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Expose – “Come Go With Me”

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Come Go With Me
Album: Exposure
Year: 1987

Jeanette Jurado, lead singer of Expose, yearns to escape the stress from work in the metropolitan “Come Go With Me.”

Hectic synthesizers and bustling drum machines open the single, creating a rushed, high-pressured enviroment while working in a major city. After about a minute, Jurado starts the first verse. For the third time this week, she’s left work at six-thirty p.m. nstead of five. She’s been working on a presentation which has to be top notch by the end of the week. She wishes she and her boyfriend could go on a trip. (“Come home from work late again/Work so hard and never play/ I can’t wait to take you far away.”)

In the b-section, Jurado vents to him about wanting to go far away and forget everything in her life. All she thinks about is work. She would pick the spot and he would get the plane tickets. (“Don’t you know (Don’t you know)/Gotta go (Gotta go)/Rest your wheels from everyone every day/Get away (Get away)/Go my way (Go my way)/When the day begins to enter your mind.”)

In the chorus, she asks him to accompany her on the trip. She would make it fun and daring, experiencing thrills they had never done before. (“Come go with me/Make you feel like/
It’s everlasting/Lasting through the time/Come go with me/Have no fears.”)

In the second verse, she wants to be living in the dorms again — hanging out with a friend everyday, going to the mall when she doesn’t have a class, etc. She needs a break from being an adult for awhile. She tells her boyfriend to pretend they are 20 again, living on ramen. (“Bring back the memories/I can’t take away the misery/Take my hand fly away/To a world that we can find today.”)

In the b-section, she tells him she’ll take his caresses for now. She asks him to cuddle and hug her. (“Can you feel? (Can you feel?)/I’m for real (I’m for real)/Can I hold you by the start in the night/Is it right? (Is it right?)/Hold me tight (Hold me tight)/When you look into my eyes in the light.”)

The second chorus has an addition to it. She adds that sex will calm her nerves. (“come go with me…two hearts in one/eternal to the night.”)

She tells him to forget about what tomorrow willl bring and to follow her lead. Their strong relationship will help them overcome their busy lives. (“Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow/Just come go with me/Don’t let it end in sorrow/Love is our destiny.”)

A revitalizing electric guitar solo is next, creating a tone of relief.

In the bridge, she adds that they will travel to another city to live. They’ll be free spirits again. (“Come go with me/Come go with me/I’ll take you by the hand/And we’ll find another land/Come go with me/Come go with me/I’ll leave the world behind/The world goes nine to five/Come go with me/Come go with me.”)

The choruses (first, then second) are sung five times to end the single.

The light and savory “Come Go With Me” is a dance song that anyone relate to. Jurado is drained and worn out by the nine-to-five. Since she cannot afford a non-paid vacation right now, she opts to rest in her boyfriend’s arms instead.

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    Pam, this is hysterical. I love your take on it. This is one of those songs I have always been embarassed to say I liked.

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