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Faith Hill Vs. Carrie Underwood: Leann Rimes Stirs The Pot

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After Faith Hill and her management reps tried their best attempt at damage control after Monday night's Carrie Underwood incident, Faith's friend Leann Rimes has opened back up a can of worms that may have closed quickly on its own. Directly after the CMA broadcast, blogs and message boards were abuzz with outrage and shock over the way Faith, normally a down to earth, friendly woman, handled losing to American Idol alumnus Carrie Underwood.

Hill's management quickly released this statement once USA Today picked up the story, "I've worked with Faith for many years now and the idea that she would ever insult or undermine another artist, let alone another human being's success, is absolutely preposterous. Those who know her know that she's incapable of such actions. She was being playful while the nominations were being read and playful after."

After the story was picked up by even more media outlets, and the video made its way all across the internet, I guess they decided it was important Faith actually release a statement herself. "The idea that I would act disrespectful towards a fellow musician is unimaginable to me," Hill said in a statement. "For this to become a focus of attention given the talent gathered is utterly ridiculous. Carrie is a talented and deserving Female Vocalist of The Year."

Jesse Schmidt, Underwood's publicist said the two of them spoke after the show and they were fine. Of course, I doubt directly after the show Carrie knew anything of Faith's reaction to her win.  There are currently 14 different videos of the now infamous "Faith Hill Freak-Out" on YouTube, with a combined viewership of nearly 3 million. Even if Faith was joking, you have to admit it was a pretty stupid move on her part.  With her big voice fading as fast as her sales, Faith now comes across as a bitter woman jealous of the young prolific starlet. 

What makes this story still noteworthy however, is a third blonde country belter that's been thrown into the mix – Leann Rimes.  Known for her big pop-country hits back in the '90s including a cover of Trisha Yearwood's How Do I Live, Rimes has apparently been a longtime friend of Hill, and came to her defense today. 

Thinking she would somehow help out her friend, she posted this message to her official website, "Okay, I usually keep quiet on topics like this but I feel I need to stand up for my friend, Faith. She was just being honest and emotional like every other person sitting at home with an opinion. These awards shows are SO political and we all get fed up with them. We all work very hard and have for many years so to see someone come in and win Female Vocalist that has been here for a VERY short time, is a little disheartening."

She went on to say, "That is why we have the Horizon award and Carrie had an incredible year, enough to sweep that one. I don't think Faith was angry about her loss, she probably felt, as I did that Carrie has not paid her dues long enough to fully deserve that award. As artists and public figures, we have to keep our feelings so repressed so we don't get called ungrateful as Faith has on this board many times now. She is a very sweet and gracious woman, whom I adore. Please cut her some slack!"

She then obviously realized that would start the ball rolling again with the Faith bashing and retracted the posting, replacing it with this, "This post is going to become more controversial than it needs to be. I have enjoyed talking with you about our opinions but feel that this already is blown way out of proportion. I stand by Faith as my fellow artist and friend as an honest mistake was magnified. I also, as you know from previous post, respect Carrie and wish her well!"

Since then, Hill's management team has contacted Leann and any mention of the CMA incident has been erased.

I've been a fan of Leann for quite a long time. She's got a beautiful voice, and her music gets better with each and every album that she puts out. Her This Woman album is in heavy rotation on my iPod all the time, and nothing she says could make me stop appreciating her music. But after those comments my respect for her has dropped to near zero.

It's quite obvious she's jealous of Carrie and is using her as well as her friend Faith for some much needed attention. What's pathetic is that she would risk more damage to her friend's image so that she can try to reclaim her short lived 15 minutes of fame. But of course, that's what happens when your lastest US album sells a little over 600,000 copies – not even a fourth of what Carrie's Some Hearts has sold.

And what dues exactly does Carrie need to pay? Everyone gets a record deal a different way, she just happened to get hers handed to her by America rather than some stiff tie behind a desk with a pen. I need not mention that on her worst day Carrie could sing circles around Rimes and on her best day even Hill. And don't give me any bull about her not being a credible artist because she won a talent contest as I'm sure she's not the only artist around today that has garnered some influential person's attention because they won some kind of contest, pageant, or performed live in the right place at the right time. Hell, even Frank Sinatra got his start from a talent contest so let's not go there.

I'm wondering though, if Rimes and Hill are as good friends as she makes them out to be – how truthful Hill's reaction really was to the CMA award announcement. There's a saying that 90% of what you say when you're joking is the truth. And it seems Leann is almost speaking for herself and Hill in her posting.

Will this whole incident blow over? Or will this moment unfortunately live on for Faith in infamy? What is true, is that this "feud" between Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood will follow them for the rest of their careers – if even just because of perpetuation by the media. Finally Country music gets some diva scandal! Get ready for a rematch though. Hill and Underwood are up against each other again in January when they compete at the People's Choice Awards.

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  • DVA

    I think the whole thing is an unfortunate mess. Whether she was joking or not Faith’s reaction reflects pretty bad judgment despite her veteran status. I think Faith got caught by the speed and power of the Internet.
    As for LeAnn’s comments, man, if it’s really what she said that was truly stupid.
    I do feel bad for Carrie as it was her night, but she appears to have moved on. She’s got class. Makes me respect her more.
    I hope it all goes away.

  • Mark Saleski

    this post is currently on the front page at google.

  • Karen Berry

    I think Carrie has had an amazing year. I rooted for her on American Idol, and I’m rooting for her now. She has an incredible voice and can actually sing live. I’ve been very disappointed in live performances by Faith, whose voice seems to crack a lot. I guess it’s a lot different when you don’t have sound mixers to work out the bad stuff for you and you’re singing without a net.

    Move over ladies, there’s a new powerhouse in town and it’s wrapped up in a bubbly, beautiful and spiritual package named Carrie Underwood. You go girl!

  • Linda

    As we all try to teach our children, take responsibility for your actions. Faith take a lesson take responsibility.

  • If I remember correctly didn’t Leann Rimes get her start due partially to her appearances on Star Search? I don’t think she’s any different than Carrie, because of the way they started if that’s the case. The only difference is that American Idol has far more viewers than Star Search did.

  • mebaby

    I like and respect Carrie but she aint singing circles around Leann.

    Her 15 minutes may be up but she is one hell of a singer.

  • Cory

    Umm, I feel that this article is far too unfair to LeAnn and in my opinion underscores country music’s love affair for the current “fad-female of the moment.” (See Gretchen Wilson)

    I take offense to the coment that Carrie would sing circles around LeAnn. Come on. Carrie is good, but to say she is better than LeAnn is a laugh. LeAnn has one of the very best voices in music, period. Songwriters write songs with LeAnn in mind.

    Secondly, Trisha covered LeAnn’s “How Do I Live.” LeAnn recorded it first, made it a hug pop-smash, not Trisha.

    Finally, I find the “15-mins are up” comment laughable too. LeAnn has sold over 40 million albums…WORLD-WIDE. She has the most successful single in Billboard Chart history (How Do I Live spent over a year on the Hot 100), recently had a #1 hit with “Something’s Gotta Give” and based on the singles chart over the past 12 months, was the second-most successful female behind Carrie. So, to say her “time is up” seems to be very uninformed. I believe that the author here owes LeAnn an apology.

  • Red

    Not to be nitpicky…

    Alumnus- Male
    Alumna- Female

  • Mike

    Did you actually see these statements on Leann’s Web site?

    It’s so funny to see “Personal Attacks Are Not Allowed” for the comments. Guess that doesn’t apply to the blog itself.

  • Ed Sommers

    Are you kidding ? Faith’s not joking. Faith’s disappointed and surprised, and not a good actor.
    She’ll get over it. For me, I’m turned off to
    the country music establishment. They blacklisted
    the most talented act ever to perform country
    music — The Dixie Chicks. The Dixie Chicks
    have found and will build a new audience. I know
    because I’m part of that audience.

  • Don

    Duhhh, Leann can’t sing her recorded songs LIVE. I remembered listening to her unplugged version of ‘Life Goes On’ she can’t belt it out the way she should have in the recorded version. Carrie can sing everything in her album LIVE and she probably would have sounded better. One things for sure–she’s just jealous!!!

  • mike o

    Gretchen Wilson sings better, performs better, writes better and sure as sh** paid more dues than Carrie, Faith or Leann.

    (Rimes, by the way, got thrust into the spotlight on Star Search, so she might wanna shuddup).

  • Cory

    I suggest that people take a stop by YouTube and type “LeAnn Rimes Live.” Or, specifically, search “Love Is An Army.” This should quiet all “haters” on LeAnn. I ask this, “Where will Carrie be in 10 years?” LeAnn’s debut sold over 10 Million copies and “Blue” is considered a country Classic. I doubt “Jesus…” will achieve the same success.

  • Jack

    The Dixie Chicks are “the most talented act ever to perform country music?” Haha… good one.

  • YeouxLeigh

    country girls behaving badly…when was the last time there was a situation where such a beautiful and talented artist was caught on tape expressing a negative reactions to losing? my reaction was wow, she really thought she had it in the bag, almost too sure, then she lost. But what if Gretchen, Terry or another typically “BAD” country girl would have had that reaction? We would be like “YES” finally a true reaction to loosing. And what about the men… like Toby, Willie and Waylan? What if they had that reaction….they would be haled as truly “Country Bad Boys”….right?

  • TSanderson

    let’s get real! Intentional or not….Faith Hill is one of the best female singers there is….And most importantly she’s HUMAN!! With Real emotions. I’m sure she was as shocked as were many of the people sitting at home watching the show. I do agree that Carrie Underwood has had a great start and a great year, but she has not earned the status “Female Vocalist of the Year” just yet. Faith need not explain her actions to me. She is an awesome woman and performer and deserves the utmost respect. Let’s get real here many women would kill to be half the woman she has proven herself to be! As for Leann…you go girl!!! Honesty doesn’t get any better than that!!!

  • Carole Groves

    Well I have admired Faith Hill ever since I heard her sing Wild One, the video only added to it, since then she has only gotten better, as for who is better we all need to agree to disagree, personally I will always feel Faith is by far the best, her tour with her husband Tim who in my opo is another prime example of how the CMA’s really work, its all politics, Faith is a down to earth sweet “classy lady” so she might have felt as did many umm “Horizon” congratulations Carrie,well deserved, umm top female, umm last time I checked horizon meant up and coming, where as Top meant you already made it,so what gives, in my opo Faith is not at fault it is the folks who voted in this category and all the others, as many well deserved artists were notably overlooked, i.e. Toby, Tim ( again top selling tour) didn’t even get nominated,face it, we their true fans will always know the real top entertainers which is exactlly why they sold the amount of tickets and will always do so, we love you Faith you and Tim will always be tops in our books and you owe nobody but nobody any appology or exsplanation, no way, they should be appologizing to you for their complete and total lack of common sense!!

  • Rena

    Are you kidding, this was a genius PR move, have you noticed how much attention Faith is getting. Carrie won, but the publicity is all on Faith. Don’t believe it… just check youtube.com.
    Faith’s PR person deserves a big bonus for coaching the “WHAT” move!

  • mandi

    Who cares how much sh** Gretchen Wilson has been through? CARRIE AND MARTINA ARE THE BEST FEMALE SINGERS IN THE COUNTRY MUSIC INDUSTRY!!!!!! Gretchen is nothing more than a famous redneck woman.

  • michael s

    have to say that the process in which the awards are given out are flawed…The board memebers need to address this apparent problem that exists…The CMA Awards have shown us all that they have failed us in the true fair way awards are given out. Musicians should be treated and judged fairly to their talent.We would all hope that our peers do this correctly.Lets all wait and see what changes are made at the top, right Rod…so we can all enjoy our favorite ‘God bless every musician for their sacrifices’ country artist.

  • Dianne H.


  • No one compared anyone to Martina. Martina trumps all these bitches hands down.

  • Robin Kavanagh

    I’m not a country fan, but I did see the video. To me, it looks staged; a publicity stunt possible gone bad.

  • Cas

    Carrie is a GREAT singer. But this award is too soon. A year or two would have been more appropriate. Perhaps maybe even after her sophomore album.

  • Yeah, I love how Google News considers a site called “BlogCritics.Com” a news source. No offense to the fine folks here, but they’re not exactly CNN.

  • Clearly Pete is jealous. Pulling a Leann Rimes are we?

  • Lee

    I do believe Faith when she said that she was just joking. If anyone saw what I saw then you could tell that she was joking. The woman does not need another award. She is Faith Hill for goodness sakes. I am sure that none of you out there being so critical have never joked around right?

  • Bruce Kratofil

    I’ll just ignore all three of them and listen to Alison K rauss

  • Katie


    someone start printing the t-shirts

  • KD

    I do believe that Faith was joking. I also feel that it was poor judgment on her part.

    As for LeAnn, she should be ashamed of herself. She basically attacked some young girl who has done nothing to her. LeAnn comes off as bitter and jealous in that post. If I were Faith, I would let LeAnn know that as much as I appreciate her support, the next time she wants to speak for me, don’t.

    I hope Carrie whips them good at the People’s Choice Awards, AMAs and Grammys.

  • Millie Johnson

    To be honest everytime I’ve seen the Faith Hill reaction (which is getting so overplayed) I thought she was kidding. She is smiling before and she is smiling after and the way she did it right in to the camera just gave me a clowining feel. I don’t know her enough to say but to me it seems that this is a media driven storywhich is sad because it seems that we are at a time in this nation where we like to be told how to think and how to interpret things.

  • Jennifer

    Leann is a great singer but who does she think she is? Carrie Underwood desrved that award. It’s about the music not paying any dues.I have lost any respect I had for Leann. As far as Faith goes, I think she is a goof ball and probably was kidding, I have seen her on many programs and she does have a pretty good sense of humor. If she was serious then too bad for her because if she thinks she is better than Carrie that is sad. They are all very talented but Carrie just put out better music this year.

  • Jennifer

    Leann is a great singer but who does she think she is? Carrie Underwood desrved that award. It’s about the music not paying any dues.I have lost any respect I had for Leann. As far as Faith goes, I think she is a goof ball and probably was kidding, I have seen her on many programs and she does have a pretty good sense of humor. If she was serious then too bad for her because if she thinks she is better than Carrie that is sad. They are all very talented but Carrie just put out better music this year.

  • JT


    Female Vocalist Of The Year

    Yes..thats spelt





    None of these women in my honest opinion, have had a year quite like Carrie’s. She deserves every bit of success that she has been blessed with. Thank you

  • gran29

    Those who are saying Carrie didn’t deserve the award need to look at the name of the award again. It’s Female Vocalist of the YEAR!! No one can say that any of the others had as good a year as Carrie. She deserved it hands down.

  • Frank Harris

    What difference does it make if faith’s reaction was real or joking?

  • mike o

    The Nashville POP celebrated by the CMA’s just spews outta Music Row. The pretty little music favored by the Brass on Broadway is all over-produced, forgettable, confections. And it sure ain’t country. Faith Hill, Leann Rimes, whatever — they’re more like Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand than Loretta or Patsy.

  • Matt

    I agree with 34 and 35. Post 16 says Carrie had a great year, but didn’t earn Female Vocalist of the Year yet. How many years does it take to qualify for the award? Are the judges aware of this requirement? They must not have realized that Carrie was not allowed in the category.

  • jen


  • Allbert


  • Chris

    I too, take offense to the comment about Carrie singing circles around LeAnn. LeAnn can sound great in any genre, unlike Carrie, who is ultimately limited to country/pop. I still like Carrie, but she can’t touch LeAnn.

  • Shane

    Carrie DESERVES the award.

    What you were witnessing was the Nashville knife being jammed into Faith’s back, carefully crafted calculated marketing.

  • Well, my YouTube video got over 1,000,000 hits yesterday. Faith Hill made me a star. HA.

    But anyways, I have a new video. And its in response to Mr. Evans’ comments about Carrie being able to sing circles around LeAnn. Here you go Chris:

  • Tiah

    I feel that those who say Carrie shouldn’t have won Female Vocalist of the Year might not truly understand the award in itself. True, she hasn’t been on the scene as long as Faith, Sara or Martina (even Gretchen is still a fairly new artist), but the award does NOT factor what’s been accomplished by these ladies throughout their careers, or the past 3 – 7 years. It’s what these ladies have accomplished in the past YEAR that entitles them to be nominated for that award in particular. In the past year, Carrie has broken a Billboard record for having TWO #1 singles, and third single reaching #2 on the charts. Her album is nearing 4X Platinum status (if it hasn’t already). Not to mention the fact that she’s toured with likes of two of country’s biggest male performers. Now, if these other ladies could have accomplished feats this large or larger, I’m sure they would have taken home the award instead of Carrie. They’re all talented, but in this past YEAR Carrie surpassed them all and truly deserved the award.
    As far as Faith goes, she may have said she was joking, but she doesn’t seem sincere in the statement she released. Had she been sincere, she would have apologized to Carrie for poorly timed “joke” and for stealing the thunder surrounding her well deserved win. I believe she thought she had it in the bag and was shocked when she heard otherwise, which is a natural reaction. I’d respect Faith more if she either A) Apologized sincerely or B) Admitted that she is human and humans do have reactions such as that (if it was in fact a true reaction). Her PR person should explain to her that it’s going to take one of the above two things for Faith to regain the respect of country music fans.
    And Leann, well she’s just throwing her name into a highly publicized issue … not a smart move on her part. Not all PR is good PR … despite what some may believe.

  • kelly

    I agree with the posters about Martina and Allison, two of the best female voices in country music. Allison Krauss has a range and a voice of an angel. I don’t think there is another singer period that could match her vocals. Carrie, Faith, and Leann are all good and each deserve the honors that have been bestowed upon them. But if I had to pick a singing voice I would want it would be hands down Martina or Allison. Just my two cents.

  • First of all–Congrats to Carrie Underwood. I love both Carrie and Faith and have a hard time believing that Faith Hill did anything to purposefully undermine Carrie. They are both beautiful and classy ladies! As for LeAnne Rimes; she should have kept her mouth shut and minded her own business. I’m sure some people won’t let this drop, but it really has been blown WAY out of wack. Again, congrats to Carrie! You’re a bonefide star and are well deserving of the award.

  • Faith’s Number One Fan

    Faith deserved the award ! Carrie is a flash in the pan ! Her songs are boring and ridiculious !

  • RJY

    I’m not a huge fan of Leanne Rimes but whoever said Leanne can’t sing her songs live is totally wrong, especially her poppy ones. It was carrie who I thought had trouble making her song live sound just like how it sounds on her album. She was totally off-key, almost painful and just plain boring with no stage charisma. That is not how you sing a cheating song!! I don’t think she’s a bad singer but definitely nothing compared to Alison or Martina.
    This is Carrie’s first record with pop catchy, hooky songs from other people. I personally don’t think Carrie can match up to Faith and I guess we’ll see if Carrie can have longevity since last year’s winner of female vocalist is nowhere on TV or radio. The first time I’ve seen Gretchen has been at this year’s CMAs with no nominations.

  • Pawl

    When I first saw Faith’s reaction when I watched the CMAs, I could tell she was joking since she already was being playful when they called her name as a nominee. I don’t think she expected to win (she probably thought it was obvious that Martina would win), so she playfully held out her arms and said “Whaaaat?” (while thinking “Duh, it’s Martina!”) The fact that it was Carrie instead of Martina added to her surprise. As for LeAnn, she bravely said what I think a lot of others are thinking. But I still love Carrie and it was exciting to hear her heartfelt speech.

  • Shilo

    Jo Dee Messina should have won!

  • Michael

    Faith Hill and Leann Rimes are both jealous. Carrie Underwood is AWESOME. Just because she hasn’t been in the industry long doesn’t make Carrie any less deservant. No one else had the year that Carrie has had this year. If you disagree with me then who really cares what you think. Carrie is doing just fine with or without your support…cough*4 million albums and 3 number 1 singles*cough. WOO!!

  • Mack

    Chris Evans = no credibility.

    You didn’t see the Leann Rimes note. Prove that it exists.

    I bet it was made up by some psychos.

  • Actually Entertainment Weekly (they have a tad of credibility, no?) is the first publication to find it.

    I’ll gladly provide you with the link, my dear.

    To the left, to the left.

  • I saw the video. Faith Hill assumed she was going to win, and so the moment the winner was called out, rather than wait to hear the result, she theatrically put out her arms. After a pregnant pause, she angrily shouted, “No!”

    The lady was most definitely not joking.

    No matter how heavily favored you are for an award, good form dictates acting suprised, or at least not acting as if you owned the award.

    I doubt this faux pas will go away, and indeed hope it doesn’t. A diet of humble pie could do wonders for Faith Hill’s swelled head.

  • Sookie Sapperstein

    Carrie does not have to pay dues to be the best female vocalist of the year. She’s sold more albums than Leann and Faith this year, has been immensely successful this year, risen from an unknown according to LeAnn in a “VERY short period of time” etc. So why begrudge her this award? There’s another one next year, Faith! How about working on being gracious and putting out music that people will love? You can’t just put out something and say, “I’m Faith HIll — OF COURSE you love me!” And it’s just plain greedy and ugly for LeAnn and Faith to attack Carrie simply because she’s successful. They’re both turning green with envy and Faith is acting like a teenager instead of a woman who has “paid her dues.” Sounds like Faith and LeAnn have more dues paying to do because that’s where you learn grace and class. Carrie’s got it, they don’t. and neither one can say they’ve had a better year than Carrie.

  • What, no comment for me? 🙁 lol

  • Anthony, your video shows that Leann can sing, yes. But I never denied that she could. In fact I said she had a beautiful voice. With that said, Carrie still trumps her 2 to 1.

  • Ha, I think you’re crazy. But I can appreciate your opinion as I’m sure you appreciate mine.

  • K

    The person who wrote this article is wrong on one part, “How so i live” is LeAnn Rimes’s song, not Trisha yearwood’s…it was written for LeAnn by diane Warren, but Yearwood released it before LeAnn did.

  • Country Gal

    I don’t think Carrie deserved to win that award. I agree with LeAnn. Carrie won the Horizon award and that was well deserved, she has a good voice, but how long has she been around, how many songs were hits?? I do think the award should have went to a veteran country star, not a new artist. Two songs just doesn’t cut in my book! I am not saying Faith should have won, and her reaction was a shocker but she is human! I don’t get this industry, what about the great singers like Martina, Toby Keith, Trick Pony, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw & Trace Adkins. Why can’t the awards be more evenly distributed to these deserving performers!

  • Michael

    It s very disturbing that Faith Hill would react in such an undignified manner. To think that she believes she is more deserving of an award because she has been around longer is rediculous.
    All three women have incredible voices but Underwood is more popular with the younger listeners. Noone should be offended (Faith). Faith has had (and still has) an amazing career. She has always been poised and respectful. It just goes to show all fans, she is only human. She must think she is more deserving of acclaim and recognition. However, fans will still follow Faith Hill.

  • K

    Correcting myself with the typo above…”how do i live”

    But LeAnn Rimes should know what it feels like to win such a great award…she won the grammy after a year when she released her debut album, “blue”, which she deserved…so maybe carrie deserves it too…But i would have to say that Faith hill has a better voice than carrie, but then again, Gretchen won it last year and she is not in the same league as them. LeAnn Rimes should’ve at least won this award….she is only 24 and has a voice that surpasses faith hill.

  • K

    this person who wrote this article needs to stop attacking LeAnn Rimes…I like carrie and even have her cd, but the writer said that carrie could sing circles around LeAnn. Sorry but LeAnn Rimes is in a class of her own, and so is faith hill. LeAnn Rimes has had more than 15 minutes of fame…more like her entire life…she started when she was 13 and since has sold more than 37 million albums at only 24!…more than carrie and kelly clarkson combined.

  • Sandi

    Tiah~~girl you got a head on your shoulders and thank you for qualifying what “Female Vocalist of the Year” means. You backed it up with stats and info.

    Frankly, I, too thought that singers who are up for the Horizon Award should not be eligible for other awards, however, once I read the stats Carrie has proven herself This Year.

    All of those women are tremendously talented. They have not gotten the exposure that Carrie has on Idol, but she worked hard for that title and for the album to do so well is quite astounding. Look how long it has taken Kellie Clarkston to achieve what she has.

    Faith’s songs lately do sound like they are being made up on the spot.

    Thanks Tiah for bringing some clarity and sensibility to this forum!!!!

  • Stam

    People above said that LeAnn Rimes was thrust into stardom by star search is like saying a grain of sand compared to the beach…american idol is huge and she got lots of attention because of american idol. LeAnn Rimes is in a class of her own boasting almost over martina mcbride, considering her age (24). LeAnn Rimes has a world class voice and she doesn’t get the attention that other people with no talent are getting.

  • Colleta

    I think that Carrie is very deserving, she is a great singer and proved it all year long. Had Faith or LeeAnn won the award after such a short time I am sure they wouldn’t have said they didn’t deserve it. And to say that you need to pay your dues first is just ridiculous. That is like saying you need to be a veteran serviceman to serve your country and get a purple heart award, again ridiculous. As far as I am concerned her dues where paid at the top of the charts.

  • T

    In my opinion, if you are up for the Horizon and win, then the other top awards are not for you. This just shows that someone missed out due to a lack of good sense in the voting process. Faith will always be great and Carrie will get there.

  • LAN

    I missed the reaction and had to go back thru TiVo to see it. I was not as surprised as most. I am not sure how Faith has achieved this “sweet” woman moniker. Here in Colorado we have been a witness to her “support” and “humanity” to the soldiers at Ft. Carson Army base when her husband, Tim McGraw came to do a concert for the troops that had returned from Iraq. This free concert should have been great publicity. Instead the people that assisted with the concert were treated poorly and rudely- like something disgusting McGraw and Hill had stepped in. In addition to that after the concert the line to meet and greet was snarled at and told to get back because neither could be bothered with meeting the people they had volunteered to perform in front of- so my opinion on both Hill and McGraw is they will NEVER see a penny of my money on an album or concert ticket.
    Sour grapes. Carrie is an incredible singer and very approachable from all accounts. I would love to see Hill or Rimes compete in a venue such as American Idol and do better!


  • Tiah

    Sandi – Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate it. Providing clarity to the awarding process and what each award entitles is important, in my own opinion, because I feel like people discredit the award given to Carrie for the mere reason that she’s not been in the industry long enough. That, however, isn’t a factor in deciding Female Vocalist of the YEAR and I thought people might have been overlooking that. Had any other one of the other four ladies put up the stats that Carrie did this year, they would have been entitled the win had it gone to them. For more on the awarding process.

    On another… somewhat random… note… if anyone watched the CMA’s Red Carpet Interview, Carrie didn’t say that winning Female Vocalist of the Year was one she wanted to win (not that she wanted to lose it but it wasn’t one she talked about in the interview). Her top two were Horizon and Single of the Year and her reasons for wanting both were very humble answers which makes her Female Vocalist of the Year win even more spectacular. Check out the video here:

    And finally… I am a Faith fan. I do believe what she did was poorly timed and done so in an ill-manner, even if it was a joke. That doesn’t mean, however, that she isn’t a great artist. She will ALWAYS be one of the most phenomenal female country stars to exist and has made a tremendous impact on the industry. Same with LeAnn and Carrie. There shouldn’t be an argument as to who out of the three is better and why over this issue. They all are among the elite in their category and each of their abilities and talents is different from the other. For that reason alone, comparing one to the other doesn’t really validate an argument because they are all so unique.

    Just my 2 cents (although it seems like a whole $1).

  • jim

    You could see on Faith Hill’s face she was not jokeing around. We seem to live in a world of cover up now days….Jim

  • you

    saying that rimes or hill wouldn’t easily sweep the competition at american idol is like saying Josh groban can’t sing

  • Sandra

    I think this makes Faith Hill and LeAnn Rimes look silly and totally disrespectful. Carrie is amazing, and deserves such an award because she has worked just as hard as they have and has made incredible music. Faith and LeAnn are both terrific but their actions are very disappointing. I’m glad Carrie is handling this maturely, as I would expect.

  • Brandi

    First of all, regardless of who did or should have won this award, the point is that all of the nominated artists SHOULD have been honored and proud to have been nominated in the first place. To be nominated at all means that they were an outstanding female vocalist that year. Secondly, the award is for female vocalist of the YEAR. Let me say that again, YEAR!!! Despite what “dues” have been paid or not paid, the award is granted for the year’s musicianship and no one can deny that Carrie, and all of the nominees for that fact, had a terrific year. I think it’s just too bad that some artists (i.e., Faith Hill) could not appreciate the fact that they were nominated at all, and instead chose to highlight their disappointment of the success of a fellow artist.

  • Luiza

    About LeAnn’s comment:
    What kind of “dues” exactly is she talking about, considering she won ther first Grammy award when she was 13 years-old??? Does she really think that SHE paid dues herself? Oh, please….
    And about Carrie coming from a singing competition. It is not exactly a “piece of cake” to win the Americal Idol competition considering the number of contestants and specially how good the top 24 are. They sing an increadible variety of music styles and are judged week, after week, after week. I honestly don’t think that LeAnn would make it into the top 12 if she tried it.

  • Dawn

    Congratulations to all of the women nominated for the Female Vocalist of the Year. I think that Carrie fully deserved that award. I too, voted for her on American Idol. She was the one person on that show that ALMOST always seemed to give flawless (or near flawless) performances. She was born to be a country singer. Comparing her to Faith, Leann, Sara, Martina or any other “veteran” country music singer is unnecessary. She is not better or worse than any of them (now or in their debut year). When Leann first came out, everyone thought she was so amazing, does she (Leann) not remember that (I personally never cared for Leann)?! I feel she should have just stayed out of this particular situation. It does her absolutely no good getting involved. Her comment was read on the radio and all over the internet! People are astonished that she would say some of the things she did. “Leave it alone! Leave Carrie alone, and be certain….you’re not helping Faith out!” Carrie’s year has been amazing! She has worked extremely hard to put out her album and videos. Been going like crazy, doing everything she has probably ever dreamed and things she may have never thought about! I don’t believe that there are ‘rules and/or regulations’ surrounding the ability to be nominated (and win) the ‘female vocalist of the year’ award. She did have the most amazing year statistically. That’s what “qualified” her for the award in the first place. With the fan base Carrie has it’s no wonder she won! America (most of America) has fallen in love with her, her voice, and the songs she sings! So “way to go”!
    I like Carrie, and her personality. Same for Faith. I think she is my all-time favorite female country singer, however, currently Carrie has put out the songs that I love most these days. Faith’s reaction to Carrie winning the award doesn’t affect me negatively. I think one of two things obviously happened 1.) She was joking (bad timing) 2.) She was serious (that’s ok). I can understand why there is so much media attention surrounding this. I mean, really…Faith, acting like that! Unimagineable!
    But, the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the clip was “Wow – she’s human, she had a natural reaction to Carrie winning that award” (that’s ofcourse saying that it was real and not staged or a joke). I hope this all blows over for both of them. I hope that Carrie continues to do well and suceed in the country music industry. She is amazing and has an amazing voice. I believe she has enough fans to do that!
    I believe Faith is truly a good person. This moment should not define her or her opinion of Carrie. She is an amazing country singer, as well. She is “classic”. There is no doubt in my mind that her fans will stand by her and she will continue to suceed as well! God Bless both of them, and may this quickly be put behind them.

  • CK

    Love Faith, but her actions sure created a reaction! Carrie, is a great singer, and her winning just made it official, The country diva’s are going to have to work harder for the younger diva’s headed into the spotlight. Just like Madonna, Whitney Huston, Diana Ross, etc…all number one at one time, all diva’s…

    Faith’s reaction may have been ‘just joking’ which I don’t believe. What she says and what she feels are two differnt things. So exactly what was her joking way? The reaction, or the action?

    oh, and for all of those who would care to know, ONLY another woman, can see the true feelings of other women in their eyes. I seen it in Faith’s eyes. She was livid!

  • Tem

    If you say that LeAnn Rimes wouldn’t make it past top 12 then you need to go to youtube and watch her sing….I’ve heard carrie sing “unchained Melody” at 13 and i’ve heard LeAnn Rimes sing her version, and Rimes blasts carrie out of the water. LeAnn Rimes has one of the best voices out in music.

  • Ge

    Why are we attacking leAnn Rimes, no doubt that she has one of the best voices around, but she is merely defending her friend’s actions as a joke. And when you watch it again on youtube, you can clearly tell it was a joke because you don’t see anger in her face at all. That sort of experssion you can tell.

  • Amanda

    First of all, leann was on star search when she was 8 but she wasn’t given a contract for winning. She got hers at 12. LeAnn also paid her dues. She made 3 independant albums by the age of 11, did over 300 shows at Jonnie High’s in Texas, she sang at countless opry’s around Texas, at 7 sang the national anthem at Dallas Cowbay football games several times, and much more. LeAnn worked very hard at a young age to get where she is and has by far one of the best voices. Everybody needs to remember whats most important the music. All LeAnn was doing was defending a friend and stating her opinion. Get over it.

  • She made 3 independant albums by the age of 11, did over 300 shows at Jonnie High’s in Texas, she sang at countless opry’s around Texas, at 7 sang the national anthem at Dallas Cowbay football games several times, and much more.

    Carrie’s done essentially the same. What dues does she have left to pay?

  • geo

    stop attacking LeAnn….its over. LeAnn was not being mean or personally attacking carrie by saying she sucks. It was a joke!

  • I have to disagree with those who say Carrie does not deserve the title “Vocalist of the Year” because she has not paid her dues. The award is just that–an award for a female vocalist who has been outstanding for the year.

    I think Carrie deserved that award as much as any of the other nominees. I would think differently if it were a “Vocalist of the Decade” award or some other honor specifically intended for a seasoned artist who has “paid her dues”. But we all know Carrie has had an outstanding year. Her album is one of if not THE best-selling of the past year (and not just among country albums) and she has released at least three hit singles.

    I know a lot of us will say she owes that success to Idol. She definitely owes a great deal of it to Idol, but she also is a really great country artist. I personally didn’t care for her when she was on Idol, but she has totally impressed me as a country artist.

    Carrie’s not as seasoned or experienced as Leann or Faith, but I think this year has proven (even to doubters like me) that she is very capable of one day becoming as great an artist as both of these ladies.

  • matt

    lets be honest..carie underwood should not have won female vocalist of the year her 1st album out its just the truth. look at miranda lambert and julie roberts they have worked through the business to get where they are, and shes been sweeping all the newcomer awards away fom them aswell.however she did win it, and faith hill and leanne rhymes should deal with it..thats the music business. they have enough awards and money, things that most people will never see or have themselves so they need to chill out and be gratefull as hell they have what they do..as far as who is a better vocalist…the truth is carie underwood has more talent than both of them she has both great control of her voice and vocal range. second would be leanne, she is a decent voice, but she is nothing with out all that reverb or (echo) she uses live or on an album..hill wood be the last of the three ..she is a horrible singer she has no control of her voice and no real range to speak of she cant even carry a solid bravado through evenly..i have heard all of them live and in concert..and faith is a perfect example or what we in the music business call..making some studio magic happen..if you ever see her life watch her face and you can see her struggle to make the notes and control her voice..last but not least im not saying hill was being rude or not. leanne was if her comments really were posted on her site..but lets face it we all want to believe that celebrities are so nice and gracious,but lets be honest..and just say that celebrities are a different breed..most of which are not what we would like them to be when the cameras on not ont them..or when they think there is no camera on them

  • Lorrie P.

    I just want to say that Faith Hill clearly is jealous. She absoultely was not joking. Leann Rimes is no good. And Carrie Underwood can out sing ANYBODY anyday. I’m not saying this because she’s new, it’s the truth.
    Just for the record. I was a Faith Hill fan until her success went to her head. Don’t say it didn’t. We all know it’s true.

  • Diana

    A few of the posts were not sure that the comments attributed to Leanne were really posted by her on her fansite. I can say for a certainty that they were because I logged in and read it before she removed it. As a matter of fact, in response to Leannes post, one of her fans said “be careful Leanne or you might be Dixie Chicked”. 2 posts later Leanne replied, “why do you think that? I never said anything against carrie. Someone posted the link to leannes blog on cmt.com message board and I happen to be on the board and read it. Then I went to Leanne board. Since then several columnist who also read the post have written re. it.

  • Hi! I was just reading everyone’s posts…wow, lots of Carrie fans out there! I love the music of all of these ladies, although I do prefer LeAnn.

    Anyway, I think it is unfortunate that this happened and I’m a sure it was a “half-joke,” meaning that Faith was sending out a message in a joking way. I don’t believe that Faith even wanted to win herself. I just think she felt that Carrie was too new to deserve it. And you can absolutely bet that MOST of the entertainers in that room felt exactly the same way!

    I agree…Carrie had an awesome, whirlwind year, but she is very new to that business. If I were her, I would have been tickled pink to have been nominated and horrified to have won. You have to be careful not to step on toes!

    Imagine…you have been working your tushy off in your job for years and someone new swoops into a similar position and suddenly gets all of these awards and praises…maybe you even worked on a project with this person and were more deserving of the praise, but you weren’t as “bubbly, pretty, likeable, or NEW.” Would you be jealous, bitter?? Sure you would! Think about it! It is human nature!

    Any business in the public eye is a just popularity contest…the one with the most talent doesn’t always win! At least, in the case of these ladies, they were all talented!

  • geor

    If anyone thinks that carrie is a better singer than LeAnn or Hill, then you are sadly mistaken. I like carrie’s voice, but she is very pitch in a lot of places. Carrie doesn’t have the power that LeAnn has and doesn’t have control like Hill does. LeAnn and Hill are tied for first with carrie last.

  • ted

    Carrie’s voice is pitchy a lot, if you listen to her sing “o Holy night” on youtube after hearing LeAnn or Faith Hill sing it, you will know that underwood’s voice has pitch problems.

  • AnnaArie


    Do any of you remember who won Female Vocalist of the Year – last year? Year before that?

    Didnt think so!
    Who cares!!!

  • Travis

    A few post up someone named Kelly made a comment that said ‘Faith just thought that Carrie was to new to deserve it and that MOST of the people in that room felt the same way”. Well Kelly I hate to bust your bubble but maybe you should read up on the CMA Awards. The people in that room were the ones who voted. They are the ones who choose Carrie as the FVOTY. So yeah I think its safe to say that you are wrong on that one.

  • Tiah

    I thought I might have been done contributing to this topic but Kelly’s statement that Carrie shoud have “been tickled pink to have been nominated and horrified to have won,” left me AGAIN wondering if people truly don’t understand how the voting process goes for CMA awards. As Travis said, Carrie’s peers in the industry voted for her and that is why she took home FVOTY. I posted a link the voting process in a response above.

    Carrie doesn’t need to worry about stepping on anyone’s toes. All she’s doing is what she loves, and that’s singing country music. She’s been very humble about the opportunities she’s been given and extremely gracious to all those who’ve helped her along the way, including fellow artists. It just so happens that she’s so good at what she does (and it seems many agree in the country music indsutry) that she excelled well above all others this past year … which also happens to be her first full year in the industry. So why shouldn’t deserved the award, especially if she was VOTED in. I hardly consider her taking home the award stepping on anyone’s toes, as being voted in is not malcious in nature and it’s not by her choosing anyway, and I think most would agree with me.

  • FaithfullyYours

    “how much easier it is to be critical than to be correct”

    all this chaos has taught me alot about perception. How someone can take something that was meant one way and see it in a completely different and incorrect light. And they believe what they saw to be the truth, even if it was not.

    I have known Faith for many years now..and know her character..her sense of humor..and her heart. All of which makes me know without a shadow of a doubt that this was a joke gone bad. Faith and Carrie have talked and made their peace about it long ago. The press and the internet has perpetuated this huge big deal out of it. LeAnn and her two cents worth just added fuel to the fire that coulda smoldered out long ago.

    I also dont get why you have to hate one artist to like another? i happen to like all 3 ladies involved. I dont think one cancels the other out. Carrie was a very deserving winner this year..no matter how many “dues” she has paid. No one cried a river when Gretchen Wilson came in and did the same a few years back. I think a Faith-Carrie tour next year would be the bomb! I know i would be first in line!

  • Aislinn

    I sure hope this article was not meant to be an unbiased piece – for an up and coming “journalist,” Chris – please research your material thoroughly! Thanks to the above commentor who mentioned that LeAnn recorded “How Do I Live” first – ConAir executives thought her voice sounded too young for such a mature song… regardless – anyone who follows country music and watched the awards knew Faith was joking from the start. She and Martina are the only two who deserved to be nominated anyway. LeAnns just trying to get her opinion into the media wherever she can.

  • Mindy

    I totally agree with you Trisha…I too love all three ladies and having met Faith I know that she wouldn’t say something to hurt another person…she has too good a heart for that…I do think that LeAnn did stir the pot a little with her comment but people can perceive it differently…I don’t think that she was deliberately trying to hurt Carrie but was trying to defend Faith instead…I agree that a Faith-Carrie tour would be great and I would be right there by you in line 😉

  • As a fellow performer, I’d like to add my two cents. This award was for Female Vocalist of the YEAR. This year, 2006. It was not the lifetime acheivement award. Carrie had three chart-toppers this year. What did Faith have? All I can think of was the self-serving “Mississippi Girl” which was nothing more than Faith singing Faith’s praises. No one was more deserving in 2006 than Carrie, and she deserved to win.

  • Jill

    OKay this was not a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award!! It was Female vocalist of the year award and if anyone has listened to Carrie’s album it definately has great vocals. Martina has won this award probably more times than anyone and there is a reason for that, as someone said before, when she sings her songs live they sound exactly the same which is hard for most to do. Anyone can sound good after much editing. Carrie is right up there with Martina, Their vocals are both amazing. Female vocalist of the year, If you truly listen to the music and judge it on that then you will see that Carrie is much deserving!

  • mo

    Martina has won lots of those awards because she has a great voice, but so does LeAnn, almost a better voice than mcbride, but she has never won one before. Back then Rimes was McBride’s toughest competition because she could match her note for note, and can still if country music would give rimes a chance. Listen to her new international album and you will understand.

  • DS

    Why has no one mentioned that Gretchen Wilson won female vocalist of the year in 2005. Had she paid her dues? No offense to Gretchen.

  • sharon cuneta

    i think america is the land of freedom? u can say what u want, express what u want. like the dixie chicks? so dont blame faith hill or leann rimes for what they did. respect every opinion. but im totally pissed out when the wreckers losses to brooks and dunn hehehehehe

  • Ken

    Most likely, Faith didn’t realize the camera was on her, and if she did, she has got to be loosing her mind to joke in such a foolish way. She looked mad as hell and most likely was. To have Carrie win so many awards has taken it’s toll on these other Divas. One could flip a coin and either Faith of Carrie was deserving. I feel Faith has leaned a little too Pop the past year and that Carrie is loosing her good basic country look on her last hit. Time will tell, and it’s too bad Faith lost her cool.

  • Leann Rimes was once a contestant on Star Search.

  • Estee

    I don’t think there’s anyway of saying for sure which artist is better than another. Sure, Rimes and Hill have sold more records but look at how long they’ve been around and look at how long Carrie has been around. There’s no way you can compare that. It’s true that Carrie basically earned a ticket to fame, but she was voted by america to win American Idol. It’s basically the same thing with the singles and the CDs Hill and Rimes released; they were voted by america. Either way, they are all very successful artists. There’s just one question I have: if it was just a joke, why? Why would you make this type of joke anyway? Have some common sense, people. There’s no way a joke like that would get a good reaction. There’s really no good way of looking at this. If it was a joke, I’d say that Hill was an attention hog. If it wasn’t, then she should learn how to cope with disappointment.

  • daryl

    I think the three should mud-wrestle to see who the best singer is. Oh, wait…..two out of three are……

  • Sherri

    I think the best thing about this is the dead silence out of Carrie and anyone associated with HER.

    LeAnn should have just stayed out of it. Do I think there was some truth to Faith’s reaction? For sure. Carrie is an “Idol” so not deserving of respect in a lot of people’s minds.

    I would like to see someone put LeAnn’s Star Search moments up on You Tube and remind her of where she really came from. A lot of people didn’t think a teenager deserved the accolades she got, either. Yes her song was good… but deserving of the hype she got? Didn’t think so then and don’t think so now. I like her music now better than I did when she first showed up.

    And Faith honey… remember.. the camera is always watching. You got beat out by a newcomer.. suck it up.

  • theo

    LeAnn was surrounded by so much hype because she could sing better than most country artist back then and now, and she was only 13! It’s true that LeAnn and Hill have been there longer and they have sold more records, but just because you are out longer doesn’t mean anything. Many artists are out there long but don’t sell much at all. LeAnn has only been in the music industry for 11 years now and has sold well over 37 million albums. More than hill and underwood combined.


    realy think **** happens, but the article written here is surely in= bad taste lets call everybody names and get over with

  • Paul

    Why is everone keeping this stupid situation alive? The fact that each faction is in their camp, saying Leann is best; Hill is best; Underwood is best; is just being stupid (and why people are bringing Martina into it is even crazier). Its not about who is best, because who is best rests strictly in the ears of the fans of each artist. People are losing their perspectives.

    Ultimately, in a year, none of this will matter. Get on with your lives. Don’t hold grudges. You can’t have everyone agree with your perspective. Support your fans by buying their albums, not by talking shit about other singers.

  • Carol

    Lmao @ Paul keeping the situation alive himself by even commenting on the article.


  • Leland

    I just looked at the video for the forst time. My first impression was that the singers know ahead of time who the awards will go to-Faith being one of them. When Carrie’s name was called, Faith was stunned and surprised, caught off guard, like she fully expected her name to be called and at the last minute a change was made. At the same time, I am surprised to see that kind of reaction out of a person like Faith Hill.

  • Donald

    I think people should get the facts right before posting an article on the internet. I wish the days of serious journalism were back instead of this electronic tabloid style writing.

  • Donald, you are free to leave your computer and pick yourself up a copy of the New York Times at any point and time. 🙂

    Until then, Viva la Blogcritics.

  • jb

    I wish we could get this type of reaction to something that really matters; because really who cares what her reaction was.

  • Both LeAnn Rimes and Faith Hill are acting like spoiled brats. They both had No. 1 hits with their debut singles, so why the hell are they complaining about Carrie Underwood winning an award for her first single?

  • Kate

    Truthfully, I think that Faith Hill hides her true intentions very well and she finally got caught. I think that Carrie Underwood is a beautiful, talented woman who truly deserves the award. I think that Leeann has a case of “sour grapes” since she couldn’t achieve what Carrie has in such a short time, and quite likely, never will. As for Faith, she’s used to getting what she wants and it didn’t happen this time. Hey Faith…Carrie didn’t have to marry someone to get where she is. Dan Hill….hmmmmmm…..

  • Carrie Fan Dallas

    Many folks have seemed to get it correct in this blog. Faith, LeAnn and Carrie are all talented and have successful careers, however, this year was Carrie’s first year, yet it was better than Faith or LeAnn’s year. The biggest points that have been made is that this by no means says Carrie is better than Faith or LeAnn, it shows that Carrie had a better career year than Faith or LeAnn. Female Vocalist of the Year means just that, voted by her peers, she was selected as the winner, by no means would Carrie win Lifetime Achievement award or anything like that at the present time, but no one can say that she didn’t deserve the award for outstanding female vocalist of the year for this 2006 year. Congrats Carrie!

  • gem

    I think that kate really needs to get her facts straight…LeAnn has achieved more than carrie in her first year. When Rimes released her first debut album, “blue” it was the highest selling album figures ever recorded back then. She also won 2 grammies that year, and if you don’t know, grammies are 10 times better than a CMA. Get your facts straight before you start saying bad about someone.

  • jerri

    I LOVE Carrie Underwood!!She is the best!!She is the best singer in Country now!!Carrie made country music better.Carrie is WAY WAY WAY better singer that Hill and Rimes!!So just cause u lost from the best singer dont get all bad.We all know that carrie is a way better singer than hill!!!And always will be.I LOVE U CARRIE U R THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED 2 COUNTRY MUSIC!!!

  • Bob in Blytheville

    Too many busy bodies. Get on with your life and don’t sweat the small stuff

  • Carrie bigest fan

    Carrie is the best singer!!And no 1 is going 2 take that away ok Hill!I did like hill but now i dont cause what she said 2 carrie,and no 1 is going 2 talk 2 Carrie like that ok HILL!!!!Just cause Carrie is a better singer. That does not mean Hill can get all jealous on carrie!I mean if u think u r a better singer why didnt u win??yeah Carrie won that means everyone likes her better that Hill!!The best Female voices in country music are Grecthen Wilson and Carrie Underwood!!And Grecthen won last year and Carrie won this year cause they both r 2 of the most best singers in country music!!!I now in HELL its not HILL!She singes Bad Compared 2 Carrie!!Carrie I LOVE u so much u r my Idol,I will always like your music.I love all of your songs now why should i stop!!Your Bigest

  • Carrie Love U !!

    I LOVE u Carrie u r the best singer in country music!!And way better than
    faith i dont know why she got mad i think she just wanted the attition cause she thought that she was going 2 win but u did,i knew u was going 2 win anyways so i was not sweating at all!but i bet Faith was!!LOVE U CARRIE!!Faith i hope u get over loseing from carrie.i mean everyone new Carrie was going 2 win anyways!!

  • number 3

    okay, jerri, carrie’s bigest fan, and carrie love u, no need to post 3 times. You write with a 2 instead of ‘to’ and you have a bunch of ‘love’ and capital letters. Gretchen wilson is not even that good of a singer, and carrie is good, but no where in the same league of Hill and Rimes. I hate die hard fans like you who aren’t willing to accept anything. You tell yourself that Carrie is the best singer but in reality she isn’t compared to Rimes and McBride. When you do that, you sound arrogant.

  • Jenny

    Face it…Faith and Leanne, your music sucks!
    You’re just jealous that someone who’s prettier, smarter, and musically talented beat you out! Whooo! Whoo! Go Carrie!

  • Matt

    Carrie Underwood is freakin’ hot!

  • Alexis Jane

    Carrie Underwood totally deserved the award! She is very mature and handled the whole situation very well! Hopefully Carrie will win at the people’s Choice Awards! I think it is about time that someone who is humble, deserving, and pretty as Carrie wins!

  • sheena

    this is ridiculous!!! Carrie Underwood has only been in the business a couple of years..but it doesn’t mean she didn’t work hard. And, the fact that she hasn’t been doing this for very long….is just on more reason she deserved that award….Faith and Leann know how hard they worked..how could they NOT be happy for her???I mean…I’m a BIG TIME Martina McBride fan…so I wanted her to win…but I wasn’t at all upset to see Carrie win..I think she is very deserving of it…especially since she has a genuine personality..which obviously can’t be said about Faith or Leann…I was always a fan of those to.And, I can’t really say that I’m not now,but it really ruined what I thought of both of them…I really thought they were a few of the “real” ones out there…guess not. Now their true personality is out and they can’t hide it…I don’t care how much she claims she was “kidding” if she was only kidding…then why did she feel guilty enough to apologize??I’m not saying it was wrong for her to apologize…but if she was kidding…why would she apologize??

  • george

    Carrie is hot, but she is no where as good as Rimes is.

  • Kimberly

    I blame Carrie Underwood’s PATHETIC fans for her so-called fame. You guys are disgusting. How can you call yourselves fans of music? Leann’s latest album may have only sold 600,000 copies, but at least she’s hard-working and talented. Carrie won American Idol… congratulations. Fucken manufactured talent… sickening. Did you hear her sad excuse for a performance at the CMAs? Hmm, makes you wonder what they were trying to pull on American Idol. No one with pitch like that should ever be a singer. And Sheena, the last poster, this comment is specifically for you: how can you possibly know that Carrie Underwood is any more genuine than Faith Hill or Leann Rimes? Do you know them? No. So shut your mouth. And Alexis Jane, I love how you had to add “pretty” in there. Because Carrie should take home all the awards, because she’s so pretty. and humble. Because you know that.

  • Kimberly

    No Kate, you’re right, Carrie Underwood didn’t have to marry someone to get famous. She simply has to sleep with Simon Cowell, and sell her soul to win American Idol. But that’s way better, don’t you think? Leann Rimes has achieved so much more than Carrie Underwood has. She has a better voice, range, has sold more albums and she was also a child prodigy. She didn’t need AI to achieve fame. I think people are giving Carrie too much credit. Oh well, the next winner of American Idol will be the end of the world for you people too I suppose. Just keep feeding the market.

  • l madison

    OH YEAH…She was pissed…..Hey they all can sing wonderfully….Carrie you go girl…..Martina is my ultimate favorite….worthy of many standing ovations!!!!Leanne is great vocally also, I liked Faith,but things went to her head….I am glad she was seen showing her true colors…She is not as sweet as her people try to make her seem…She has showed her ugly temper many times…just had to be paying attention….

  • Carrie paid her dues. She won an American contest with the public voting. She lived a humble life. She has handled the opportunity with grace and dignity. Faith lied to get into the record business. She got hired as a secretary, with intentions of fast-tracking to get a contract. She dated a producer, then married him (Dan Hill). She divorced him and got a new producer fiance. Then she cheated on him while on tour with Tim McGraw. Got pregnant and married within months. She still carries her first husband’s name…? I thought Mississippi girls remain traditional and humble? Tim McGraw has described Faith to be just like June Clever. June Clever had one husband and carried her husband’s last name. June Clever didn’t hire a nanny to raise her kids. Faith is threatened and jealous of Carrie because she is gracious and beautiful inside and out. Carrie earned her contract. Faith manipulated people all the way. Faith is fine as long as she feels she is the center of attention. Her reaction was a genuine reflection of that. Even in the movie she was in (Stepford Wives), she asked for a voice-over because she didn’t want her part. If she was gracious and talented, she would do whatever she was asked to pay her dues and prove herself. She can’t play any instruments, can’t dance, can’t sing live, can’t write music on her own. She is lucky to have been given the opportunity to get this far. I am fine with all that, but once Faith began to scrutinize someone for an award, she has no right.For Faith to claim she was joking is a child’s reaction to getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar. You make jokes at an appropriate time. She should know that. She got caught and has no other way out. I wish someone would do some dirt-digging on Faith and prove she is not what she and Tim have built their “campaign” on. We don’t care if she is a good cook or June Clever, but they go out of their way to shove that image down our throats. This is a tue piece of humble pie for Ms. Mississippi girl. Carrie is the genuine southern belle, not Faith.

  • Jared

    Faith Hill is becoming a has-been, HER 15 minutes of fame are up, she should stick to laying on her back with her legs in the air for her hubby, Timmy. She is overated, and did not deserve best female vocalist of the year. As for Carrie, give the girl her dues, she can sing her ass off and on any day is better than any of her competitors. As far as I am concerned after seeing Faith Hill scream “What?” after hearing of Carrie’s win, she can get run over by a mack truck and I would not shed a tear.

  • cissy

    I think Faith Hill expected to win, and acted off of complete emotions when hearing Carrie’s name called instead. She has been around the camera scene long enough to know that the cameras would be on her. So to say she was just making a joke – pretty bad timing on her part. I think all three singers are as good as it gets. I think Carrie deserved the award as much as any of them and more. She earned alot of fame from Amer. Idol, and has not slowed down. She is everywhere and people can not get enough of her. As for Faith and Leanne – most people are turned off by attitudes like theirs.

  • joe

    Faith wasn’t joking Faith is a joke.

  • Faith is either stupid or mean. Take your pick. She was mean (re-view the shot)and upon the media and public lashing out at her, is pining to be recognized as a stupid woman who made a practical joke. Lets just forgive this sore loser and move on. Both Stupid Faith & Mean Faith had to lose. Carrie very much deserves it.

  • scott

    Who cares what any of you think, Faith Hill looks good. Does it really matter what she says. Yall get a life. Carrie looks even better, and Leanne she needs to be quiet and put a bag over her whole body especially her face.

  • michelle

    I think that maybe the writer of this article should get some of his facts straight. “How do I Live” was LeAnn’s song first. Also I use to like Carrie Underwood, but I don’t really have any respect for her now. I think she has forgotton where she came from. Also I don’t blame Faith for being upset, I agree maybe she shouldn’t have done in front of the cameras because something like this would happen, but Faith can sing better and stronger than Carrie anyday. I was rooting for Faith to win, but I also think anyone of the nominees deserved it more than Carrie

  • vanessa

    What did Carrie do to make you loose your respect? I must be missing something here.

  • Donald

    Ya, why has she (Carrie)forgotten where she has come from. Because she won and has had a hot year, she is awsome. She deserved to win, and obviously most people felt that way.

  • Kate

    Kimberly…you are very angry and should seek help! 🙂

  • Tina

    I agree with you Kate, I don’t know why I sat here and read these. I am a fan of all three singers. Faith, Leanne, and Carrie. I was glad to see Carrie win. Also thought Faith acted ugly, and Leanne just needs attention one way or another. But the funniest thing is how Kimberly sounds in her comment. Major anger issues. LOL,

  • Jolene

    People, this was just an award show. Big deal!

    My favorite, Alison Krauss, is generally ignored and this year, another favorite (Toby Keith) was completely ignored. So?

    Carrie won, she’s had a great year which included a diverse 3 top hits, each sung beautifully. However, who knows if Faith and another simply split the vote resulting in Carrie’s win or if Carrie’s vote was simply overwhelming? Does it really effect your lives?

    In my opinion, after Alison, Martina and Faith have the best voices in country music today. Leann has the potential, however, I find her singing to be more appropriate for a Broadway show … maybe she’ll become a star on the stage. Who knows? Who cares?

    All of these people are rich and as grateful and happy as they choose to be.

    Please enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers and “come on people now, try to love one another right now!”

  • Kelielle

    Personally, I have to agree with Cory and all the others who stood up for LeAnn and Faith. Carrie indeed hasn’t paid her dues. Jenny, you can shut the hell up,and Scott, you’re an a**hole, the thing about LeAnn putting a bag over herself is ridiculous, LeAnn is a very beautiful woman, and just because she and Faith aren’t always sitting back without an opinion, doesn’t make them less real. In fact, they’re more real because they have an opinon.
    P.S.- Kimberly, you rock! I totally agree with you!

  • Me


  • NIKI

    I would just like to say that my personal opinion of the situation is that Faith Hill was definately NOT joking, if she was she could have won a best actress oscar but I’ve seen Stepford Wives and her acting isnt that good. And this is not a personal attack infact I am a Faith fan but have lost a enormous amount of respect for her.

  • haha

    i love the fact that carrie won she totally deserved it becasue she is way better than faith

  • ck

    Scott, you need to adjust what you think is hot because LeAnn Rimes is one of the best looking people out there.

  • Ray

    I think Carrie Underwood is full of herself she doesnt even sound country. I dont blame Faith for getting upset I would to. I love Faith Hill and will continue to do so. Carrie is a wannabe.Carrie is just a little girl who doesnt know anything. Faith Hill is a very talented woman. You go Faith!

  • T

    Carrie is in high demand for all of the special events and these others are not.

    carrie has the look, voice and is just a very sweet girl. Plus she is Country being from OK born and raised and what do you mean she does not sound country ?
    Rimes has plenty of songs that fall out of the pure Country Genre, You don’t have to yoddle to be Country

    and I agree Rimes is pretty but she looks 10 years older than she actually is. She was so mature when she started which was her voice and her look. Not sure that in the long time is a great thing.

  • Melissa G

    Carrie Rocks!!!

  • I love Carrie but I’m for Faith

    All of you can suck my ass I’m with Faith Hill on all of it. You can’t tell me if you had been working somewhere for 15 years and some new girl came and took your promotion after being there for just 2 weeks I’d be pissed off too. You need to give all of them a break thats tuff to see something and not be able to have it. I hope that in a few days this will blow over. I personally think that Faith was just jokeing.

  • countrymusicfan11

    Carrie is awesome and definately deserved that award. So, she’s talented and it didn’t take her 10 years or so to get the award, big deal. She definately worked for it and deserved it. I definately agree that Martina McBride does have the best voice out of all of them though. Go Carrie!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Yikes Kimberly. I feel bad for you. And thank you everyone else for being rational and fair. It’s good to know that we can all have different opinions and still be civil about it. It certainly makes Kimberly’s post stand out- as sad and pathetic.

  • Nikki_11

    LeAnn Rimes is the in the business! Carrie cannot be compared to LeAnn, who has been fantastic for over 10 years!

    Don’t be so stupid! LeAnn voiced an OPINION which everyone is entitled to. Most people would back a friend up, so why is LeAnn so wrong for backing up her friend, Faith?

  • Cindy

    All 5 female artists are very talented. That is not the issue. This is simply about egos.

  • George Barhydt

    Carrie Underwood Is in a class that the spoiled brat Rimes will never achieve. When LeAnn opened her trap she showed the world just how stupid she is!!

  • George Barhydt

    Carrie Underwood Is in a class that the spoiled brat Rimes will never achieve. When LeAnn opened her trap she showed the world just how stupid she is!!

  • Nikki_11

    LeAnn is passionate about her music, which certainly shows in her lyrics! Don’t get me wrong, Carrie is a ‘good’ artist and still has room left to grow. But Carrie will NOT be better than LeAnn! LeAnn is still growing as a person, an artist and a song writer… No one can beat LeAnn!

    As you can probably tell, i’m a huge LeAnn fan and i would walk on fire for that woman, she’s amazing.

    As a member of LeAnn’s fanclub, i really don’t think LeAnn said anything wrong in the message she posted, she voiced an opinion and stood by her friend, Faith.

  • countrymusicfan11

    Ok, this argument isn’t about who is better or who has been doing this longer. Everyone of these artists can hold their own and are very talented in their own ways. It is about Faith Hill’s reaction and if it was appropriate. When it comes to Female Vocalist of the Year, Carrie Underwood had the best year. She was the most successful within the last year then any of them. The award was given to it’s rightful owner. Go Carrie and keep up the good work!

  • I think Carrie Underwood deserves to be called the Female Vocalist of the Year. She is the best country singer. Faith Hill and Leann had their 15 minutes and they are jealous of Carrie. Leann wasn’t even nominated for the awards.
    As for Faith I lost respect for her even if she was joking.

    Carrie Rocks!

  • Kat

    I really liked Carrie Underwood on American Idol but was a Bo Bice fan. Enjoyed them both….hope they both do well and have wonderful carriers. As far as Faith & LeAnn….I don’t know to many people that could keep their ego’s in check if they were as big. Doesn’t excuse anything, don’t agree with what Faith did whether a joke or not, just something to think about.

    But as far as the Dixie Chicks….some friends and I drove 2 hrs to an outdoor concert in Washington and they were over 2 hrs late getting to the concert. No one ever said why…but it was around a 100 and miserable waiting for them. They were ok, the fiddle player was by far the best part of the show. By the time Tim McGraw got on stage it was getting late and we left after a few songs….he was alright. It was disappointing…especially when you consider the cost of the tickets, gas and travel. Wouldn’t do it again.

  • Nikki_11


    Gooooooo LeAnn, keep up the FANTASTIC work!

  • Sonya

    You go Carrie Underwood!! She very much deserved the Female Vocalist of the Year award!!! I hope she keeps on winning!! She worked hard to get where she is today. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Faith Hill, she may have been kidding, but you can tell she’s not very educated, because, that is no way to joke around. oh poor Faith, someone stole your spotlight, boo hoo!!! YOU GO CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!!

  • Anna

    Carrie is a very talented girl, and God has blessed her with the wonderful voice she has. I am very proud of Carrie winning. She deserved it. Faith Hill acted VERY imature. And she should be ashamed of herself! Carrie is my model in life. She is a great example for young teenage girls. She is for me. And I don’t know why everyone is making a big fuss over Carrie winning. Carrie is awesome. And it was God’s purpose for her to win. You rock Carrie!!!

  • steve

    Rather faith was really upset that Carrie won or if she was joking she showed a complete lack of class.

  • TH

    Funny how it’s cool for everyone on this site who doesn’t like Leann Rimes and/or Faith Hill to make all kinds of negative comments towards them in defense of Carrie, but it’s not ok for Leann Rimes of make very articulate comments in her defense of Faith Hill…may I also point out that Leann’s comments do not put down Carrie Underwood.
    Look I like all three singers. I like the Dixie Chicks too, and a lot of other country musicians. At the end of the day it’s just an award, and who cares if Faith was joking or not. There’ll be another batch of awards dished out next year and this whole thing will all be forgotten.

  • Annie-dixie chicka!

    I would just like to say that i agree with TH, it is only an award show. Now if were arguing here on talent well some of you need to understand what REAL music is…i consider REAL amazing talent to be writing your own songs,producing your own music and have a voice in this new day and age. The dixie chicks are amazing in so many different ways and NO ONE in country can compare to them. FREEDOM OF SPEECH HAS NEVER BEEN MORE WONDERFULLY EXPRESSED! NATALIE MAINES FOR PRESIDENT!!!!Also i love you Kimberly, you are a breath of fresh air!Im sure Carrie won’t be around next year and what a horrible performance at the cma’s…yeash!!!

  • Sonya

    Carrie Underwood will be around next year and many years to come, she has talent that no one can take from her (not even Faith Hill’s uneducated comments), but hey, Faith Hill just made herself look like an immature idiot. Roll on Carrie Underwood, you deserve it!!! Also, why is it just an award ceremony when Carrie Underwood wins, but it is a grand finale when Faith Hill or Leanne Rimes wins, hmm, let’s not be jealous and bitter!!!

  • Annie-dixie chicka!

    No matter who wins ITS JUST AN AWARD SHOW!

  • Nikki_11

    LeAnn Rimes is and was not bitter towards Carrie, or anyone else come to that! TH was right in saying LeAnn did NOT put Carrie down in any of her comments.

  • jeg

    Most of this is some of the dumbest crap I’ve ever read in my life!

  • Sonya

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere we go!!

  • Amanda H.

    “Why has no one mentioned that Gretchen Wilson won female vocalist of the year in 2005. Had she paid her dues? No offense to Gretchen.”

    Actually Gretchen has paid her dues. Why don’t you go buy her book and try to read it. You will see Why Gretchen deserves everything she wins. Which she should have won that award instead of Carrie.

  • Jackie-Canada

    Faith acted like a poor sport, We have all had those moments, its human nature to be upset or jealous if we work really hard and dont see the outcome we hoped for. Carrie is an amazing singer, in my opinion she is not better than Faith or Leann, but she did have a better year and that is what the award was for. way to go Carrie!!! I know i have been very upset if i thought i did’nt get something i deserved, we ALL have, only we did,nt have millions of people watching us. anyway all are very fine singers, leanne has prooved herself as has Faith, now its Carries turn, she is doing pretty well. i rooted for her on idol!

  • Sonya

    Poor Faith, Poor Faith, Pour Faith a drink. She lost, now she needs to deal with it!!! Show her up next time, Carrie, you go GIRL!!!

  • imhoturnot

    I think that Katrina Elam should have been nominated for the award myself.

  • mr. odessa

    There are some things in this world that can be played as a joke. Sorry Faith, but you were not joking, and I cant believe you are standing there saying this was a joke. Why? Because you got caught. How in the world can you make your actions seem like a joke. Sorry, this is one incident where you acted spoiled because you lost to a new star. Faith you are a wonderful musician and probably have awards coming out your ears. Sometimes it pays just to say I screwed up and I am sorry.



  • Wow. A lot of comments. Well how about mine. My uncle is a country music star and I have been around this business since I was a child. And I can tell you the awards are very political. And as I agree Carri deserves this award. So dose each woman up their. Unfortunately their is only one per year. And being such I can totally understand the paying your dues. A few years back I watched one of these ladies have the best year and still was beat out over a top selling record of another. Was this to boost the sales more??? Of course it was. And as for faith she might have been shocked as we all were. Again repeating Carri is well deserving of this. But I think the biggest problem is we put so much stock into our stars that now we have to get mad at them. And forget they are human just like us. Now you go to work for a company for several years and a new person comes in and shines at no fault to the new person you will still be a little upset. And I bet you won’t hide your feelings. But that is what you are asking the stars to do. And as shown in the clip. She was playing around before so who is to say that isn’t what happened. And I happen to agree with Leanne. Like I said I am involved with this business and still have time to have a life and not make a stars reaction something to piss me off so badly. No one did anything the people who are mad about this. It happened to Carri not you. If anyone has the right to be upset it’s her and I doubt she is. And if she is she has gotten over it. theirs an old saying if you are so worried about what is going on with someone else you are not making sure your own is taken care of. I don’t normally have the time for this but I am riding in a car long distance and just happened on this through the country weekly.

  • Wow, this Chris Evans has his head so far up Carrie’s butt it’s coming out her nose. Carrie does not deserve vocalist of the year. She may be a good singer and she does deserve the new artist award but she is not as good as any of the artists that were nominated against her.

    Carrie hasn’t even proven she can write any songs yet. I don’t believe she has even co-wrote any songs. To say that Carrie has a better voice than LeAnn or Faith is just the most moronic thing I ever read. LeAnn had a better voice when she was 14 then Carrie will ever have. LeAnn’s voice has only grown stronger and the same goes for Faith.

    There is a big difference from being selected for a record deal on AI and having everything handed to you then from just being discovered on a TV talent show and then having to prove yourself to fans and the record labels to get a deal. LeAnn, Faith, and almost every artist out there besides AI winners had to fight to get discovered. Some like LeAnn get discovered at a young age and some have to wait a while. But they all worked for it. Carrie didn’t have to work that much to get selected for a record deal.



  • Annie-dixie chicka!

    Go put more lights on your christmas tree…????

  • Amanda

    Holy crap did that get blown out of proportion, Faith Hill did the exact same thing a few years ago at the CMT flameworthy awards when her husband beat her for an award, as it was then and I am sure it is now, it was all in good fun. If you were watching she was obviously being sarcastic.
    Now to Leann Rimes, first “How do I live” was originally for her, but he makers of ConAir, the film in which the song was the theme song for, did not think she was mature enough/old enough.. so they decided to go with Trisha Yearwood… So Rimes cut the song along with Yearwood… around the same time so neither one really did a “cover”.
    Now I am a huge Carrie fan, and saw her with Brad Paisley in concert and I have to say she does not deserve female vocalist. I love her but really a “vocalist” needs to perform a variety of different sounding songs to really showcase her voice, and honestly she did not sound that great in concert. My pick would have been Sara Evans or Gretchen Wilson. Carrie was picked because the academy was focusing on the theme of the year.. all the songs of faith.


    Annie-Dixie Chicka,
    That wasn’t even directed at you, so mind your own business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!

  • Nikki_11

    Missy, LeAnn didn’t lose!! LeAnn was not nominated… Just though i’d point that out!

    Why do people have to get so worked up over comments? I mean, everyone is entitled to thier opinion, so why shouldn’t everyone express their opinion?

    LeAnn Rimes still rocks!!! (Hey, my opinion) 😀

  • Annie-dixie chicka


  • leann rules

    Carrie Underwood only wishes she could be half what Leann Rimes is. Leann is the most intelligent, sexiest woman in country music. On top of that she can actually sing.

    I applaud Leann for standing by her friend Faith. Carrie Underwood is just a media darling who doesn’t deserve half the attention she is paid.

  • Nikki_11

    A little harsh, leann rules, but you’re certainly right about LeAnn! Although, Carrie can sing, but not a patch on LeAnn and Faith… I’m not a Faith fan either, but i give credit where credit is due (did i mention, LeAnn Rimes rules big time) 😀

    Carrie will probably get better in time, and i really hope she does become more than a one hit wonder (so to speak)

    LeAnn deserves ALOT more appraisal than she gets, we have seen LeAnn grow up and grow as an artist and the change has really been unbelievable, LeAnn was a star when she started singing, but now she’s a legend, an inspiration and a brilliant role model to millions.

    Gooo LeAnn! You can do no wrong for me and all your millions of fans, we love ya!

  • George Barhydt

    If you really believe in giving credit where credit is due then WAKE UP and watch what Carrie is doing to country music. Faith and Le Ann could only dream about aquiring the fame that Carrie already has. Country music is in for a real treat in the years to come. GO CARRIE!!!

  • jane

    to the poster: “leanne rules”…if you only knew what a great person and singer carrie is…people have feelings you know. Carrie deserves the attention she’s gotten because she has worked hard. No need to be a hater just cause you’re jealous or jealous for LeAnne who, has virtually been nonexistent on the charts, etc… Some of you people need to not hate on other people just cause one of your fav singers didn’t win an award or because one of your fav singers is jealous of another singer;)

  • Karen

    I actually was and still am a fan of Faith Hill but I think Faith should do the right thing and just apologize or at least explain her actions to the media for PR reasons. I haven’t really seen her do that except for the written statement she gave out. However, I’ve seen Carrie Underwood constantly being asked about this incident and her having to stand up and explain Faith’s actions. She’s a classy lady. I think Carrie deserved that award because she did have the best year even though her performance on the CMA’s wasn’t her best. She made up for that at the AMA’s though. I think that both Faith and Carrie are talented and it’s a shame that this unnessary drama is taking away from that. Let’s give it a rest. Carrie won. Let her enjoy it. Faith can win next year cause you know she ain’t going anywhere. She’s still my girl! Hopefully Carrie will prove her haters wrong and continue with her success for years to come. Best of luck to her!

  • Nikki_11

    George Barhydt, “Faith and Le Ann could only dream about aquiring the fame that Carrie already has.” WHAT?!?!?!

    Artists don’t stay in the business for years, just because they want to! They stay in it because they are still wanted by the public and more so, their fans! May i point out that LeAnn has been in the business for well over a decade and still going really strong… Need i say more?

    I’ve said before that i think Carrie is a good artist too, but she just hasn’t got the experience that Faith and Le has got… But hopefully, she will be around for a few years to come and prove she has that ability.


    To all of ya’ll,

  • Tara

    Missy, I’m a HUGE, huge, huge Carrie fan, but if you make all-knowing statements like that, you’re asking for people to strike you down.

    I think it’s important to point out that Carrie has written the incident off as a joke, and in such case, as Carrie fans, we need to accept her stance. Carrie’s fame and success will speak for itself, and there is no reason to pit singer against singer. And, I might add, Carrie has proven herself –through her explanation of the incident– to be a classy and humble young lady. If you don’t believe that, watch her on the recent Oprah or read her statements to the press.

    Having said that, I don’t believe Carrie was “handed” anything. AI is hard work, and I’m positive that both LeAnn and Faith would agree if they went through the same process. And does it really matter how someone gains recognition? It seems very petty to me to scrutinize artists for how they got where they are instead of for WHO they are and what they have to offer. Carrie is a dedicated worker, and just because she didn’t have the chance to “prove” that by paying years of dues doesn’t mean she is any less deserving of her success. If you think she’s a bad singer, that’s your opinion, but don’t hate on her because AI gave her a record deal. That’s pretty ridiculous.

  • Carol

    How could they have voted Carrie Underwood “Top Female Vocalist” of the Year? Unlike the other women in the category who have paid their dues ; Carrie Underwood does not even headline her own tour! What a joke!!!!

  • T

    well, she out sold the rest of them and is in more demand…maybe that is why.

  • jane

    carol and others who just don’t get it: This year she won female vocalist of the >>>year<<< because this year she pretty much ruled the charts and was very successful; she paid her dues by working hard, so quit trying to discredit her. p.s in case you didn't know 4 million + other people also paid her dues, so quit with the carrie hating


    Let me bring it to your small mind that I never said anything about Carrie and how she got to be who she is, so WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES!!! I think Carrie worked just as hard and is just as dedicated if not more than the other artists. Though, she has a lot more class about her in her little finger, than Faith Hill and Leeann have in their whole bodies. They are both very immature, hey, they belong on Blue’s Clues. HAHAHHAHA!!! Everyone else is just bitter because Carrie won, and hey, she didn’t even have to marry a country music singer to gain fans nationwide!!! And Carol, you are a joke, so get over yourself. I totally agree with Jane, Carrie has paid her dues, she just doesn’t dress as slutty as some of the other artists (I won’t mention names by the way)!!!!

  • T

    carrie also had to win the AI show
    Then in 2 months get a entire album out from picking the songs to producing the entire album, very rushed yet got a great album out

    From the start of AI to getting these awards she did a damn full packed 2 years of hard ass work

  • Tara

    Missy I’m on your side calm down? I just didn’t want you to make Carrie fans look bad by making huge statements without anything to back it up. Carrie’s can should be just as classy as she is!

  • Tara


  • I love carrie underwood


    You’re a cool dude!! Whaz up!!! Welcome to the jungle.

  • Marjie

    Carrie, Faith, and Leann have great voices. Everyone should just shut up about the incident. And people say how some women like LeAnn can’t sing live, well, it’s pretty hard to sing high notes like that. I thought it was pretty mest up that Faith did that, but she apologized. LeAnn, i’m sorry, but Carrie Underwood, imo, has paid her dues. Her album has sold over idk how many copies, lost count, she’s won American Idol, and has had many concerts.

  • PAUL

    WHAT DOES FAITH HILL AND LEANN RIMES THINK CARRIE SHOULD DO? Give back the award and say no thanks I dont want it? Give back the money she has made this year? Volunteer to play in some smokey bar rooms for free? They all complain about the politics, but it seems to me that the politics were eliminated this year. The best female vocalist won female vocalist of the year!!!

  • Nikki_11

    Marjie said: “And people say how some women like LeAnn can’t sing live, well, it’s pretty hard to sing high notes like that.”


    LeAnn is an amazing live performer! Just go to YouTube and type in ‘LeAnn Rimes – Love Is An Army’ and see and hear for yourself!

    Marjie, i do agree with the rest of what you said, but not the part when you said LeAnn couldn’t sing live.

    Carrie won, why not just let her enjoy the award and let this subject rest?

    LeAnn and Faith do not need to bicker over Carrie winning, they are both successful enough! Emoticons ran high and if i’m not mistaken, both LeAnn and Faith have said it was a misunderstanding.

    LeAnn is the Queen of country and in MY opinion, the Queen of music!





  • melissa

    I realy like your web site i am a carrie underwood fan and your site is giving me more information on her every day!

  • melissa h

    like oh my god that so sounds like faith and rean they always think they rule but dont worry carrie you so desurved those trofys and i thought you rocked i mean its not your falt they forgot to bring it they need a wake up call well carrie underwood welcome to the famous world and have fun!

  • Youknowwho

    OH NO YOU DIDN’T!!!!!
    Carrie Singing circles around LeAnn Rimes!?!?!? HA! What have you been smoking? And whomever said LeAnn Rimes can’t sing live must not have heard her sing live! She is an amazing artist and Carrie is a 1 minute wonder who the world will eventually forget about! LeAnn Rimes has been around for OVER 10 years! We’ll see if Carrie does that huh? Yeah right. Oh and by the way, I didn’t see anything wrong with LeAnn’s comments – They’re all true.

  • Brad

    I just want to see a catfight. My moneys on Carrie kicking Faith Hills clumsy old ass!

  • Laura

    LeAnne is extremely ugly. Very funny looking.




    i bet youknowho smokes GPC cigarettes, little generic can’t afford any better. People like me and carrie don’t smoke, we have too much class

  • Nikki_11

    MISSY, you need a reality check! Stop attacking people for having comments and opinions. You are saying things and not backing them up with any reasonable FACTS. I’m guessing you’re about 15-16 years old and also guessing you don’t have much of an idea what LeAnn has done in the 10+ years her’s been around.

    I do admire the Carrie fans who have been posting here with good points and backing them up with facts.

    But i’ve gotta say LeAnn Rimes is one in a million, she’s a star! Her career says that.

    Soooooooo “SUCK IT UP” as MISSY says

  • rat

    faith is a washed up old whore has been

  • rat

    faith had to sleep her way in …just as leean rimes did ..watch she be on tv for a meal trelling how was molested by some record exc….and faith you slept with EVERYONE who said they would help you …what a tramp …and leann what a little slut you are

  • faith fan

    town whore winner; Faith hill
    suck off your boss at work winner ; leann rimes
    the town tramps have spoken….


    You need a REALITY check, no, I’m 24 years old, and a registered nurse. People need to stop badgering Carrie for winning and being proud. Hey, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. Hey Nikki, I work with citizens with mental retardation and let me tell you, everyone of them has more sense than you have, so go get in the medicine line for your 8pm dose of Lexapro, Haldol and Lithium STAT!!! Faith Hill and Leann need to be right behind you!!!!!


    Nikki is nonsense, Leann is the star of the sluts, and that’s all she’ll ever be!!!!

  • Nikki_11

    MISSY, you make me laugh! I’ve never laughed so much at a post in my entire life. Thank you!

    However, why did the subject of “sluts” come up in a discussion about our feelings towards Carrie winning the award?


    What makes you say that LeAnn is a slut?
    LeAnn has been with the man she’s with now since she was a teenager and there has been nothing in the press to say she’s cheated on Dean, so your very childish name calling is pathetic! FACT!

    And about someone’s comment about LeAnn sleeping her way into the business, well that is complete nonsense. Do you have any idea how old she was when LeAnn started? And it was her father who was her manager. I’m sure if she slept with her father it would have made headlines worldwide. FACT!

    Ok, throw somemore ‘insults’ … Just back them up with facts 🙂

    I’m gonna go get in line for my medicine now, as MISSY was kind enough to give me ‘professional’ help


    You act like you are 11 FACT!!! You are pathetic, what do you expect Carrie to do, give back the award?? Well, NO DEAR, she should not, just because Leann and Faith did not win/Leann wasn’t even nominated, so YOU GO CARRIE!!! Your Haldol dose needs to be increased, STAT!!!!

  • São Paulo

    Carrie was real classy about the whole thing, unlike Leann. I don’t think it was her place to say anything…
    Joke or not, Faith didn’t need this.

  • I believe what Faith Hill displayed on camera for the world to comment on was definitely a true reaction and should have been thought threw carefully before following threw on. She now has to deal with the reprecautions of what people believe or disbelieve. I was quite disappointed in Faith due to her being one of my favorite country music artists. I am also sick and tired of hearing it ” was too soon ” for Carrie to win. Where did the time limit come from? If your a successful artists why wait? The people obviously thought different. That is so absurd. Carrie Underwood is by far a gracious, up standing citizen, people lover and you go girl and stop listening to all the negativity because obviously you are doind something Wonderful! I commend you on your feedback in regards to Faith Hill and believe that you handled yourself with poise and in an adult manner! I wish we would see more of this type of behavior from others!
    I support you Carrie!

  • Bo Biker

    Can’t we all get along like adults?
    Isn’t there enough war in the world?

  • I agree with Mr Bo.Biker! Carrie Underwood is most definitely a GREAT ARTIST. Faith Hill is also, LeAnn Rimes as well. So lets get along and stop acting like spoiled children.

  • Actually, all three of these “artists” are completely identikit, saying you prefer one over the other is pointlessness.

  • “Identikit”? Sounds like something Batman keeps on his utility belt to help him quickly switch back to being Bruce Wayne.

    Anyway, thanks for pointing out the obvious, Christopher.

    If only someone had mentioned it 200 comments ago, think of the tremendous waste of human potential that could have been averted.

  • Sh

    I think this whole thing is funny…the amount of time and effort put into this whole stupid mess. In the the great scheme of things, the world is not going to change no matter who the female vocalist of the year is or who is happy or unhappy about it.

    As for our opinions, we all have our own….but it’s over and time to get on with our lives. I’m sure Carrie and Leeann and Faith are not that worried about us.


    I totally agree with you, we need to all get on with our lives, especially Nikki, who acts like she is 11 years old!!!!! Go play with your play-dough now!!!!

  • Nikki_11

    Oh my God, MISSY!

  • Dan

    Totally unnecessary. LeAnn has her opinions, and is free to voice them. Why is this an issue?
    The one thing I found wrong is the opinion that on her worst day, Carrie Underwood could outsing LeAnn Rimes. Carrie Underwood is a great talent who will have a long and successful career, but on her BEST day, she would have difficulty outsinging LeAnn Rimes. On LeAnn’s best day, Carrie has no chance at all. LeAnn Rimes just has that good of a voice.

  • VG


  • jane

    It’s ok everyone,stop fighting; LeAnne just got confused and thought Carrie was being inducted into the Hall of Fame and was getting the Lifetime Achievement Award;)

  • CeeJ

    Anthony, I hope you don’t mind but I added that LeAnn Rimes compilation video to my myspace profile!

  • Cissy

    This was so entertaining. I am so amazed that people are so nasty, and defensive towards people they don’t even know on a personal level. Heres my opinion… why not add it, since everyone else has also. I think all three are so good. Faith is beautiful and sings great. She is not singing songs that sound very country any more and that is a dissappointment, not much I can do about it. Leann is such a good singer. Love to hear her sing pure country songs. She now sings songs I don’t care for and the way she makes her voice sound in recient songs I really can’t stand. It is like she has her nose plugged or something sounds weird. What ever, not much I can do about that either. Carrie… I watched her on Amer. Idol, voted everynight for her, love her. She is so young, pretty, sounds great. And she may not have achieved her fame and had things as rough as others, so what. She waas fortunate enough to be blessed with a chance to be on a new popular show that was not around when the other singers started out. Guess what people that is life. Carrie was blessed to be on the show, won, and has alot of fans backing her, because she is talented. People like to see good things happen to good people. And I am sure we will continue to think she is sweet and wonderful until she does something rediculous as Faith did. Hopefully Carrie will never show her butt that way. Faith messed up, have you people ever messed up? Maybe Faith and Carrie have gotten past it…. Can yall? Why would you go and call Leann Rimes the names you called her, and Accuse Faith of the things that yall did? You people have no idea what values these people live by. So what even if you heard rumors of Faith and some other guy before she was married. Rumors… you do not know facts. And if you had a husband that looked like Tim, wouldn’t you want to sleep with him? What have you ever heard about Leann to make you call her nasty names. so what she dresses alittle to little, but that doesn’t mean anything. Way more than enough said. I am just floored that yall carry on the way yall do. Have opinions, but so many people on here need to go seek help.



  • tattletale

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  • mary

    um, tattletale…why don’t you get some manners and not say silly things like that

  • jane

    This just in: Leanne Whines contests Carrie’s ‘Best New Artist’ Grammy win because she hasn’t paid her dues… 😉

  • april

    i think u need to keep your mouth shut considering you dont know what your talking about and i highly doubt carrie underwood could sing circles around leann rimes your just jealous because you will never be anything like leann rimes so why dont you shut your mouth grow up and start acting your age not your shoe size its none of your damn buisness what went on that night or that week or month why dont you go out and get a real life

  • Rach




    how long has this crap been going on?! dear god! get the hell over it!!

  • Rach

    oh, and LeAnn is ace! but Faith and Carrie’s music is fairly good too

  • Nikki_11

    Finally Rach… We have sense! haha.

    LeAnn IS ace!!! 😀

  • Wally

    NObody cares about either of them.
    I find it funny that nobody mentioned Shania who is the biggest selling country female of alltime with over 80 million worldwide sold with only 4 albums and she tours on her name alone worldwide.
    Shania is a music icon and very private and lives in Europe and keeps out of the spotllight most of the time.

  • Craig

    Yeah, I agree, Shania is a class act and and music icon all over the world. Big stars like Shania trancend all genres and make few appearances and don’t need to be in the spotlight since they are known all over the world.
    Shania is the biggest selling country female of alltime and the last solo female to win ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR.Although Shania is bigger than country music she still respects it and has never said a bad word about anyone.
    Must be nice to be one of the richest woman in the world like a Shania who calls all the shots.

  • Mike

    Just want to say: Carrie Underwood had a great year, and obviously she worked very, very hard for her success. First of all she is a nice person and a brilliant singer and live performer.

    Finally the best (including the Dixie Chicks) got the majority of Grammys. So everything is okay.

  • noey454

    carrie, she can sing. But she has no personality on stage. faith hill is great but she has had her bad nights. Leann, has never had a bad moment. she is the best singer live that I have ever seen, well her along with martina mcbride.

    And carrie is not some baby, shes graduated from college, leann is not much older than her. stop babying the girl!

  • Bobby

    You all need a life and quit analyzing this situation. When people don’t win what they won’t. It’s obvious they’ll be pissed or sad over it. Who cares. They all can sing. It doesnt matter who was a singer first or how they got started. or who likes who. Winning is winning, and sucks for whoever loses. Leann Rimes is probally jealous over carrie underwood, or else she wouldnt have put her 2 cents in it. The fact is, carrie underwood can sing, and so can leann rimes.

  • Gabby

    What does Gretchen Wilson have to do with any of this?

  • Peggy Hill

    I don’t understand why people are attacking Carrie. She did nothing but win the awards. She’s a wonderful singer and all her stats prove it. She did better this year than any country female singer since 1964 when Sandy Smith sang Happiest girl in the whole usa. She sold more records in that year than Faith, LeAnn or any other singer. She sold more records than Faith, or Leann has in any year since they started singing. Frankly I don’t know whether Faith was serious or not, to me it looked like it but none of it was Carrie’s fault. She didn’t do anything but beat all other female singers for the year, which I am pretty sure is why she won the award for Best Female Vocalist. LeAnn should have just stayed out of it. This has done nothing but make herself look bad. I do admit that I will never look at Faith or LeAnn again in the positive light that I saw in them before. You have to learn to be a good looser or at least fake it if you can’t be happy for others who did win. Carrie has amazing stats for her first year. No one male or female can touch her since Garth Brooks years ago. Give her the credit she deserves. And hey! forgive Faith for a bad action. I’m sure Carrie did immediately.

  • chuck

    Peggy Hill, what world do you live in? Shania Twain is the biggest selling country female of alltime and is the biggest country female of alltime.
    Shania holds all the female country records all over the world. She had one album alone sell more than 38 million worldwide. Carrie Underwood isn’t even in a Shania or Garth’s league. Shania has had albums go double diamond lmao!!
    Shania is also the last country solo female to win ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR at the CMA’s.
    Shania has long eclisped little Nashville and does her own thing because she has the power and money all over the world. But dont’ make a fool of yourself and even put a Karokee AI singer in the same sentence as music icons like a Shania who has changed the face of country music and has set records that will never be broken.
    You Carrie fans make me laugh. You are so delusional for the flavor of the month that you make up all kind of lies about how much she has sold.
    Lets sell now, Shanai has sold over 80 million worldwide with only 4 cd’s. Shania holds the record for the only artist in history with 3 diamond albums. Shania holds the record for best selling country female of alltime. Shania holds the record for best selling female album of alltime with her COME ON OVER album alone selling 38 million worldwide. Shania is the fist woman in history with back to back diamond albums.
    Shania is in a league of her own so don’t make me laugh about the flavor of the month.

  • Susan

    chuck, I agree with you. I find it funny that Carrie Underwood fans are trying to build her up to be something she is not just because she has had initial success off of her debut album after coming off a huge AI contest with lots of exposure.
    Give it rest CArrie Underwood fans. To even put her in the same breath as icon like Shania twain and Garth Brooks is laughable.
    Shania is the biggest selling country female of alltime and GArth the biggest selling male country of alltime. Both headline huge tours and have had multiple diamond albums.
    Lets get realistic here and not be so delusional.
    You will never see a country woman again come close to the heights of a Shania tWain worldwide.
    SHania is a global icon and set sales records all over the world. She had one album alone sell over 38 million worldwide which is the biggest selling female album of alltime in any genre of music.
    So before you speak Carrie fans, show respect for icons and true megastars like Shania who paved the way and became much bigger than Carrie can even dream of.
    Just hope that Carrie has a good follow up album and doesn’t vanish like all over exposed acts.

  • Mike

    chuck and Susan, thank you for your info on Shania Twain.

    In fact, I put Carrie Underwood in the same breath as icons like Shania Twain and Garth Brooks. By the way: who is Garth Brooks?

  • jane

    and i find it funny how some people try to discredit carrie and compare her to people back in the day when music piracy and buying song by song on itunes wasn’t available. Before you try predicting Carrie’s future, remember that she’s not trying to compare herself to other people’s success, she’s just glad for her own. No disrespect towards previous icons, but that was then, this is now, and right now Carrie’s doing great, so try not to aim low for people;)

  • katie

    i luv u

  • katie

    i luv all of u, you guys rock!

  • katie

    actually ya”ll suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • katie

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  • katie


  • Chuck

    Mike, that is the stupidest comment ever made.
    Shania has set standards that nobody will even come close to. She started the new country movement and started trends and became one of the biggest music acts of alltime.Shania had one album alone sell over 38 million worldwide.
    You are a fool to even mention Carrie Underwood in the same breath as a Shania Twain.
    And Shania did it without AI exposure and with Nashville against her. Thats why Shania is the biggest selling country female of alltime and has the power to do what she wants. She is worth 500 million dollars on her name alone and lives in Switzerland and has long eclisped little Nashville,.
    Carrie Undwerwood is still an opening act lmao!!!!
    You fans are so funny and get excited for the flavor of the year. Remember Gretchen Wilson?
    The only sentence Carrie Underwood should be put in is AI former contestant who had AI exposure and and nashville hype and support.
    It is okay to support her and her new album but to make stupid comment about Shania or Garth Brooks is laughable. These 2 set the standards and Shania took it worldwide on a scale never seen before.

  • Chuck

    Jane, artists back then also didn’t have the huge,huge advantage of AI expsosure and the sales that that brings on a massive scale.
    Also when Shania set the standards all over the world that still stand today, she had no support from Nashville,no AI exposure and she did it her own way by breaking the rules and opening doors for many woman.
    Icons are people to break boundaries. Shania without any support became the biggest country female of alltime and took it worldwide as one of the biggest pop aritsts too.
    Nowadays you have no huge stars like Shania that trancend genres and break ground anymore since all the gound breaking was done by Shania.You have manufactured acts now that are controlled by the industry.
    Many people worldwide are waiting for Shania to come out with new music. She is writing and recording her next worldwide mega album and when she returns she takes the spotlight away from everyone,even at age 41. Shania is reclusive and private and doesn’t like making appearances so fans all over the world are hoping Shania returns soon.

  • jane

    Chuck or should I call you mega-Shania fan,
    Good for shania-I have nothing against her. Like I said, people need to quit trying to discredit carrie for her success. American Idol launched Carrie’s career but she’s the one carrying it. Carrie is still a new artist, so obviously she’s still an opening act “lmao!!!”

  • Mike

    Shania Twain is a remarkable singer and personality, as well as Carrie, I definitely place them in the same league, finally I prefer Carrie’s music. I think we could end the discussion now and just wait for the next cd’s.

  • Amy

    Hi Mike, I actually agree with Chuck here.
    How can you put an American Idol singer with one album in the same league as a music icon like Shania who led the new coutry movement and changed the face of country music. I think it is quite absurd to do so. I was just looking up some facts that Chuck was talking about.Not only is Shania the biggest selling country female by a lot but she had 3 albums go diamond which no artist in any genre as every done. She also had one album alone sell 40 million worldwide.
    I really like Carrie and think she has potential but please stop with all of this making her out to look better than she is.She has a long way to even be mentioned in the same breath as others. ONe album coming off an AI contestant isn’t going to do it. Because new people come along all the time.I am just saying relax and enjoy her music now because you don’t don’t how long she will be here. As for Faith Hill, Faith has always copied Shania but could never come close to Shania’s massive international success. Thats why Faith has to tag along with her husbands tour because she can’t headline her own tour and never has. Shania opened the doors for others like Faith Hill and others to cross over.
    But Shania remains the biggest success of them all with world records in 60 countries.
    The thing I always loved about Shania is that she is so private and lives so far away in Switzerland and does’t need the media attention when she is on hiatus while others crave attention.
    Shania is no doubt a class act and country musics only real global mega act.

  • jane

    I’m indifferent to Shania so whether or not she’s had tons of sales or not, I choose to put Carrie above Shania and other icons because I like her music better even if she is new. This thread is just people’s opinions and -some- people have said their opinion and apparently can forsee Carrie’s future or at least what they hope for it. I’m not trying to compare Carrie’s success with Shania’s. I just prefer Carrie over Shania and I’m allowed to, just like others can prefer the opposite

  • Brenda

    what about Kellie Pickler, she is totally awesome!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Hi Amy, I put Carrie to the same league, because she doesn’t have to hide behind Shania Twain, who is some years older. As a matter of fact: (1) Carrie is young, but already a star, (2) her music is great, (3) her song “Jesus Take The Wheel” is brilliant, (4) her album “Some Hearts” is the best selling Country debut album ever, (5) she won two Grammys, plus tons of Billboard, CMA and CMT awards.

    Carrie Underwood is already in the TOP league of singers, and so she is in the same league as Shania, as a matter of fact. (6) I prefer Carrie’s music to the music of Shania, LeAnn, Faith, Christina and all others. (7) She is definitely a person with the same power as Shania.

    Finally, no doubt: Carrie will be in the TOP league of singers for many years. Which does not mean that Shania will become poor.

  • Amy

    Mike, lets not be absurd now? How does Carrie have the same power as a icon like Shania who is worth over 500 million dollars on her name alone, sold over 80 million cd’s with only 4 albums, writes her own songs, lives in Switzerland,new Zealand and the Carribeana and is one of the richest and most successful artists of alltime.
    Get a reality check, I like Carrie too but she isnt even close to being in the same league as someone with the worldwide power and money as a Shania and success as a SHania.

    That is like saying Ashlee simpson has the same power as maddonna because she had one successful album lmao!!!
    Carrie Underwood is still an opening act, Nashville controls her, she has no power at all.YOu need to learn more about the music business. I dont’ care if she is hot at the moment, that has nothing to do with power.
    Power and money is what Shania has because she has had huge success over many years.

    Like I said, you can love whoever you want but even I as a new CArrie fan thinks your comments are absurd. I bet if you told Carrie the same thing she would laugh at you and feel and clue you in on how the business works
    I am still laughing that you think a newcomer who Nashville writes all her songs and produces her albumss has as much power as an icon like Shania,who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars,writes and with her husband produce her own music and calls all the shots.
    Mike, come on now, lets get serious, how old are you?

  • wally

    Mike, please don’t make us Carrie fans look stupid.
    Shania Twain is a big star worldwide and has been for over a decade, she is worth 500 million,writes her own songs, is produced by her husband who is worth a billion and they have the power to do what they want and when they want to.
    shania is in a league of her own even though I don’t like some of her songs.

    You can’t even compare that to a newcomer who is just starting and who Nashville is in control of her songs and her records. Carrie underwood has very little power just like all new artists, she has to prove herself over many years. being hot for the moment does not make you powerful.

    So please don’t argue about this and make Carrie fans look really dumb. Shania Twain is one of the richest and most successful artist of alltime who calls all of her career shots from remote control from Switzerland.

  • Mike

    Amy, hey, which planet are you from? Are you suffering from Shaniamania. 🙂 But you don’t need to ignore the facts.

    However, I like to teach you. Here is a link for you. Search for “Carrie Underwood” and you will find 2,008 videos at Google and Youtube related to Carrie Underwood. Replace “Carrie Underwood” with “Shania Twain”, and the number is 1,639. The number for Garth Brooks: 362.

    Then you can open Google and do the same, and you will find: There are more results for Carrie Underwood than for Shania Twain. As another matter of fact. So it seems: Shania Twain is one class below. How sad.

    And now you can tell us more about Shania’s houses in Switzerland and New Zealand. Never fear! Carrie’s success does not mean that Shania has to sell her houses. 😉

  • Mike

    Wally, Shania Twain is a legend, of course. Carrie Underwood has to prove herself for many years, of course. So we’d better discuss again in 10 or 20 years.

    If we only focus on the past 2 years, Carrie was as successful as Shania Twain, or more sucessful. And she earned her success, and I don’t see an end of her sucess story. We do not know if she will write her own songs, or if she will find a manager like Shania’s husband, or it she will have a house in Switzerland. Apart from this, Carrie has a strong personality, she knows exactly where she want to be in some years, and she has everything to be a star. And she is a very good singer, in my opinion she is the better singer, compared to Shania Twain. You are allowed to think different, however: BOTH have their fans. I am a Shania and a Carrie fan, but – again – I prefer Carrie’s phantastic music.

    Again: Carrie is already in the same league, as far as I can see and feel. In numbers today, and potentially.

  • Amy

    Mike, you are a true idiot. Shaina is on hiauts and now doing nothing now so don’t make a fool of yourself and google lmao!!!! YOu must be 2 years old. Carrie in her wildest dreams will never have the sales,money or success of a Shania.
    Once again you are acting really dumb and don’t have a clue about the music business.
    Now stop bashing Shania because you only look more stupid with each post.

  • Karl

    Mike,Amy and everyone else,stop this fight already and stop trying to compare okay!!!

    I am a huge Carrie fan but this is not even a contest. Shania is the biggest selling country female of alltime and one of the richest woman in the world.
    Mike, it is stupid to argue right now since Shania has not put any new material out in a few years and has been on hiatus. She is raising her family. Shania is a classy woman with nothing to prove, she is worldwide famous.

    Carrie is having a great year now which I am glad for.I hope she can have a great follow up album and stick around but time will only tell. But please lets stop this fighting.
    As much as I love Carrie and a number of other artists, Shania is the one who did it for me and took country music worldwide on such a massive scale. The woman is incredible and a true music icon.

    So having this discussion about a new artist after only one album is just plain stupid and an insult to Shania or any other legend.
    Lets stop this fighting and enjoy the music of your favorites.

  • Mike

    Amy, you’d better stop offending and attacking others, okay? Please.

  • One huge pitfall among fans is that when a relatively newcomer makes it big they immediately have this perception that seasoned artists who came before them aren’t as significant. That’s really not the case. The real test for artists’ success is not just the now but their longevity in the business. And to assume that an artist will remain on the top every time they release an album is a big misconception. Just because an “old timer” don’t have a current hit song doesn’t mean their career is over. It’s okay to look up to these legends (as we call it) and use their success for inspiration. And to claim that somebody new is of the same level as a seasoned artist needs a reality check and maybe a little bit of research. I’m sure it’s flattery to the newcomer but let’s face it, newbies are on a different league of their own. As much as Aretha and say Madonna are on a different league, Faith and Shania may be the same considering the time they both became famous, Carrie, Kelly Clarkson, and the other successful ‘Idols’ are of the same level. Carrie can never be of the same league as Shania. It’s like saying the first Bush president is of the same league as G. Washington just because they’re both presidents. They’re not.

  • Mike

    You are more right but wrong, but – again – I see Carrie Underwood already in the same league TODAY, and POSSIBLY in the long run. This is my view, just accept it. She has it, and she can make it, which does not mean a guarantee, but she can make it. So it is ridiculous in my opionion to compare her with a complete loser like Bush, isn’t it. And it is ridiculous to compare Shania Twain with Washington. I would accept Johnny Cash as the Washington of Country music, Shania appeared much later.

    And Idol: Who cares about Idol. I don’t. Idol was not more or less but a door opener. Even the Britneys and Christinas had door openers. I found Carrie Underwood, the Grammy winner, not the Idol. You surely agree that winning some Grammys does not mean that you are a lousy musician.

  • rachel marlyland

    i would like to say that i am such a big fat carrie fan !and that she has sold over 5 million albums and that she hot sexy cute and carrielious ….. and everybody out there should be buying her albums . and most of all leann rimes is so yucky that i am surprised that she is even married …oh wait i 4-got her husband ugly …..i mean ugly ..so anyway i 4-got to even meantion faith hill.. and some of her songs are ok like 4 one = breath now thats a hot song and she looked good in that hot video.but other than that she can not sing worth a pop tart…and they are both jealous cause carries won over 45 awards …and kellie picker and taylor swift are new in taylor only won 1 award and carrie was the presenter ..beat that well every body almost bought carrie album and she’s almost at 6 million in a 1/2 well carries hot ….and your hot tooo if you are a fan of hers and have her album….. have a nice day

  • Zara Atkinberry

    This is actually funny, the first recorded bitch fight in county music. OK, here is my two cents on it-

    Carrie – OK, she is really big at the moment. I am a big fan of country, but I am just not interested in Carrie’s version of ‘country’. She is always in the charts, but that could just be a fad. She has only one album out, so it is way too early to predict her career. For all we know in ten years she’ll be retired. I am part of that small group who do belive Carrie is over-rated. I mean, she has won so many awards you would think she is on the same level as Elvis or Madonna or Dolly – which she sure as hell is not. She can sing live, but to say she is better than LeAnn is funny. C’Mon, LeAnn has one of the most powerful voices in music, Carrie is just a so-so vocalist.

    Also, people are saying things about Carrie which are basically untrue. I mean saying that Carrie has the same star power as Shania is a lie. Apart from in the US and Canada, Carrie is unknown. I live in the UK, and no one knows who she is. Her album won’t be released around the world, it is too country. Shania, on the other hand, is a international act. Plus, Carrie may be big now but there is nothing about her that is really different. When Shania came out, she was the biggest female in country. Then Faith, Martina, Jo Dee and many other got in on her style. Seems like Carrie is just following the lastest trend in female country – traditional, with a bit of pop thrown in.

    Faith – Seems to be like Faith was not faking it, and it is actually nice to see someone in showbiz being honest. Although it was wrong to do it right in front of a camera!! Faith has always been edging into crossover, and now her lastest album is trying to make her seem like a nice country girl. Like Carrie, she is following the current trend. Faith has been in the business a lot longer than Carrie and she has shown her staying power.

    LeAnn – She is one of my favourite vocalists, although some of her material is really bad. LeAnn has never been a big Nashville diva, she has always been going around on the edges of pop and country. LeAnn’s voice is just so powerful and amazing, it really knocks the socks off Faith, Carrie and Shania. Again, unlike Faith and Carrie, LeAnn is an international act and appeals to audiences all over the world.

  • karen

    Amber will win the lottery tomorrow, she will win 368 million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! faith hill looks like she belongs in a nursing home!!!!!!!!

  • Hahahaha

    Carey is not even on the same level as Shania. Shania “had” supermodel looks now she is a hot mama.Carey is pretty. Like people said shania set standards, broke away from traditional country style, put country music on the map, very original. Carey is just hot at the moment, she just another face. Ask peole on the street who she is answer an american idol winner. She just lucky her new album goes out this year. Shania stops album will stop hers from selling and may others in country and other genre. Carey been “touch by an angel”
    Here is how i put everybody. 1. shania 2. dixie chicks 3. Rimes 4. Faith 5. rverybody follows
    Star power out of 10. Shania 9.7 Carey 3.75-4

    oooo shot me i’ve been spelling carrie’s name wrong. Besides its just ladies singing

  • Bill

    Wow, lots of idiots on the internet. I have interviewed Carrie Underwood several times and she is truly one of the nicest and down to earth individuals I’ve ever met in country music. Not to mention, gracious. Any time she wins an award, you can obviously see how much she appreciates what she has. Most artists thank “the fans” last… Carrie almost always thanks them first.

    Now about the Female Vocalist thing. How retarded to say that you have to be a seasoned veteren in the biz to get that award. That’s B.S. Read the title… “FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR” — which FEMALE artist has achieved the highest amount of success and influence in the previous year. And, umm… sorry, kids — it wasn’t Faith Hill. Not even close.

    Finally, Carrie will be around a long time. She’s young and smart and most importantly, down to Earth and humble. Certainly more than Faith. Need proof of that? Ask Faith Hill when she last attended “Fan Fair”… the huge country music events where artists give their time back to the fans. Hmmm… she hasn’t shown up since she became a big star. She forgot her roots. Carrie was there, however. She spent HOURS signing autographs, meeting fans, and performing (she doesn’t get paid by the way — its all donated time with money going to charity.)

  • WHAT?!?!?!

    it’s been six months…..give it a rest people!!!

  • Michael

    Thank you, Bill, for telling us the truth about Carrie.

    And I agree.

    What else should we say. I think we don’t need those ridiculous comments of stupid people who write “Carey” instead of Carrie.

    About myself: I became a huge fan of Carrie, Shania and – of course – the Dixie Chicks. This is in my opionion the current TOP league of Country music.


    George Bush is an idiot, he has killed over 3,000 troops, so let’s all do America a favor and vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008!!!! Hahahaha, you need to get a grip on life!!!!



  • Citizin K

    I think, Karen, that you are an American idiot as well. Why? Not because you are against Bush! Bush is an American Hitler, he should be better dead than alive, he one of the worst mass murderers in history. You, Karen, are an idiot because you count only the 3000 American victims, but not the Iraqi victims. Iraqis die like flies, thanks to the Americans, including Hillary Clinton who voted for this war. So she is a war criminal as well. She will not be a good choice for America. She is responsable for Iraq as well.

    I know: Americans are used to looking only at America and Amercians. Begin looking at your victims!

    However. Faith and Carrie are great, I prefer Carrie. And I pray that America will be defeated in order to avoid futures Iraqs. One Vietnam and one Iraq is more than enough, American bastards. I would vote for Obama.





  • Citizin K

    Better wrong spelling than ignoring the victims of the global US American terror.

    This is why people all over the world hate you, Americans. YOU see only the American victims, you bastards. American soldiers who had NOT been invited to invade and destroy Iraq! American bastards, invaders, who earn to be killed. The US soldiers in Iraq are war criminals, the REAL victims are the Iraqis. Fuck you, Amercian bastards and war mongers. Fuck you, USA. Just see how many other people have to die because of YOUR international terrorism, because of YOUR war mongers like Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheeney, Rove, Wolfowitz, and all the other US Nazis.

    However, I love Carrie Underwood despite of the fact that she visited the US troops in Iraq. I am going to forgive her. But I will never forgive those who voted for Bush, the US American Adolf Hitler. This man earns to die on the electric chair, as well as many of his policial supporters.

    Americans, you will have to pay for Iraq. You will have to pay and you will pay. You should never again try to destroy another country, in order to export your “democracy” and your “freedom”. Or I will pray that you will receive all nuclear bombs of the whole wide world.

    Hillary Clinton voted for this war, as a matter of fact. Now she knows that she was wrong. She was able to learn. Adolf Bush will never learn. The only solution for Bush is the eletric chair or a bomb.



  • CT

    It doesn’t matter who wins or how soon they win an award, it’s the voice that will be heard forever. I am a Carrie fan and get goose bumps everytime I hear her sing…no matter what song it is. I felt that way the first time I heard Faith Hill. I was shocked when I saw Faith on TV at the awards but it’s time to let it go. These people work hard to please us with their music. Carrie did deserve the Female Vocalist of the “Year” award even though it was early in her career. I’m sure she will get plenty more in the future. Go Carrie!!!
    Talk about other’s as you would like them to talk about you.



  • briscocounty

    If we are hated all over the world, why is everyone busting their butt to get here?



  • A Corner Wino

    faith hill is a old has been who got into the the biz to sleep her way almost to the top …shania didn’t have to screw everyone just a few she has the looks …carrie will be chewed up in no time and the rest patty,sara , lori …all has beens loking for food money get a job doing xxx’s dvds you tramps ha ha

  • Chris

    LeAnn posted that comment in an exclusive journal for her fan club members, so it’s not like she called up Entertainment Weekly to tell the whole world her opinion, just her biggest fans. Maybe if all of you read more of her journal entries, you’d see that she was just speaking her mind, which she does with a lot of things in her journal. So for those of you telling LeAnn she should’ve kept her mouth shut, she wasn’t trying to yell it out to everyone, it’s just that some stupid fans decided to get 5 minutes of fame by spilling her journal on the web.

  • Nikki_11

    Chris, i totally agree with you. Although, it might not have been a fan that leaked LeAnn’s comment, it was an open forum at that time, so possibly (more than likely) an intruder… LeAnn has dedicated fans and i don’t believe TRUE fans would leak something like that.

    Damn! I promised myself that i wouldn’t reply to this anymore lol.

    Oh, by the way… Why did HILLARY CLINTON get brought into the discussion about Faith, Carrie and LeAnn ? ? ? :S

  • I think you should all leave it alone. Its between Faith and Carrie. They are all good singers and its a matter of opinion who is better and no opinion is right. Give Faith a break she is human as well. we all make mistakes!

  • LeAnn Rimes

    Hey guys,
    I posted that comment on my site because that is what i felt at that time. Carrie is a really great artist, but in time i’m sure she will be a fantastic artist.

    I have amazing fans and they have supported me so much through the years, they know how much they mean to me.

    Come on guys, this topic is in the past. Let’s just get on with the future.

    LeAnn x

  • Carriebear0815

    You are so right. Sometimes it would be better to CLOSE a thread.


    Nikki 11,
    You need to keep your ass out of everyone’s business, Hillary Clinton will be a great president, I bet she has more sense in her little finger than you have in your whole body!!! Go Carrie Underwood, and LeAnn Rimes, you just made yourself look like a true ass by commneting on this thread!!!! You could use some common sense yourself!!!! Carrie is already a fantastic artist!!!!

  • Carriebear0815

    Karen and all other psychopaths, you’d better STOP it now. Have a life!

  • Carriebear0815

    Karen, shut up.


    “Karen, shut up” You are so childish, little miss carriebear 0815!!! I bet you belong in PEE WEE Herman’s playhouse!!!! I can also safely bet that you dont even have a job!!!! I’m not scared of you, so don’t even try to threaten me!!! You need to get a real LIFE and go get some common sense while you’re at it!!!

  • Ioana

    What the heck is wrong with you people!!

    Faith isn’t the first or last person to get upset over one of her losses. We all get mad when we lose something we worked for. Stop making such a fuss!! It’s all a waste of time. She was upset because she lost, now she’s over it. You should be too.

  • Danielle

    loana, what the heck is wrong with you??? You need to go find a life, I also bet you don’t even have a job to go to, so get off your ass and go find you a job and a life, go get some common sense while you’re at it. Faith Hill is an old has been who was beat by a fantastic star, she can get over it and go admit herself to a nursing home!!!


    Chris Evans What DucheBag!

  • tamarama

    I have friends in Nashville and I was told that Faith Hill has a drug addiction and Tim is more in love with her than she is with him and that Faith nearly broke up Alan Jackson’s marriage before she met Tim. Don’t know if it’s true but that’s what they say in Nashville.

  • Danielle

    I’m sure every bit of that is the truth. I would laugh my ass off is Alan’s wife Denise kicked Faith Hill’s ass. I believe Tim and Faith are both drug addicts, who I’m sure have nannies around the clock raising their children!!! I may not have all the money in the world, but I’m sure that I am a better mom than Faith could ever dare to be, by the way, I have been married over 3 years, and I have a precious 5 month old son, unlike slutty Faith Hill who was knocked up before she even got married. Faith has no college degree, I guess stupidity doesn’t matter, because she sure ranks high in the world of STUPID!!!!

  • Michael

    It is very unfair and bad what you are writing, tamarama and Danielle.

    You can think whatever you want, but not publish your crap in the internet. And get an education, both of you.

  • Danielle

    I have a nursing degree, thank you very much, so don’t show your stupidity and assume that we need to get an education. Where’s Faith Hill’s nursing degree? Oh that’s right, she doesn’t have the brains to get one!! HAHAHA!! We wrote nothing but the truth and the truth hurts sometimes bud, so you need to get a grip on life and go find you a JOB!!!

  • Unvailable

    Haha ohh my….

    okk ppl on here are kinda dumb.
    its the music industry.
    no matter what ppl sayy whether its rude or not is going to gett out. Except the fact that negative news travels much faster.

    From the beginning of what i cann remember, i’ve always like Faith Hill,
    even though i’ll admit right now that her actions and words thereafter have been veryy upsetting to me, as well as Leann’s have.

    Carrie is my favorite. bottom line.
    and since i am a singer and performer along with recording artist,
    i know how it is to have an upsett competitor.
    i am only in High School at the moment,
    for godd’s sake ppl please gett over it.
    its in the past and the best thing we cann do it move on.
    same goes for the ppl that HATE me because i’ve won them in a comp. gett over it, as well as yourself.
    (not naming specifics)

    as for the Carrie dilemma, she has already proven herself by winning one of THE toughest talent comps out there. American voted her their winner BECAUSE they love her. plain and simple as that!

    soon i’ll be going on that same comp.

    ppl sayy and do things that they mayy not always mean….

    just move on

  • feaith hill is just a loser. she couldnt handle not winning and who the f**k does leann rimes think she is chatting about carrie underwodd like that nither faith hill or leann rimes can sing there way out of a paperbag carrie can sing circles around them any where any place any time.faith or leann will never win an award while CARRIE UNDERWOOD is around cuz she is the BEST thing to ever happen to counyrt music.

  • A Corner Wino

    faith hill is just a truck stop hooker who ran away from her nigger pimp wait till he oj’s her ass and her bald cuckhold hubby with his 1″ dick she fucked everyone in nasville from the busboys to any cock that swings in her face what a whore go back to the swamps you pig slut

  • Nothin’ Better To Do

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    Oh, yeah
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    Ya got nothin’ better to do, no no
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    You got nothin’ better to do, no no!

    SO THERE!!!

  • Danielle

    Faith Hill is a true slut puppy and we won’t even mention Leanne Rimes! Carrie Underwood is a class act who can sing circles around the two sluts who just need to shit in a big old pile and fall in it!!

  • LeAnn Rimes Fan

    1 marriage and no arrests! Yeeeehar! Goooo LeAnn 🙂

  • melissa

    HELLO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

    I WAS and yes I mean WAS a big fan of Faith and Leann until this. This is ridiculous They ought to be ashamed of themselves. BOTH OF THEM. How would they like it if the same thing had happened to them. Even if pr reps told Faith to do, does she not have a mind of her own? Did she not think of the reprocussions? HELLO!!!! You are a grown woman. Even if it was a joke, it was TACKY and DISRESPECTFUL!!! Perhaps, like at Faith’s Lafayette, Louisian show, she should take a big heap of her own advice and have some class.

  • just a fan

    As long as we are throwing names out there, I have not seen any mention of Jennifer Nettles, who in my opinion has a better voice than any one mentioned other than Martina and Allison. Just an observation.

  • tooters1

    First of all, I think all three ladies are really talented. Secondly, I think we need to be like Carrie and just move on.

  • LeAnn Rimes Fan

    And THIRDLY, LeAnn Rimes is the best!

    Now, go get a good friend and a glass of wine, someone to say it’s gonna be alright, a good friend and a glass of wine, a little pick me up to get YOU through the night… Talk trash, laugh and cry… You know it’s the kinda therapy money can’t buy.

    You know it helps 😉

    AND you also know, every now and then, every now and then, every girl/guy needs, a good friend and a glass of wine.

    I hope you all eventually get your “good friend and a glass of wine”



  • Courtney

    Pretty sure Carrie has proven that she’s more than just a fad–she is here to stay! She appeals to people who aren’t usually fans of country music, while staying true to her country roots. And yes, she can sing circles around LeAnn and Faith, and out-sell them. Oh, and can we get a Grammy count on all of them? Just because she didn’t start out at 13 or 14 with stage parents doesn’t mean she hasn’t paid her dues. What’s wrong with a sweet little Oklahoma girl winning a national talent competition and being chosen by millions of Americans? Her album sales and fan support should speak for themselves. I don’t know if Faith was joking or not, but I’ve lost what little respect I had for LeAnn ever since I heard about this. Carrie is not only the most talented, but the most humble and down-to-earth artist I’ve seen in a long time, which make LeAnn’s comments all the more obsurd.

  • harbo

    Personals attacks are said to not be allowed but the writer of the column attacks Hill and Rimes how many times? What a hippocrite. Rimes did not exactly pay a lot of dues when she got in, but I am sure she still did so more than the little Ms PETA. Talk about hippocrite. She says that she will never kiss a man that eats meat, but then dates Micheal Phelps. He consumes like 1200 calories a day. You can’t do that eating grass. I thought what Hill did was unbeleivable, but I agree with Rimes. Hill seems to be an incredible person, but she is human. All of you that are attacking her, I ask if you have never done something you normally wouldn’t? Don’t lie. And to the genius writing the artical… Your insane if you feel Underwood has a better voice than Hill or Rimes. Rimes has had more success than Underwood ever will. Yeah, Underwood has had a lot of success, but so did Vanilla Ice. Get a job of something you have some knowlege of.

  • barbara

    There is no comparison between Underwood and Rimes. They are two completely different entertainers. I think if you compare the accomplishments of Underwood versus Rimes you will see that Underwood wins by a mile..

  • Shayna

    I sit and laugh out loud of the comments made about Carrie Underwood not only in 2006 but even the ones now. Undoubtly she has proven that the girl is here to STAY. Shes an extremely classy girl with the voice of one way past her years and the charisma to keep fans coming back. Rimes, ah, I can’t say much nice about her, so its better to say nothing at all..lol. Jesus thake the wheel will be song remembered for decades to coem and those of you that think her time may be up, oh honey, shes just getting started.

    Team Carrie all the way 🙂

  • Veronica

    I don’t blame Faith Hill for being SHOCKED that a no talent, flat singing American Idol winning Karaoke at best singer won. The truth is the truth. Carrie is ALWAYS flat, without exception. Just listen and you’ll see if you have any ear at all.

  • Nathan Whillas

    I’m a fan of Leann’s, but I think I vaguely remember she was pulling out the big guns when she first appeared on the music scene and won some pretty outstanding awards. If she means what she said, then does that mean she didn’t earn her dues? But like a lot of people, I agree that Faith didn’t exactly make the right choice…joke or not, but we need to remember that she is only human and she feel disappointment and frustration and that it is receiving more attention then need be. We need to move on and accept that these are all talented and beautiful singers.

  • serena

    If you’ve got a voice as dynamic as Carrie Underwood’s you don’t have to pay your dues!

  • Rowena

    Carrie Underwood obiviously has a God given talent. With a voice like that, why would it be necessary to have to pay ones dues?

  • Benji Holden

    I like Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill, and Leann Rimes. Everyone of these ladies have talent, and if anybody deserves to win, it should be Leann Rimes, she should have least won once. I think the artist are awarded and have forever been awarded by popularity, instead of hard work. I know it’s hard for someone new to move into your territory and take the lead, that all-way’s happens in any music, or any sport, even in Hollywood. I’m sure Martina McBride, Sara Evans, and Gretchen Wilson felt that way to on that, but they tried to hide it better, which is hard to do. But no matter who is own top of anything, you can bet your days are numbered, and several years from now, someone new will come alone a blow Carrie Underwood’s and Taylor Swifts steam out of the water, and they will be kind of feeling like Faith Hill. I wouldn’t like it if I was on top of country music, and get blown away by the new talent on the block, I’d do worse than Faith Hill, I’d pull a Charlie Rich instead.

  • Tina

    I think Leann is the best out of all them she is pretty and has a great voice Faith has a good voice and so does Carrie but to be truthful Leann will sing circles around both of you she has more albums then the two of you and she has a great personality…

  • Tina

    people need to realize that carrie is just a singer getting started yeah she might have a few number ones here and there but leann rimes and faith hill will always be the countrys biggest singers carrie needs to focus on the wedding this summer and not so much on awards. Leann rimes will always have the voice the personality and a great sense of humor… Team leann rimes all the way go get um Leann

  • p

    Martina is the best.

  • dumb

    The last time I checked you dont have to be smart to be a nurse. You can get a degree in 1 year. dont be so high on yourself. you are probably an lpn, and if not, you certainly dont have a bs because you sound really trashy. just sayin.

  • linda

    look at how many albums carrie sold and how many number ones she got…would that not be reason enough why she got the award? she had a heck of alot better year than the other nominees so she deserved the award…it shouldn’t matter how long she had been around in my opinion. that was not very nice on faith’s part…joke or no joke. leanne just showed she was jealous also by those comments she made. she got started the same way if i remember correctly.

  • linda

    did anyone stop to think about carrie’s feelings? i can only imagine how horrible it made her feel and she was nice about the whole thing, but ya’ll know that hurt her feelings…no one deserves that. i just really felt sorry for her. what happened to people being happy for other people…that’s the christian way…so much hate in this world…

  • linda

    oh, and it is close to 2012 and guess who is still huge? and guess who is not?

  • omg

    it’s called female vocalist OF THE YEAR for a reason, dumb rhymes-bish.

  • Amy

    Leann is a beast, Carrie is ok, Faith sounds like a hag, Martina is good, Trisha is the best!!! All In all people you all need to relax.

  • Anonymous

    Since we’re all, obviously, so given to asserting our opinion(s), here’s another aspect of an artist’s appeal, which I definitely think should be weighed: beauty…
    Whenever I see or hear of Underwood, I do, obviously, think “pretty”; but I will always be partial to Hill, in this department, because (quite frankly) she does great justice to general opinion that Mississippi females are the best-lookin’…Consider the following:
    a) How many hair styles/colors can Underwood wear well/pull off? (I personally think Carrie should stick to her blonde locks.)
    b) How many can Hill? (Faith could have no hair and’d still look like a million bucks, though I think the auburn/strawberry-dirty blonde, Mississippi, emerald green eyed look suits her best.)

  • Bit me

    All of you suck……and country music sucks…..and your blog sucks……

  • Dave

    Carrie deserved to win!

  • AussieJG

    Correction here – LeAnn Rimes did not cover “How Do I Live”, she in fact originally recorded it while Trisha Yearwood covered it. It was recorded in fact for the film “Con Air”. The producers scrapped Rimes’ version believing she was too young. Both Rimes and Yearwood’s respective versions were released on the same day as singles.

  • marie

    faith hill is finished tim McGraw did not use her in his new
    video what does that tell you

  • Guest

    Rimes is a has been, a lunatic, and hated by Nashville.

  • Dolly Gatti

    Faith over the Hill is extremely jealous of the 20 year younger Carrie, who is much more beautiful than Hill. She was NOT joking when she went ballistic when Carrie won the award that Hill thought should be hers. She went into a rage! This was not the first time that Faith Over the Hill showed her jealousy over Carrie. She was at another award show, sitting next to Martina McBride, and the camera went to Faith over the Hill when Carrie’s name was announced. She made such an ugly mean face like she had been force fed rotten meat. She resents that the much younger and more beautiful and talented Carrie moved up the ladder due to American Idol. Faith over the Hill moved up the ladder through the MEN in her life. She “dated” her way up the ladder. Her FIRST HUSBAND Nashville executive Dan Hill helped her tremendously. She divorced him after 7 years for a bigger fish in Nashville, Scott Hendricks, president of Capital Records. They were engaged when he got her on tour with McGraw and she thanked him by dumping him for McGraw, a bigger fish yet. And somehow she found the time for a roll with Alan Jackson, who left his wife and children for several months for her. Luckily he went back to his family. Which is worse? Getting famous from American Idol, or “dating” and marrying men who can get you to the top??

  • Liddia Jones

    Well when it comes to female vocalists let just say Carrie can outsing all of them except Marina Mcbride in my opinion. Martina McBride can out do them all she can bring a house down and sing effortlessly. She doesn’t have to put a whole lot of power behind her singing and if anyone should have to complain about dues its her. I feel Martina has not had near as much recognition that she should. She could outsing all three of them as I said effortlessly with no strain of vocal cords at all… So to jealous Faith and LeeAnn shut up… God blesses everyone with a talent but it’s not Martina or Carrie’s fault gold slapped them upside the throat….