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Eyes Canceled

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Eyes with Tim Daly has been a clever show with no formula from the get go. The first time I accidentally watched it (meaning, I was in bed and it was on), I got hooked. Nothing about the show is predictable and the good guys have secrets. What is ABC thinking? Seinfeld and Cheers didn’t get off to a strong start and it took a lot more than five episodes for them to get running.

ABC has not announced whether or not it plans to run the remaining episodes. 13 are in the can. I turned on to watch it last Wednesday and saw Primetime Live come on instead. I couldn’t imagine why “Fallen Idol” would deserve to pre-empt the show. But now we know why. A shame. Tim Daly’s character provides a refreshing change. He’s smooth. He’s funny. He’s got kinks in his armor.

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  • There’s a small grassroots movement going on to capture ABC’s attention and let them know that there is an audience for intelligent, well-written television. You can find out more at http://www.saveeyes.com

  • -E

    From everything I’ve heard about the show it was great and was going to be successful. Oh well.

    But then I always fall in love with shows that get canceled. And most of them they don’t show the rest of the season. Le Sigh.

  • Where did you find this news?
    I had been under the impression that the preemption was because they wnted to get that AI expose on.

  • Yes Meryl, please provide the link / quote where you got the news from.

  • Paul

    It stinks but it’s link

    What’s unfortunate is that this show had some great actors, compelling plots and Tim Daly definitely had a great character that could have been expanded on for seasons to come.

    Went to the website http://www.saveyes.com, signed that petition but boy am I miffed that a network doesn’t know a good show when it sees it.

    Don’t know if anyone can answer this question, but can another network pick up a show like this or is it ABC’s property for a period of time? I could see TNT doing well with this show.

  • I have been SO looking forward to watching this show in the fall! PLEASE HELP get this show to another station…I can take any more idiototic reality TV shows….how is THAT getting so popular?

  • TYPE Correction: “can’t” take any more reality TV shows

  • Kristie

    How do I get ABC to bring back EYES? It was a clever and funny show that I truly looked forward to. Tim Daly is so cute and the show’s cast gives us intelligent tv we need in this messy sea of overplayed reality tv.

  • Yuko

    I really liked Eyes. It was everything that’s been said here. It was, as a saying goes in Japanese, “a crane on a heap of garbage.” I wrote to ABC to bring it back. Maybe if enough people did so, it would happen?