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Ever heard of Bonhoeffer?

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Detriech Bonhoeffer is a thoelogian who lived in Germany during the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party. He’s known for repeatedly attempting assasination of Hitler.

A Theologian who was a self-appointed assasin! Here is a man who is not satisfied with the abstract.

I actually had heard of him before, but only in the shallowest passing. I got to heat more about him on the radio today, because there is a new documentary about his life.

I am electrified! From the snippets I heard, he went through the fire of the mass delusion that was Nazi germany and hung on to the truth. And he found new facets of the truth, hard truths about themeaning of peace and the value and purpose of the church.

I wish i wish I could see this documentary. But it seems to be airing only in select churches. So I can’t seem to find it.

But I can read his works. I am going to have to.

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  • sonny

    i’ve certainly heard of him, but not of the film. thanks for the heads up. compare bonhoeffer with the much more well known and influential german philosopher, martin heidegger, who was an unrepentent nazi sympathizer to his dying day.