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Evolutionary New Blogging Technique!

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It’s been a while since I posted but I just got out of the Nuthouse.

My Blog ZuDfunck is using a new Blogging technique called Storybook Blogging. We incorporate the use of Icons to enhance the content being presented a lot like the old storybooks we read as a kid, hence Storybook Blogging.

We would love to have you visit! Since my last posting I have migrated to a MAC. I know what with all the Intel news of late I am still trying to figure out what it all means but It is one Sweet operating system and the computer is just SOOO PURTIE. All shiny aluminum case and the icons are just so different from Windows. Can you tell I am still in love? Anyway, we also went into video Blogging what’s being called Vlogging and I am still figuring that all out.

SO with all that’s new with ZuD won’t ya’ll come and make a visit when you can?

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  • Ka Webspy…Let me know if you do

  • Ohhh well…. maybe i can adpt your new blogging technique…

  • 😉 I’ll come and check out those icons!

  • After all, there’s no money involved. So… 🙂

  • Mr Matthews:

    The word Whore is a little strong don’t ya think?
    I mean maybe maybe pathological attention seeker might be better. But WHORE?

  • Please reclass this post as something other than news. THanks.

  • John Matthews

    No news here. Traffic whore.