting idea is to use this module to throttle your site traffic, or your own broadband traffic. But who wants to do that? Still, it is another practical use.

I have had this running for a few weeks now and I cannot tell you how often I now use it to test my work.

There is some related information on this on the Mac OS X Hints site as well, which has some great comments as well.

Originally posted on Breaking Windows.

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    Meanwhile, out here on the farm, great great grandchildren might theoretically one day have some form of broadband. Until then, this (#$&* 56K modem has to do.

    Did I mention that you suck?

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