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Facing the Fear of Change

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Have you noticed people will always gravitate to those of a similar type? It is the way of the Universe. We are attracted to kindred spirits and those friends you are meant to be with, and you will stay with and attract kindred souls. Those whom we are to help and those whom can help us will be led to us.

There are fundamental laws in the Universe, one of which is the law of attraction. Another is the law of vacuum, where we give something up to be replaced by something new as in change.

Change is not always bad. It can be for the better and that is good. All change is hard. It is like leaping into the unknown. It is this unknown that creates the fear and the reluctance to embrace it.

I recall the first time I tried a really deep type of meditation, a very deep Buddhist type. In most types of meditation, you focus on breathing. Often, as you sink deeper into a meditative state, you start to receive information in the form colours or visions. Within this deep type of meditation, the idea is to still your mind completely, where there is nothing – no pictures, no sounds, and no focusing on anything.

The first few times you do this it’s very important you do it in company. What you feel is like a huge black precipice before you, and you feel genuine fear as you teeter on the edge. You feel a fear that if you give in and jump you will never come back. No joking, that is what is feels like to get so deep with this type of meditation. This is why its important you practice this under the guidance of someone who is experienced.

However, when you face your fears and go with it, the ecstasy, tranquility, and peace you find are completely out of this world. It is very difficult to achieve this sensation for long, but it is truly amazing.

There comes a time in our lives when we have to go with change, and no amount of cajoling ourselves can stop what has begun. The Universe knows what we need and that which we do not, even if it means we leave things behind – some of which will hurt and hurt us bad, but to continue will only hurt us more in the end.

We cannot interfere in the development of others. We have to allow them to develop at their own pace and it can hurt to see those we love make mistakes and fall off the route they were meant to travel, but we were all given free will and we have the choice to leave the road that is meant for us.

Most of us will eventually find our way back. It is almost akin to coming off the motorway, walking along the grass verge, and hopping into the field for a bit; but eventually we find the motorway again. Sadly, others do not, and although you may offer advice and guidance to a few, if they do not want to accept it, then we have to let them find their own way. All we can do is wave them goodbye with love. It is from mistakes that we learn.

It is an old saying as one door closes, another will be opened up for us, but it is a true one. It can take courage to go tentatively inside. We can always leave the old door open for a bit and if it stays open, well that’s okay, but should we find it closed, well there is no point in banging on that door.

What we chose to do is up to us, for the opportunities are there. It is because we are diving into the unknown that we feel fear, but then again change can be exciting, new, and different, so perhaps we should just feel the fear and go with it. Perhaps it is part of our journey of life.

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  • Daisy

    Excellent article! I do believe too that “change” is hard for most folks;but,,,,,,,,,once they push forward it can be a blessing and a newfound world to enjoy and explore! tHANKS!

  • Carina (yahoo 360)

    This was a great Article my friend! I loved it! I was almost in tears reading it as I have been through quite a few changes in the last two years, though I was scared I needed to make huge decisions which have changed me and have made me see myself totally under a different light.

    I loved it also as it was short and concise unlike some others which I have tried to read till the end and could not due to their length and repetition.

    Great stuff!
    Thumbs up to you!

  • I know that feeling of standing on the edge of the void, it is the ego’s boundary, beyond it ego can’t exist. The fear then is the ego’s inherent fear of it’s own demise, which motivates it’s constant striving to exist.
    I would say there is that within us that knows what we need, meditation is a means to access and allow it’s guiding influence. The ego of course resists because it’s whole premise is that ‘it’ is in control

  • Thank you so much for you input I appreciate it

  • Wow! This is one of the best articles on change that I’ve ever seen! I had never heard of the vacuum law. I might *have to* blog about this 🙂

    Meanwhile, I’m going to Digg this!

    Write on.