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Exclusive Halloween Fright Bites with Sons of Anarchy’s Kristen Renton

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Born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Florida, Kristen was considered a tomboy growing up, spending most of her time playing outdoor sports. Renton’s family was thrilled when she decided to follow in her older sister’s footsteps and give modeling as an extracurricular activity a shot.

A week before turning sweet 16, Renton attended a “cattle call” with close to 400 kids all with stardom in the souls and stardust in their eyes. She was one of only three of the attendees who were asked to pack her bags and head to Los Angeles and give acting a whirl. Shortly after relocating to Los Angeles, Renton quickly discovered success, while also educating herself the remainder of her high school curriculum and commencing with honors.

The charming and delightful Kristen Renton plays bad ass Ima on Sons of Anarchy.  When the cameras are rolling she plays an uber vixen, but when she is just kicking back being Kris she is a passionate animal activist and  supports  many animal charities from SPCALA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty Animals) to The Humane Society to Boxer Rescue Los Angeles. Kristen is also a mommy to a boxer.  Recently Kristen enrolled in her parents’ alma mater, Penn State University to obtain a degree in Psychology.

Kristen was kind enough to share some Halloween memories with us.

Favorite Halloween candy?
Reese’s Pieces!!!

Least favorite Halloween candy?
Anything licorice…

Favorite horror movie remake?
Dawn of the Dead

Worst horror movie remake?
Too many to name…

If you were locked in a haunted house – what 3 things do you hope is in there?  By the way, there is no electricity to charge your cell and if you had some juice, there is no reception.

Flashlight, my dear friend Candi, and a bottle of tequila!

Happy Halloween!

Check back for more on the terrific Kristen as we talk more in depth.

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesday 10 ET/PT on FX.

Thank you so much to Kristen, Kurt Sutter, Sutter Ink, FX, Dominic, and K!

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