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Explain With One Song Why Someone Should Go See a Band Live

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In some cases, you should pick the most popular song. In some cases, you should pick the most exciting song. In some cases, you should pick the most emotional song. Some bands you probably shouldn’t go see at all, but that isn’t the point. You don’t have to like the artist at all. 20 people’s answers might be different. The only wrong answer is no answer. If you had to convince someone to go to a show or concert by one of these bands/artists/singers, what ONE SONG would you use to convince someone to go?

Explain, using ONE SONG ONLY why someone should go see this band live in concert…

(artist / title)

A Perfect Circle – Noose
Acid Bath – Dr. Seuss is Dead
Aerosmith – Angel
Alanis Morissette – Uninvited
Alice in Chains – Would?
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – It was There That I Saw You
Appleseed Cast, The – Marigold and Patchwork
At the Drive-in – Hourglass
Beatles, The – Hey Jude
Beautiful Mistake, The – Circular Parade
Ben Folds Five – Underground
Billy Idol – Hot in the City
Black Crowes, The – Good Friday
Black Sabbath – War Pigs
Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone
Brand New – Jaws Theme Swimming
Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run
Candiria – Without Water
Canterbury Effect, The – Burns Brightest Burns Fastest
Chevelle – Send the Pain Below
Chore – The Hitchhiker
Coheed and Cambria – Delirium Trigger
Coldplay – the Scientist
Copeland – California
Counting Crows – Recovering the Satellites
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have you Ever Seen the Rain
Dashboard Confessional – Vindicated
Dave Matthews Band – Cry Freedom
Death Cab for Cutie – The New Year
Deftones – Around the Fur
Dinosaur Jr. – Out There
Dismemberment Plan, The – You are Invited
Duran Duran – Ordinary World
Elliott Smith – Angeles
Emery – By All Accounts (Today was a Disaster)
Filter – Welcome to the Fold
Finch – What it is to Burn
Fiona Apple – Fast as You Can
Flickerstick – Coke
Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench
Get Up Kids, The – Don’t Hate Me
Gloria Record, The – I Was Born in Omaha
Goo Goo Dolls – Black Balloon
Gratitude – Last
Green Day – Geek Stink Breath
Guns N Roses – Don’t Cry
Hall and Oates – She’s Gone
Helmet – Pure
Hum – Afternoon With the Axolotis
Incubus – Redefine
INXS – Need You Tonight
Iron and Wine – The Sea and the Rhythm
Jawbox – Savory
Jimmy Eat World – Table for Glasses
John Vanderslice – The Won’t Let Me Run
Killers, The – Mr. Brightside
Korn – Freak on a Leash
Limp Bizkit – Re-Arranged
Long Winters, The – Scared Straight
Lovedrug – Down Towards the Healing
Mae – This is the Last Time
Mars Volta, The – Son et Lumiere
Melvins, The – Goggles
Mineral – If I Could
Minus the Bear – I’m Totally Not Down With Rob’s Alien
Moby – South Side
Modest Mouse – The Good Times are Killing Me
Mudvayne – Nothing to Gein
My Chemical Romance – Helena
Natalie Merchant – The Gulf of Araby
Nine Inch Nails – Reptile
Nirvana – Pennyroyal Tea
No Doubt – Hella Good
Noise Ratchet – For You I’ll be Forgetting Me
Onelinedrawing – Smile
Our Lady Peace – Sell My Soul
Ozzy Osbournce – No More Tears
Pearl Jam – Even Flow
Pedro the Lion – Of Up and Coming Monarchs
Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill
Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
Promise Ring – Say Goodbye Good
Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Rancid – Ruby Soho
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
Rusted Root – Cruel Sun
Ryan Adams – So Alive
Screaming Trees – Dollar Bill
Slipknot – Heretic Song
Smashing Pumpkins, The – Disarm
Snot – Snooze Button
Soundgarden – Outshined
Stabbing Westward – What do I Have to Do?
Staind – Waste
Stone Temple Pilots – Kitchenware and Candybars
Sundays, The – Summertime
Sunny Day Real Estate – In Circles
System of a Down – Spiders
Taking Back Sunday – You Know How I Do
Tea Party – Psychopomp
Tears for Fears – Sowing the Seeds of Love
Tenacious D – F*** Her Gently
Tesla – Love Song
The Fire Theft – Heaven
The Honorary Title – Everything I Once Had
Thursday – Jet Black New Year
Tonic – Head on Straight
Tool – Stinkfist
Tori Amos – Hey Jupiter
U2 – With or Without You
Used, The – On My Own
Velvet Teen, The – Mother of Love
Weezer – Say it Ain’t So

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Thanks to MisterCrunchy for putting me on the spot last night to come up with one song to convince one of his friends why they should go to a show.

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  • Beatles, The – Hey Jude

    OK, I’m convinced. I’m definitely going to check these guys out next time their tour swings through town.

  • Heh… I guess I should have asked you to suspend reality…

  • Rush – Tom Sawyer
    Steely Dan – Aja

  • Angel for Aerosmith?

    blech! kids these days!!

  • I like this topic, but isn’t this just a fancy way of saying what the best song by these bands are? Or do you mean the most radio-friendly/accessible song to non-fans? Some good music stuff lately from you all.

    I would not see most of these bands based on the songs you list, though. I probably wouldn’t see most of them anyway.

    Some minor quibbles:

    Alanis – “Thank You.” The only good song she ever did. “Uninvited” is one of her better songs, but she can’t really sing it, if that makes sense.

    Billy Idol – “Dancing With Myself.” Or at least “White Wedding.” “Hot in the City”? That’s nowhere NEAR as good a song 🙂

    Counting Crows – “Einstein on the Beach” (upbeat) or “Long December” (slower).

    Dave Matthews Band – I’d recommend suicide first, but if I had to, “Crash,” the only listenable song in a pile of steaming crap.

    Foo Fighters – “Everlong.” One of the best alternative rock songs ever written.

    Green Day – “Basketcase,” “She” or “J.A.R.” “Geek Stink Breath” is slower, heavier and sludgier than 90% of their songs.

    Moby – “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” This is Moby at his artistic best, sampling obscure soul records and still in touch with the electronic music of his past. “South Side” was a weak attempt at rock songwriting with hip hop lyrics that marked the beginning of the end for him.

    Nine Inch Nails – Everyone will disagree on this one, but I’d say “Head Like a Hole,” “Sin,” “Perfect Drug,” or “March of the Pigs.”

    Nirvana – “Territorial Pissings” or “Lithium, ” but your pick is good too, especially the heartbreaking acoustic version.

    Pearl Jam – “Better Man.” I don’t like this band, but I love that song. Other listenable songs are “Alive” and

    STP – “Sex Type Thing”

    Weezer – “Say It Ain’t So” is a great pick, but I might go with “No One Else.”

    Your list is so comprehensive it’s hard to think of any bands you left of.

    For the Ramones, it’d be “Sheena is a Punk Rocker.”

    For the Clash, “I Fought the Law” or “Remote Control.”

    For the Sex Pistols, “God Save the Queen.”

    For the Pixies, “Where is My Mind?,” “Debaser,” or “Here Comes Your Man”

    I always loved the song “Need You Around” by the Smoking Popes, but they are a long forgotten pop-punk band from the 1990s.

    That is all.

  • Thanks for the comments Bob. I went with stuff I have on my 60 GB Ipod right now.

    Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven

    And Mark, sorry to disappoint, but I am sure my perspective of Aerosmith is different than a lot. I was born in 79 and that was the first Aerosmith song I fell in love with.

    Also keep in mind that I didn’t hear Dream On until way after the stuff in the mid to late 80’s.

    That’s just the nature of age differences I guess.

  • JR

    Rush – La Villa Strangiato

    Not their best song, just the most fun to watch them play.

  • Recognizing that the classic band is gone, but the Waiting for Columbus version of “Dixie Chicken” makes me most regret never getting to see Lowell George and Little Feat. I don’t know if it is particularly THE best Little Feat song. There’s some stiff competition there.

    But listen to the live version vs the perfectly good studio version, and see how the song opened up on stage. The whole Dixieland horns stuff was just pure beauty that wouldn’t quite make the same sense in a studio.

  • Some more songs — this is fun.

    My choice for Radiohead would be “Karma Police,” but I’m a somewhat less experimental Radiohead fan than some. My second favorite song is still “Creep.”

    For Buddy Holly, “Peggy Sue,” the obvious, although I love all his songs. He may be one of the few artists I’ve ever heard where I didn’t dislike one song.

    For Elvis, “Can’t Help Fallin in Love.”

    For the Beach Boys, “Good Vibrations” or “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?”

    For The Four Tops, “It’s the Same Old Song.”

    For Stevie Wonder, “Overjoyed.”

    For The Supremes, “You Can’t Hurry Love.”

    For the Rolling Stones, “Paint It Black.”

    I don’t like The Who, but I do like “Substitute.”

    For The Cure, “Just Like Heaven,” followed closely by “Friday I’m in Love.”

    For New Order, “Temptation” followed closely by “Blue Monday.”

    For Depeche Mode, “Enjoy the Silence.”

    For Morrissey, “Everyday is Like Sunday.”

    For The Smiths, “How Soon is Now?”

    For Hole, “Violet.”

    For Sheryl Crow (my darling and Olsen’s darling), “Strong Enough” or “Leaving Las Vegas.”

    I love “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. I’m obsessed with that song more than any other right now, even though I’m not crazy about the band.

    The Bravery are hugely stupid poseurs, but I kinda like “Honest Mistake” and “Unconditional,” their two singles.

    That is all.

  • The Cure – Friday I’m in Love Gets my vote

    Sheryl Crow – If it Makes You Happy

    I am a huge Sheryl Crow fan… don’t know how she missed my first list.


    Cannibal Corpse-Sanded Faceless
    Cattle Decapitation-Chummified
    Carcass-Pedigree butchery
    Jungle Rot-Gasping for Air
    Morbid Angel-Chapel of Ghouls
    Gwen Stefani-The bananas song

  • Bricklayer’s pretty funny.

    You forgot Napalm Death!


    That is all.


    Napalm Death-Vegetative State

  • I thought I had Bricklayer covered with Candiria and Acid Bath

    Here are some more for ya Brick

    Dying Fetus – Killing on Adrenaline

    Dillinger Escape Plan – Proceed with Caution

    Converge – Phoenix in Flames

    Fear Before the March of Flames – Go Wash Your Mouth… I don’t know where it’s been


    Craig, Sweeeeeeet, especially the Converge! Thank you, sir!

  • Ok, a couple more:

    The Shins – New Slang
    Snow Patrol – Same
    The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
    Portishead – Glory Box
    Ryan Adams – Oh my Sweet Carolina
    The Secret Machines – Sad and Lonely
    Franz Ferdinand – Take me Out
    The Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #3
    The Black Keys – Thickfreakness
    Damien Rice – Volcano
    Death From Above 1979 – Black History Month
    Interpol – PDA
    Kings of Leon – Red Morning Light
    The National – Lit Up
    Rougue Wave – Every Moment
    Sleater-Kinney – One Beat
    Tom Waits – 16 Shells from a Thirt-Ought Six
    The Unicorns – Tuff Ghost
    Violent Femmes – Blister in the Sun
    The White Stripes – Dead leaves and the dirty ground

  • Now are these songs just your favorite song from the band period? I mean, a live song versus a studio song is rather different.

    For instance, say for the band Garbage, I’d say “Only Happy When It Rains” not because it’s my favorite song from them, but because when they perform it live, it just rocks. There’s something about having the entire crowd interaction and just singing along to the song that makes the entire experience vastly different.

    Oh and by the way:

    The White Stripes – “The Hardest Button to Button” (just saw them this past Friday and they rocked that song)

  • Another good example: “I Want You” by Elvis Costello. This is an outstanding song, but definitely not #1 of any song he’s created. But there’s somewhere else he sometimes goes playing that song live, a kind of public exorcism that wouldn’t quite come out in the studio.

  • Dan

    Tom Petty – (don’t come around here no more): I never cared about this one until I seen them doing it. Plus it was a warm summer breeze night at an outdoor venue. The song was meant to be played live, really.

  • James Avery has the hippest list around.

    Here’s one more hip band:

    Neutral Milk Hotel – King of Carrot Flowers Part I

    For Elvis Costello, it’d have to be “Radio Radio,” I think, or “What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?”

    For Portishead, “Nobody Loves Me.” That song broke trippy rock to the mainstream radio audience, for however short a time.

    What about Agent Orange, Bricklayer?

    That is all.

  • Rage Against the Machine – “Bulls on Parade” or “Bullet in the Head” or “Wake Up” or “Killing in the Name of”

    That is all.

  • Rage is just about the most exciting band to see live in concert of ever. You can’t really go wrong, but “Killing in the Name Of” has to be up there.

  • All these are bands I’ve seen live in the past couple of years:

    Apocalyptica: Master of Puppets
    Asia: Only Time Will Tell
    Blue Öyster Cult: Astronomy
    Fish: Brother 52
    Marillion: This is the 21st Century
    Mostly Autumn: Mother Nature
    Porcupine Tree: Shesmovedon
    Rammstein: Reise, Reise
    Uriah Heep: Between Two Worlds
    Yes: Roundabout

    All but one song was in the setlist on the night, several of them as encores. The one exception is Astronomy. BÖC always played it the night before I saw them, and the night after, but never the show I actually attended!

    BTW, I’ve actually managed to persuade someone to see Uriah Heep on the strength of “Between Two Worlds” (from the late ’90s album “Sonic Origami”)

  • U2 – Bad…..They turned this song from relative obscurity into a 15 minute version and sneaking in snippets of other artists’ songs (Ruby Tuesday, Sympathy for the Devil, Walk on the Wild Side, Satellite of Love) It became the centerpiece of their Unforgettable Fire concerts and even Joshua Tree concerts and was captured live on their EP “Wide Awake in America”

  • Screaming Trees “Nearly Lost You” was better.
    Sundays “Wild Horses”…Harriet Wheeler is beautiful.
    INXS “Don’t Change”
    Ozzy “Crazy Train” …”No More Tears” was average.
    The Cure “In Between Days”
    Rush “Tom Sawyer” is cool or “Spirit of Radio” Don’t care if overplayed, I get chills for this song
    New Order “True Faith”

  • B.Hughes

    I enjoy seeing the veriety of music in the threads that i’ve read, but can’t help but notice a certian few amazing bands left out 1.METALLICA……ONE. 2.VAN HALEN……UNCHAINED 3.BONJOVI…..LIVIN ON A PRAYER. 4. MOTLEY CRUE…..KICK START MY HEART or SHOUT AT THE DEVEIL. 5. POISON…..NOTHIN BUT A GOOD TIME. I might be an 80’s fan but i swear to you at any of these shows. These songs are far and away worth the price of addmision. peace people

  • yh kl but cn som1 help me i wna go 2 dis concert (scouting for girls) but need an adult nd ma 18yr old sis wont go wivout sum1 her age so how do i convince dat person 2 go? ta x
    nd the killers-mr.brightside