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Fake Steak!

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So, I am still feeling a tad bit “queasy” from yesterday. I’ve only eaten saltines and some fresh bread. Anyway, the hunger beast finally won me over and I just finished making lunch of rice noodles, shiitake mushrooms, and “fake” steak.

Now you may well know that save for seafood, I have given up meat again. I can tell you that I already feel a million times better. I have more energy and don’t feel lethargic. Where as my sushi feast of Friday night could not be helped (did I mention how much I LOVE sushi?), I can quite easily avoid eating meat save for one item that no one can get right fake- buffalo chicken wings. *Drool*

Anyway, I’ve never been much of a red meat eater when I was eating meat. I would never eat pork. My only thing that was a weakness as I said was beef bar-b-que ribs and chicken. My mother would have to force me to eat steak and pot roast when we had it. When I switched over to being veggie the first time back in high school, there wasn’t as much of a selection of items as there are now. Now, I find it easier than ever to have the foods I love in non-animal variety.

Now before I get people jumping on my back screaming that I must be some sort of PETA supporter, I’ll have you know that I don’t eat meat because I for the most part, really don’t like it. I find it greasy and the texture doesn’t feel good in my mouth. All the meat dishes I like are covered in sauces (i.e. wings!). Considering this, it isn’t really hard to make a switch over… (save for SUSHI!)

So here are a few items that I find really yummy for people who might want to replace one or two meals a week with meat substitute. Who knows, you may find yourself not missing moo-meat.

MorningStar Farms:

Now I have quite a few friends who will not eat this stuff because they use genetically modified foods. Personally, knowing all the hormones pumped into non-organic milk, I don’t give a shit. They make some really yummy things! I would suggest trying the Grillers Prime soy patties for a burger substitute. Their Corn Dogs and Buffalo Chik’n are good too. I also enjoy their breakfast patties which are usually sold out in the store. Pass on the fake bacon- that is like eating cardboard.

Frieda’s Soy Taco:

Okay, I swear by this stuff. If you are a fan of taco bell, this stuff tastes like the taco meat they use. I use it in tacos, burritos, dips, etc. It is very good! (Side note… refried beans usually use lard… if you want the beans, go for black which usually are vegetarian friendly).


Meatless Riblets, Meatless Meatloaf, Barbecue Chick’n- When I feel like comfort food, this is what I head for. Throw a side of mashed potatoes and green beans and you have a very satisfying, stick to the ribs, meal. I’m not too fond of Gardenburger’s burger, but the above they get right!


Steak-Style Strips are easy to throw into any fajita recipes and in stir fry dishes. The Old World Bologna reminds me of growing up in upstate New York (fried bologna sandwiches as a child). I recommend if you like lunch meat and fajitas.

So if you are a meat eater… be daring and try one of the dishes suggested above. You might find that it isn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Who knows, you just might end up making a lifestyle change!

Finally, just because I can’t leave without pissing off the usual Blogcritics, I’ll leave ya with this:

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Almost makes you want to look at Janet’s Nipple!

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