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Eve and All Godly Mothers

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Eve. It is the name given to the first woman who ever danced upon the surface of the earth. Why? “Because she was the mother of all living.” With this naming, Adam wove her legacy together with the promise of God to save. eve She would no longer be remembered first and foremost as the one sinking her teeth deep into the forbidden fruit, but instead as the one who would birth the world, including the coming offspring that would right all wrongs as he crushed the head of the serpent. Every child she gave birth to was an eve itself, the promise of something to come.

And it has been the same ever since. Every woman who is blessed by God to have children gets to be intricately involved in God’s creative work. She gets to create new eves to new beginnings.

But while a mother’s time in the delivery room in acutely laborious, we understand that her labor does not end with the birth. Mothers teach and feed their children in ways that foster their growth in mind and stature. They impart both colloquial wisdom and the wisdom which teaches true fear, love, and trust in God. The world is richly blessed through every bit of energy they expend and every morsel of love they pass along in thought, word, and deed.

So today on this Mother’s Day, let us forget the occasional foibles of our mothers, and honor them as what they are, the mother of all of the living, us and our Lord Christ included. Let us pray for them, respect them, and love them in the ways their love has taught us to do. May our labors this day show them how much we value theirs each day.

Dedicated to Jaimee Hoppe.

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