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Ex-Browns WR Joe Jurevicius Sues His Former Team

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Former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Joe Jurevicius sued the Cleveland Browns Friday. He claimed that because of the Browns, he received a staph infection in his right knee. Because of the staph infection, Jurevicius could not play football last year and may never be able to play football again. He already had seven knee surgeries.

It would be a shame if he couldn't play again. He's been around for 11 seasons with the Giants, Buccaneers, Seahawks, and Browns. Jurevicius had 323 career receptions for 4,119 yards and 29 TDs.

Apparently, according to Jerevicius, he was unaware that the Browns' therapy equipment at the training center in Berea, Ohio was not always sanitized. He contracted the infection after arthroscopic surgery in January 2008. He blamed physicians Anthony Miniaci and Richard Figler, who failed to warn him about the risks. Jurevicius, a lifelong Browns fan, demanded $25,000 in damages. The Browns denied Jurevicius' allegations.

"In fact, an independent professional review earlier this year concluded that the Browns have taken appropriate steps to prevent MRSA infections at their facilities," Browns lawyer Nance said.

There were 33 staph infections league wide from 2006-08 and six players who contracted them were from the Browns, which says something.

Let it be known that Jurevicius was released by the Browns in March. I'm not saying that Jurevicius is only suing because he was released, but I think it's a possibility.

I'm not saying that staph infection isn't serious. It is. I actually had it about five years ago. Don't worry, doctors told me I won't pass it along to anyone. It doesn't really work like that when the staph infection goes away. People with staph infections aren't like lepers. It was really painful and I had to go to the hospital. I'll spare you from the gory details. The only bright side was I got out of my P.E. final. More people die from staph infection than AIDS (If it gets in your bloodstream, you are in deep trouble) and about 20% of the population carries the disease.

Even though I had staph and I definitely sympathize with Jurevicius, suing the Browns wasn't a smart idea. It's not their fault that he contracted it and I really hope Jurevicius doesn't win. What he should have done was raise awareness for this disease. A lot of people don't even know staph exists.

It will be interesting to see if Jurevicius can play football again. Although I'm a life long Steelers fan, I wish him the best. Staph infection is not fun.

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  • $25,000 doesn’t seem like much for the Browns to give him, if they know they’re at fault. But they seem willing to fight it, which is curious.