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Evanescense – Fallen

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Reviews and news about Fallen, the new album from Evanescence.

411mania.com: “It’s like Linkin Park and Avril Lavigne made babies…Kickass babies.”

Western Herald Online: “With all of the power of Evanescence’s major-label debut, Fallen, it is going to be interesting to see the band progress in the next few months.”

InternetEd: “Catchy Gothic metal featuring a talented female vocalist”

Arizona Republic: “Fallen offers a welcome twist on the usual recipe of female-led quartets. Evanescence isn’t vanishing soon.”

Music-Critic.ca: “Fallen is an amazing first look at this ‘up-and-coming’ rock duo.”

Marty Dodge in Blogcritics: “A pleasant surprise all around, from a band that deserve to be huge”

The Theory in Blogcritics: “Evanescence has some goth-sounding undertones to their music. Strengthen those goth sounds, have better percussion, and add another main vocalist who’s male and you have Wedding Party.”

Sanford May in Blogcritics: “One hopes their sophomore effort will bring extended range to their obvious talent and innovative spirit. But their debut is a guilty pleasure worth the price of admission. Don’t let the Christian-rock label scare you away.”

Billboard: “Evanescence Set Pulled From Christian Distribution”

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  • Steven

    YOu are the best!!!!!!!
    The FAllen is vwery interesting album…..I love this music
    see you later 🙂

  • Chris

    I listened to the entire album and while I’m not into their style of music some of their songs like “Back to Life” were somewhat melodic and others were hard core guitar laden songs you hear everywhere. I did object, however, to some of the lyrics and the last song (Mystic?) had what sounded like Satanic chanting interwoven in the music. As a Christian, that I just can’t agree with and don’t recommend it to minors. Some of the lyrics also mention rape, suicide, death, bleeding, screaming, etc… another reason to stay away from whatever it is they are trying to put out.

  • Evanescence is a band that is finally totally differant then all of todays pop, they completely stand out. Amy’s voice is increadable way better then any other pop star. The music is well balanced with her voice and also adds a wonderful quality. I have finally found a band that meets all my expectantions of music. I listen to the cd at least three times a day. I also like that each song is completely differant. Each time I listen to the cd it gets better.

  • becca

    i bought evanescense last week and i haven’t been able to put it down! i love their cd, although in some of the songs they mention things like suicide, death, bleeding and so on….i still think they have and excellent sound and that those words and phrases make the songs even better because they give the song meaning! i love evanescense!i’m listening to them right now!

  • Oh my freaking god! & all this dang time I thought that POD was the best chrisitan band of all time. This band is so freaking awesome I didn’t even know it was a christian band! HELL YEAH!

  • rocio

    soy una fan de evanescense pero digamos que lo conozcodesde hace muy poco tiempo y me gustaría que me manadarais información de el mismo para sabes mas.

  • Kara

    evanescense is AMAZING!!!!! my boyfriend got me hooked on bring me to life and then he got the cd and now I LOVE IT ALL!!!!! so yeah their great… and they are comin to TULSA!!!! we may be small but we BAD ASS!!!!

  • Es lo mejor que he oido en lo que va de año saben mesclar bien la electronica cosa q a mi me gusta mucho de la musica de ahora, pero para mi este grupo supo hacer bien es las cosas

    cabe destacar que las voz de la cantante es lo mas nitido y perfecto que he iodo en sintesis son lo mejor

  • me dirijo a ustedes felicitando la buenísima banda evanescense,la verdad que cuando la vi por primera vez me encanto la banda, tienen un sonido muy singular, original y eso es lo que mas me hace identificar con ella. hace poco que la conosco y escuche comentarios que decian q ellos eram cirstianos, es cierto eso? bueno sean o no la verdad es que la banda suena muy biem.

  • nikkimari

    hey you guys are the best!!! i like your songs, it rocks! especially “BRING ME TO LIFE”. you are sooooooooooooooo great.

  • Jacob Mitchell

    Fallen is a great album. Evanescense will great success in the future as long as they keep playing like they are playing. From listening to Bring Me To Life till I downloaded it off the internet it is one of my favorite CD’s. I am going to go out and buy the CD it is so good. One thing I would like to know is that are they a Christian Rock Band or Gothic Metal or what? All I know is they are great and I can’t wait to see them in concert or till there next CD comes out.

  • lawren

    What can I say! It’s blown my mind!!!!x

  • Wes

    Gothy music sucks.


  • chris b

    I have listened to alot of great music
    from NINE INCH NAILS to TOOL but I think you guys have started a new generation of music, with your grat vocals & your hard quiter riffs & to have a femal vocalist sing in a band like yours is beautyfull. Keep making CD,S and I will keep listening to your great music.

  • evanescense

    Es una combinacion de buen rock y buena voz lirica (encima voz femenina)que me resulta espectacular.
    me gustaria conseguir interpretaciones detalladas de las letras que me parecen INCREIBLES.

  • Catherine

    I love dis song sooooo much…”Bring me to life.” It is extremely deep and meaningful in an unearthly kinda way!! Dey r gonna b huge!! Evanescense rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can I have Autograms.
    euer Fan

  • hulk

    man…i love evanescense, at first the only song i listened to was bring me to life, but when i got the cd and heard the rest i saw how great their music is.

  • Carol

    I just want to say that this is my favourite cd of all time … i hope they keep their quality level as good as it is … peace

  • sylvia

    adorei o tema bring me to life, o vidioclipe está muito bem construido…ta original. a banda tá excelente mesmo adorei….ela tem uma voz estranha mas linda faz-me lembrar a voz da vocalista dos madredeus

  • ambi heart

    hey im not gonna say that i sooo love ‘bring me to life’…so wat its their only song on the radio, its good but my fav song is tournequet (sp)its exactly what my feelings were at that time and its helps me feel better wen i feel i could get in the tub with the toaster.

  • Roxanne

    OMG!!! I saw Evanescence 2 weeks ago in Idianapolis and they so rocked. They were there with 4 other bands, Staind being the headliner and they blew them outta the water not only in performance, vocals, but in crowd acceptance. They had the whole place rockin. If you love the music which is performed by Evanescence as much as I do, you must see them perform live they are AMAZING!!! Best concert I have ever been to yet and don’t believe it can get much better than Evanescence!!!

  • lotte corell

    i love evanescense thay are the best… but i would love to know where i can get the text, bring me to life

  • Roi Tal

    Top Of The Next Generation Songs

    The Israel Conection Love’s You

  • nicholas

    I never thought that you’ll able to
    create such music like that

  • jcmango

    well, i think its great band
    the mixes are very amazing
    and voice and everything .
    i totaly like this band.
    please can you lend me some photos.

  • Bring to my life:one only word
    My favourite song of the moment

  • Paul

    This is an amazing cd. Amy Lee’s ability to manipulate her voice is awesome. Ben Moody’s guitar playing is superb and perfect. The mellodic tone between the two and is such an effusion of musical bliss to my ears. Evanescence is possibly the best band i have heard in years. They will continue to top the charts with their incredible style.

  • Britt

    Whats more to say? Evanesence is better than the best! 😀

  • Angelfire

    Evanescense rules forever. Keep it up now!

  • Fernando

    Es uno de los mejores grupos que he escuchado, la voz Amy es excelente y tiene un tono que cautiva, es lo mejor…


    you are the best!!!!!!!!!go on in this way. evanescence

  • Mia

    Um, yeah, are they Christian or not? I keep hearing different things. I read the thing in Billboard about them being kicked off of a Christan label, but I hear different things. Send me an e-mail if you know for sure and have proof.

  • Della Sparringa

    I love you Evanescense!!! Keep goin and stay cool! Your doing great!!! 🙂

  • Sara

    Anger and a beautiful voice I can’t ask for more. Love hurts!

  • i licke so much the music of evanescense because is sow cool end beureful!bue kiss everbody=)

  • claudya

    i think this band is very cool! i love rock and I LOVE THEM especialy bring me to life that was filmed in my country romania

  • Josh Mitchell

    from the first time i heard bring me to life, i was hooked. by far this is the best put together album i have ever heard. i hope to see them in concert sometime soon, so please come through geensboro, north carolina or charlotte, north carolina. i am now a truely devoted fan and admirer.

  • Cherise

    I would like to know if they r a christian band. From what I’ve heard they are but do u guys know 4 sure?

  • Rachel