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Exclusive Interview: Katee Robert Dishes on Guilty Pleasures

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New York Times and USA Today chart-topping writer, Katee Robert, mastered conveying stories at her grandpa’s knee. Robert’s favorites then were heroic escapades of “The Three Bears,” but at the tender age twelve she discovered romance novels and has not once looked back.

While Robert dipped into writing, life stepped in and she spent a few years traveling, residing stateside in Philadelphia and abroad in Germany. Amidst wayfaring and nurturing her two little ones, Robert had the silly notion that she’d like to try her hands penning a manuscript and attempt to get published.
Her first book was an epic fantasy that with any luck will at no time hit the public eye, let alone the internet. From there, Robert fiddled in horror and YA, before finally discovering speculative romance. She now spends her time playing make-believe with her kids, writing and preparing for the unavoidable zombie day of reckoning.

What did you learn about yourself while penning Wrong Bed, Right Guy?

I learned that my best work comes when I’m not pausing to over-think things. WBRG was the first book I’ve written where I actually skipped the bits and pieces of writing that would have slowed me down. While I did have to go through and beef up a lot of it, that actually saved me from plot issues and helped me write a tighter book.

What is the guilty pleasure you find the most wickedly delicious?

I am, in my heart of hearts, a creature prone to vices. My ideal evening is cuddled up on my couch with a bottle of wine, some brownies, and a cheesy movie. Good food is probably my greatest guilty pleasure, though. I have a terrible weakness for anything that tastes good.

When you’re deeply connected and immersed in a book, Katee, have you ever had a dream that you felt was not your dream but one of your characters?

I tend not to dream in coherent pieces. That said, the gray moment right before you slip into true sleep seems to be the time when stubborn plot and character pieces unravel themselves–or new ideas form. There’s something about the not-quite-awake state that sets the creativity flowing.

What do you find most diverting and worthwhile about social media when sketching your summaries?

Social media is a creature all its own. I’m a hopeless Twitter addict and the people there are fantastic for bouncing ideas off or or getting answers to obscure questions. That said, there comes a point when I have to literally force myself away from my Twitter darlings and get down to actually putting words on paper.

What does the word diligence means to you?

It’s pushing yourself through the hard parts of a book, through the points when your inner voice is snidely remarking that this is pure crap and there’s nothing you can do to fix it. To go on to finish the book and then get down to the intensive work of making it publishable. Creating stories is a marathon, not a sprint, and it takes hard work and a healthy dose of insanity to push yourself through each step in the process.

If you were able to go to a rock climbing in the Himalayas with whomever you wanted (past or present), who do you pick and what are you talking about?

This may sound totally off-the-wall, but I’d take Bear Grylls. Not only would he keep me alive during the actual rock climbing, but I’d be able to interrogate him on all the survival questions I have tucked away. I’m overly preoccupied with the coming zombie apocalypse, so he’d have a plethora of knowledge I want to share.

What did you find most ambivalent about scripting Wrong Bed, Right Guy?

This will probably come as no surprise, but Elle. She was both a delight and my greatest difficulty. I’ve never written a woman quite like her before—a prim and proper lady–and, quite honestly, I probably wouldn’t associate with her in real life. So creating her character was a challenge and, by the time I was through, I loved her too.

Katee, please describe exactly how your road to Entangled Publishing originated?

In the past, I’ve had this habit of writing books that are difficult to market (YA horror, sci fi romance). I was shopping around my first book in The Sanctify series (Queen of Swords) and knew I wanted Entangled. Luckily, they wanted the book too. I had a truly mind-blowing conversation with my soon-to-be editor, Heather Howland and from there it’s history. She’s my brain-twin and I am so beyond happy that we get to work together on my other books as well.

Share what seeing Wrong Bed, Right Guy come to life means to you and your loved ones, Katee, after all your brow glistening days and sleep deprived nights?

It’s been a really surreal experience. My mother is my biggest fan and, while she’s read my other work, my contemporary romances are her favorites. So WBRG was the first book of mine that she helped me work through a plot snarl, and she’s been actively shoving it into the hands over anyone she can pin down long enough to talk with.

What do you want readers to take away from their reading experience?

I simply hope that reading my book has presented a welcome diversion from everyday life. I read for escapism–what better way to take a trip than to immerse yourself in someone else’s world?–and I try to write books that can accomplish the same purpose.

Thank you, Katee, for taking the time to chat with me. I wish you the best!

Thank you for having me!

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