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Ours is a generation that has grown up believing that the extended auto warranty is one of the biggest scams in working-class America. Extended auto warranties were viewed as a crap shoot and categorized with multi-level marketing scams and Ponzi schemes. However, recent changes in extended auto warranties and how they are applied to their owners has many people coming back to the bargaining table.

Statistically, extended auto warranties typically can and do save their owners money in the long run. Extended auto warranties are now being seen as a necessary insurance for your investment as opposed to a scheme or a scam.

Some dealers offer only one brand of contract — The manufacturer’s brand or an aftermarket brand. If the dealership does not initially offer you the manufacturer’s brand warranty, you should specifically ask about it to see if they have one. If you buy the manufacturer’s warranty plan, you will be able to use it at any authorized dealer nationwide. If you choose to purchase an aftermarket plan, it may be necessary to take it back to the dealer where you bought the plan.

Bloggers speaking about the extended auto warranty can be found at sites like Car Warranty and Buy Auto Warranty.

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