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Executive Producer of Desperate Housewives Walks Off Set

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, the top producer on ABC’s hit soap dramedy Desperate Housewives walked off the set last week and could possibly be replaced come next season.

The show’s executive producer and showrunner Tom Spezialy, walked out on Friday after a creative spat. Sources say wounds have healed over the weekend, and entering May sweeps for the season finale, there are only a few days left of production for this season. Apparently, Spezialy will return to work on Monday.

It has been a bumpy second season for Housewives, which has faced harsh reviews from critics who say it has lost the fresh, edgy creative spark that they raved about the first season. The spokeswoman for Touchstone TV, the company that produces the show, denied any shake-up was afoot.

Hoping to regain its superior reign over Sunday night television, ABC recently aired re-runs two weeks in a row for both phenomena — Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy.

We’ll see as the season finale nears and as the new season of Housewives starts if ABC’s biggest hit will regain a few of the fans and critics that it lost in its second season, which many consider to be in a sophomore slump. With rumors of Eva Longoria’s possible exit from the show in order to pursue a movie career, it’s up in the air whether Housewives can continue to be the hit that it is.

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  • Ohh, alright.

    I figured it out.

    Stupid me.

  • Wait..

    This might be a stupid question.

    But what does that mean?

  • Congrats! This article has been placed on Advance.net

  • P.S. In other words, a bad case of “trying too hard.”

  • I’m a faithful fan, but there’s no question the writing and plotting are getting careless and sloppy. Plot twists are introduced (Bree’s pharmacist boyfriend is an obsessive psycho!) and hastily dispatched (Bree kills him!) While I know it’s a soap opera, there are a lot of little lapses of credibility that keep me from willfully suspending my disbelief — that whole business with Bree’s crazy son Andrew and his attorney, for example, or the story of the Applewhites and their demented son. The story begins to smack of desperation, of whipping up any possible crazy scenario to hold on to the audience.

  • That’s very surprising actually. -Shrug-

    Maybe it’s just not your kind of show. If you had said you turned on a random episode this season and it didn’t impress you, I’d understand.

    But the pilot for DH was honestly one of the most brilliant I’ve seen.

  • Seeing the pilot was enough for me. Didn’t impress me much.

  • Desperate Housewives is currently the highest rated show on ABC. It averages about 21 million viewers.

    Lost averages about 15 million.

  • Ty

    “ABC’s biggest hit ”

    Does DH really get better ratings than LOST? (Let’s compare new episodes only)

    I can’t imagine DH being the biggest on ABC in light of LOST.

  • Paul

    What exactly is dumb about it? It’s a really good show. Did you watch the first season?

  • On a show as dumb as that, It’s not hard to believe.

  • Meh. Between this and all the intra-cast scuffles, there’s always something about “trouble on Desperate Housewives.” I’m not sure how much I believe any of it.