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Not Bubblegum Power Pop: Blackjack Power Pop

Myriad self-contradictory elements of Evanescence and their debut full-length release, Fallen, are destined to alienate legions of potential fans. They’re a Christian-rock band. How well does that play in today’s overwhelmingly secular music scene? A Christian-rock band that, in their stand-out track “Tourniquet,” deals frankly with suicide. Did I just hear a few thousand Christian-music fans spend their money elsewhere? Add to that a talented lead vocalist, Amy Lee, going through a distinctly Goth-rocker fashion phase, orchestral arrangements not unfavorably reminiscent of Jethro Tull, and some strong piano work that harks back to Meatloaf’s heyday. It’s obvious that this Little Rock, Arkansas, quartet definitely has something different going on. And that’s another thing: Little Rock? Arkansas? When did the last rock sensation hail from Arkansas? Could it have been, way back when, Black Oak Arkansas? (Topical side note: These days, former Black Oak guitarist Harvey Jett also works in contemporary Christian music.)

Evanescence impresses most in its straight-forward layering of Ben Moody’s powerful, if relatively simple, lead-guitar work beneath Lee’s resonantly memorable vocals, stippled with a modicum of electronica-inspired sonic footnotes. Bass work is solid, just enough to put you in the occasional head-banging mood, even if you forewent that sport at your last concussion. Perhaps “Bring Me To Life” best showcases the band’s range in a tight, four-minute bundle, leading with a piano melody and Lee’s vocals, transitioning to a guitar-heavy, nicely orchestrated rock anthem featuring some of Moody’s 311-style, white-boy-metal rap, which succeeds better than you might imagine. “My Immortal” is the most balladic track on the album. Again, arrangement and orchestration are fine work; Lee shines through as usual, but she hints at greater emotional range.

Lyrically, Fallen is full of angst, but not much apathy. You’ll find this lack of attendant ennui from a relatively young band either refreshing or disappointingly uncomplicated. On an album devoid of abstract metaphor, the suicide-cocktail “Tourniquet” is perhaps the most lyrically direct. And, sometimes, things can be well conveyed in just so many words. “Tourniquet” will likely prove this band’s most controversial song; without the Christian-rock label, the track’s content wouldn’t even merit a mention.

Fallen’s production values are high, as well they should be: this isn’t the latest release from alt-rock elders Grandaddy or Coldplay. If you’re looking for the new, new lo-fi experience, look elsewhere. This is movie music. Indeed, both “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal” are included on the Daredevil soundtrack compilation.

In the end, Fallen is a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, most of the album makes liberal use of the winning formula behind “Bring Me To Life.” One hopes their sophomore effort will bring extended range to their obvious talent and innovative spirit. But their debut is a guilty pleasure worth the price of admission. Don’t let the Christian-rock label scare you away.

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  • Shannon

    No wonder why God is gonna come back and shake up the world … And it’s folks like ya’ll who say Christians suck, No sonny boy- Non-christians are STUPID and jealous because we have smarts and choose to use them. If it wasn’t for God giving people like me who CAN sing, and play the keyboards and also UH, hello! Rocky is a christian… Whom knows he more likely was christened as a baby. Especially if his parents are catholic by faith. WATCH YA STEP BUDDY! I hope your wearing fire-proof britches when or if should anything ever happen to you… Where your headed you’ll need them.

  • oh yea happy turkey day! ^-^

  • lol wow i didnt know evanescence was a christian band…or claimed 2 be in the past but still cmon pplz does it really matter?! its a dam band let em be wat they freaking wanna be. this conversation lasted 3 fudging years let it go pplz…im christian btw and i dont really care if theyre christian or not but id like them to be ^-^ still it wont make a diff i like them anywayz and that My Immortal (Demented Music Remix) is kinda gay most of theyre remixes r gay lol if any1 replies feel free i just happen to come here by chance on google dont think ill find it again lol bye bye

  • Cindy

    Just for your info, real Christians don’t judge people for thoughts of suicide or anything else for that matter. I have had 3 friends commit suicide. We are not to judge we don’t have the right to. Thats what makes us humand. We live life learning from our mistakes and others for that matter. Most christian music is teaching teens and young people that we will make mistakes but we should learn from them. We are not immune from making mistakes. It’s what we do with the mistakes that really matters. If a christian ever judged you then I’m sorry but don’t judge all of us by the label.

  • Icy

    Wow. This disscussion has been going on for three years, lol.

    Anyway, I do like Evanescence, and I am a Christian. I have heard them say that they were a Christian band in the past, and now I am hearing them say that they are not. It’s funny, they’re less popular now. I see nothing relating to them anywhere except when MTV used to play their “Call Me When You’re Sober” vid. But that was the first in….how many years?

    In the beginnig of their career, I thought they were very good. And they DID sound Christianish. If you interpret the words, then you’ll hear it. If you’re someone who’s hardheaded and non-accpeting, then please don’t try this. I don’t feel like arguing with you. As you hear the later songs, they start to sound…kind of like everyone else. And their completely horrible songs are the “Damn. I wish I was goth SO BADLY” songs. I just can’t tell you how horrible they are. And nowadays, Evanescence apparently has got infected by the “same” bug. Listen to their new album, “The Open Door.” Their songs are starting to be like every other rock bands. If not with the music, then with the lyrics definitely.

    Now, I still do like Evanescence, even if I do only like just about 20 songs in total (most of them being remixes. Particularly Haunted, Bring Me to Life (Demented Music Remix, Frozen remix, Wild remix. They must have over 20 remixed versions of that song from Hip-Hop to 80’s. Hell, they even have a really retarted hippie remix that sounds like the gayest thing ever.), My Immortal (Demented Music Remix), etc.

    All in all, I do agree that they sound similar. They just slap the “we’re different” label on themselves, and of course all their brainwashed, honky fans agree. But whatever. I really don’t care. They’re still an okay band. I’d rather listen to Within Temptation, although Evanescence’s songs are close to some of WT. And WT songs sound like everything out there. Artists just can’t pick one style and stick with it, can they?

    PS- It won’t do you good to reply to me. I found this site by chance on google, and I can promise you I’ll never find it again. But…reply if you want. Just don’t expect a response from me.

  • Cai

    Wow…No comment on much of the Christian stuff. I myself am pagan. Evanscence is a generic nu-metal band that brainwashes 12 year olds into thinking they are ‘goth’. The music has been done thousands of times. If you like the female fronted slightly melodic type of music try Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lullacry, Leave’s Eyes, Lacuna Coil, and Tristania. Grow up people…I don’t really like Evanscence that much. They are too pop for me. But anyhoo, if you like them good for you. If you don’t, congradulations.


    Toodles, kiddies! Hope you liked some of my suggestions too.

  • Want proof that they are as trendy and generic as all the other mainstream shit?

  • Moon’s Avatar

    Yeah, really, first off, Amy Lee has the most amazing voice EVER! and their songs are fucking awesome, and Evanescence has never called themselves a xian band, and I’m not aware of them ever proclaiming to be xians in their personal life, at any rate most people who claim to be xians don’t actually practice it, and xianity sucks anyway because xians so called love everyone, well I got news fer ya, ya can’t love everyone, if ya do yer just suppressing your true feelings, and eternally torturing 95% of humanity is not love

  • Tyler

    ok first off they never were a Christian band. I am sure none of you have herd there stuff before fallen, but it was just as good as what they are putting out now and none of it was about god. The only song that was a little Christian was Tourniquet and that wasn’t even a Evanescence song. It was a cover song. Now stop posting on here if you don’t know anything about Evanescence.

  • Jessica

    Ok, so I should put them down. What I really want to say is this: THERE IS BETTER MUSIC OUT THERE YOU GUYS. GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND LOOK FOR IT. Try The Damned, Christian Death, Faith and the Muse, Dead Can Dance, Skinny Puppy, or just type up (Death Rock) and your bound to find something interesting.

  • Jessica

    Their not punk or goth. They are plain and simpley POP. Any body who makes music that is so trendy that it sticks in my head at night making it impossable for me to fall a sleep can go screw a log. I dont like Evanescence music. You guys like it because you like the raido and you like having things to relate to and your like sheep. Baaa. They decided they didnt want to do the Christian thing any more, they said because they wanted to do what they wanted to do. What they really ment is (WE WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY) Thats what its all about guys. Open your eyes.
    Besides, suicide is a very bashed up topic. Im sick of hearing about it.

  • Evanescence makes REALL music and everyone who thinks they suck or that they are posers should JUST F**** O0FF!!!At least they are original in stead of making the same “fake-avril lavigne punk rock music” that is taking over the bands who are REAL,,!!

  • psychotic

    personally i think they are a great band and amy lee is not a poser, she is a great romodel shes not some stupid cracker box whore like britney spears. She actually has talent and doesnt have to dress half nakid 4 people to respect her!

  • Amira

    Evanescence sux, narrow-minded christians SUCK! Abortion rocks!

  • *not reaLly my name*


  • Anasatsia

    I think That Evanescence is an awsome band. I am a christian and i did a drama for my church with Evavescene’s song “wake me up inside.”
    Our whole church was standing and Cryin after we where done.
    I love Amy Lees voice.
    Evanescence rocks
    p.s. God died to 4give you of your sins, are you going to return the love by liveing for him or not??

  • Meh

    All hail black metal!

  • Kate

    Whops spelled Evanescence wrong

  • Kate

    I love Evanessance. Thier songs are just so real, and ture, I mean, the only way I can describe them is WOW!!!

  • James Emblen

    How many times are people gonna have to say this Evanescence are not a christian band they even sacked a band member for saying that they were if you don’t belive me then go on this site.

  • Sarah

    Question: a couple of you (im too lazy to look up the post number :P) have said about “the interview” ok, i just REALLY started listening to them as in got their cd about a month or 2 ago. Whats up? Amy Lee and Ben Moody just seem to be gothy…kinda light metal rocky. I mean…are they christians? i dunno. Im a christian. and they see nice and so far they dont seem to be worshiping satan. So…honestly, i wouldnt listen to them if they were satanic. but if they are christians, id listen to it. If they never said anything about faith (i dont mean atheists) i would probably still buy the CD. Can anyone tell me about this “interview” where they apparently said something wrong?

  • Hatchet

    Evanescence sucks. They want to be different just the way Jamie Lee wishes she was goth. They had to scan a dictionary for a band name? Yeah, that’s creativity. Here’s a message for all you self-righteous, pretentious, lying “christians” and mainstream sucking, “I really am different, really”, wannabe goths:You’re full of shit and the truth is unbearably obvious. Don’t try being something you’re not.

  • Hatchet

    Evanescence sucks. They want to be different just the way Jamie Lee wishes she was goth. They had to scan a dictionary for a band name? Yeah, that’s creativity. Here’s a message for all you self-righteous, pretentious, lying “christians” and mainstream sucking, “I am really am different, really”, wannabe goths:You’re full of shit and the truth is unbearably obvious. Don’t try being something you’re not.

  • Kast

    Monkee boy I maybe be a christian i maybe not Yes I am backsliding but this is what I have to say to you.
    Shut the fuck up you dont even know what your talking about.

  • Monkee boy

    To everyone reading this,

    I am not totally antichristian, but you guys really do suck sometimes. Okay,so you talk about love and shit, but then you start saying stuff about conversion. It shouldn’t be that way. everyone has a right to live and music is a great way of living. Im a pagan too, and i love Evanescence – to the scorn of all my gothic and skater m8s except a few- but those who buy evanescence because they are christian suck. i don’t even believe it, its more grunge type music that is spiritual in nature. You christians do suck up to your “God” sometimes and it is fucking annoying. Stop it.

    Merry Part and blessed be

  • LaTonya

    Evanescence are good! They aren’t a X-tain band either! What’s with you people; Evanescence are just doing it from their heart!

  • Rina

    abortion is murder (refering to someone else’s comment)

    Evanescence rocks, especially the songs not on the Fallen album. look them up online. they’r great

  • Peta

    Gotta say john (comment 18) Christians don’t just sing about God and Jesus. If you listen to stuff by Sixpence None the Richer and Daniel Beddingfield and countless other christian artists they sing about other stuff too. Like relationships and love and life and difficult decisions and having fun and things that other bands sing about. The difference is that God is in their relationships, their life, their loves, their decisions.
    Also Ren (comment 28), Christians aren’t ‘bible thumpers’ who hate evrything. We don’t hate anyone and neither did Jesus. Ya know when he was on earth he spent most, if not all, of his time with ‘down and outs’, people who probably hadn’t given christianity a second thought, people who had messed up their lives, people who needed help. He didn’t ignore or condemn them for going against what the Bible says, he loved them. And thats what Christians are meant to do – love all people because Jesus does. We’re not meant to love what they do if its against God, but we’re meant to love them, comfort them if they need it, and point them in the direction of the One who made them and loves them so much that he died so they could have a relationship with God. Don’t really think that counts as hating all people, do you?

  • Chesleigh

    OK. I am proudly a Christian. I will accept, maybe not agree, but accept other people who are not just like me.
    I recently read that Ben Moody said that he and Amy are Christians, but they are not a Christian band. Now the way people have been talking about Evanescence I’d guess hearing that a band doesn’t do Christian music means that they’re total satinists? Take Mandy Moore for example. She is Christian, everybody knows it, but she doesn’t sing Christian music. That’s what people should realize about Evanescence.



  • Ren

    I’d personally like to know how anyone could fathom that they are a “Christian” band.

    1. I’ve never seen anything in their songs (and I know most of them by heart) which elludes to them being anything but a dark rock band – I can’t even see them being Goth (not truly, and I’ve had experience with that sort of music too).

    2. Who the fuck really cares? (apart from your a-typical Bible thumpers who hate everyone and everything that isn’t Jesus/God related).

    To me, they’re your typical rock band putting out dark and angsty music that most teenagers and young adults could see part of their own lives in. It’s how they feel at times.

    Who here says “OH MY GOD!” and truly means it in a way that they are address God?

    Not many.

    Is The Cure a Christian rock band? I DON’T think so. What about Cradle of Filth? Nup. Not them either. Sisters of Mercy? FUCK NO.

    Money is being spent – Christian band or not, money is being spent because people are enjoying the music.

  • Evanescence is a christian band hands down. their song talk about their faith and their beliefs. just because they have said some things that christians would not normaly say dosent mean that they are not christians they are not jesus therefore they make mistakes i should know i am a christian to and i make mistakes also so get over what they said it is in the past. Oh and they are so a christian band

    Christians rock
    P.S. jesus died for you he loves you do you love him?

  • Freak

    Alright everyone listen up. All the times I have heard, it’s either dark or Goth rock. Not Christian. Sure, I’m a christian, but I never go to church or anything. It don’t really matter what kind of music it is. As long as you like it, then who cares what it is! And I am an Evanescence FREAK! Okay, I know about, everything about the band ok? And I must say, I saw an interview, and Amy Lee, head singer, said these words, “Well, I have trouble putting it in a box. Like saying it’s a rock band or a Gothic inspired band because I’ve never heard a band that sounds a lot like us. It’s a little bit of everything.” Okay, it’s like a mix of all this music that a lot of people really like. Ok?

    Amy Lee and Ben Moody ROCK!



  • titus

    christians suck

  • titus

    christians suck

  • jesta_ariadne

    Well, I am now just very confused :X I bought the album after hearing Bring Me To Life about a zillion times and then hearing My Immortal. It’s not exactly what I usually buy (actually, I don’t usually buy CDs….. way too expensive for broke student, ha) Anyway, I really love the music. Then I started wondering about what exactly the lyrics were getting at… searched the internet etc.

    Read this (http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2003/115/31.0.html) if you want to get MORE confused…..

    As for the music: I think it’s pretty much generally accepted that it’s very good 🙂 The music world needed a wake up and something really refreshing, and Evanescence is it. I just wish the Christianity thing would at least be made really clear… (obviously, I really wish they’d turn out to be normal Christians & happy with it and that interview was with fake body doubles or something……^^)
    First I heard Evanescence WERE a Christian band etc etc, which made me feel even happier as I am a Christian (it also made a lot of the songs make more sense ^^)……. then I heard about this infamous interview and… well, yeah, now I’m very confused. I still like the music, music is music I guess, but I wish they’d clear up if I really are NOT Christian “anymore” or what, and why….

    On another note, I have to admit I was suprised to read Tourniquet (I LOVE that song…) was a cover – it sounds so much like the others!

  • Jeff

    It seems that Evanescence has done simply what the title of their album is…Fallen. It’s now time to get back up, repent, and continue to live for Christ. I am a christian. I do the same thing daily. I have to learn to get back up, repent, and continue to live for Christ.

  • Corlin Dekont

    I’m what most would consider to be a witch. I don’t follow anyone particular religion. If anything a wiccan/pagen eclectic. I however do not believe in the Christian teachings. I have been more or less forced to Christianity through my family. I feel someone should choose what they believe for themselves. And not what someone else tells them to believe. Eh-hem, anyways, Evanescense is not about the God they follow or that they are Christian. They are about great music with deep emotion and meaning, if one where to take the time to remove themselves from the obviousness that society puts them in, they would realize what the songs mean, and what they are talking about.

    Don’t think about the music, feel the music. You’ll enjoy this band much more that way.

  • Just bought fallen album, i think it’s quality whether the artists are Christian or not. Wht is their faith such a big issue, if you like their music, butit and enjot it, if you don’t like the music buy something else. Daniel Beddingfield is a full on Christian yet his music is so clever and he’s doing better in the USA than Nobbie Williams – if you’ve got talent use it – if not then just dis someone who has, Jealous?

  • john

    I started listning to Evanescence about 4 months ago, and I just love them. When I found out about the controversy about the christian lable, I looked into it, but I could not see (didn’t want to see) them as a christian band. So when they came out and said they are not, I was so happy. Being christian narrows the scope of a band’s lirics so much that it just gets pointless. Think about it… what do christian bands sing about? god, jesus, being saved, worship, etc etc. Thats the lable that Evanescence does not want. So, in short, having a lable like that is not a positive thing. POD and Creed… damn, sing about someting else. Just have to love the saying… even jesus hates creed. lol. I’m going to see Evanescence two times over the summer; I read that Ben wore a Tool shirt at a few concerts! hell yea! rock on, Tool is my all time favorite band.
    peace- and remember… abort babies, not war

  • kaye

    I’m only 13 but I understand what’s going on. personally I’m disappointed but oh well that’s life. I’m a Christian so it’s been kinda hard for me to understand but even if they WERE an underground Christian band they may not be now (even though personally I kinda think that’s bull) but they shouldn’t be surprised b/c of some interviews they’ve done in previous yrs talking about how much they love God and stuff and also their drummer used to be in the Christian band Living Sacrifice who recently broke up and then he went to play in Soul Embraced + Evanescence so the fact that Soul Embraced and Living Sacrifice are Christian bands would kind of give a signal ya know?

  • Nicole

    Evanescence is an awesome band whether or not they are Christian! If any of you get a chance, go see them in convert, they kick ass!!!!!

  • Evanescnes just declared that they’re not even a christian band. one of the band members, Moody, even took Christ’s name in vain multiple times and used F words frequently in their interview with Enterntainment Weekly! check this out:


  • andy

    I happen to agree w/ Eric’s comments about music first, Christianity second. I’m a “born again” Christian, I’m also an artist. In my life, Christ comes first in all things, but I expect that my music will be judged on the musical aspect first and not my personal belief system. My music will always reflect what I believe(as all music reflects the creator’s beliefs), but Christianity is a “religion”, not a genre of music. That’s why I avoid labels like “christian rock”

  • I think the band’s doing pretty good. When i first heard “Bring Me to Life” I felt something really weird about the song.

    Somehow the song called me to listen, the lyrics are quite powerful. Then there it was someone told me they’re songs are in Christian themes. Wow.. Songs are moslty bout crying out to God, each of the songs will remind of the pit and life without direction.

    Hands down to the band and to the one who sent you *looks up*. I’m sure you’ll be growing and even mature with ur music. By the way I am a Jesus Freak.


  • Joshua

    The majority of highschool kid’s arguments to there parents is. “I don’t listen to the lyrics…I just like the beat.” There is a higher calling and that is GOD. If these kids by listening to evanescence will ask the questions of themselves that Amy Lee sings about in her songs. They will find there is more to life than boyfriends and girlfriends. It is about the higher calling, and if Evanescense can get God out there to the secular world than that is awesome!!
    I love Evanescence
    Rock on

  • Matt

    This band has totally blown me away. I am surprised to read in this review that the “Christian” label would hurt them. It seems to me that “Christian” bands are slowly breaking onto the scene and people are just looking for good music after years of bland, uneventful stuff.
    Did the Christian label hurt P.O.D.?

  • Sephiroth

    well in response to the first comment on this board… I think it should be Christian first then music… but thats just my point of view.
    I really think that Evanescence is an amazing band! The band I wanted to create was always revolved around the type of music they ended up producing! only one problem now… theyve gone big and well… I havent… MEH! THESE GUYS ROCK!
    Christ forever 😛

  • CatholiK

    Hey, yeah, Tourniquet was written originally by the death metal band Soul Embraced and it was called My
    Tourniquet from “For The Incomplete”.

    The song is about someone who has just commited suicide and is regretting his decision and is begging God to come back to him and save him from damnation.

    I have’nt even heard evanescence’s version, but the original was amazingly melodic and brutal at the same time.
    Rocky also plays guitar for another band called Kill System and is Thy Pain’s producer.

  • Lord Mazer

    All I have to say is that this group stinks b/c they spike the kazaa pool with their purposely corrupted songs. Down with Evanescence long live the Napalm Destiny.

  • pooky

    I think Evanescense is a great band. Tournquet to me is about straddling the fence with your beliefs. Also this cd is great for everyone and doesnt matter if it is christian or what-not. THe songs actually have a meaning.

  • And why should a Christian rock label scare anyone away? I don’t assume a record sucks because the band is agnostic or atheist or heck, Satanist.. why should people assume that it might be substandard because they’re a Christian band?

    Ehh whatever. I don’t like the record anyway, just a thought.

  • For those of you that didn’t know, “Tourniquet” is a cover of a Soul Embraced song (www.soulembraced.com, http://www.bloodandinkrecords.com). Rocky Gray, who’s playing drums for them, also was a longtime guitarist with Christian metal bands Living Sacrifice and Soul Embraced.

  • Indeed, after another perusal of the liner notes, the 311-style, white-boy-metal rap should be attributed to Paul McCoy. At the least, he is credited with additional vocals on that track.

    I stand behind all else. After all, written criticism is merely exalted opinion.

    I’d love to have a source for that #4-album-in-the-country bit. I’m unable to confirm that via Billboard.

  • The Theory

    Phil Keaggy is my man… puts on one of the most real concerts I’ve seen.


  • kathode

    The album is currently #4 in the country. Obviously, the mythical Christian-rock label didn’t hurt them. Where did you get that label from, anyway? If you want to be respected for your reviews, realize that the band’s hometown doesn’t have a lot to do with their music. Also, you need to do your research. Moody does not rap. That is Paul McCoy of the band 12 Stones in a guest appearance.

  • Eric Olsen

    Very interesting S, thanks. I was in the studio yesterday with the reformed (after 30 years) Glass Harp, with outrageous guitar talent and CCM star Phil Keaggy. “Christian” music comes in every flavor these days: the best is “music” first and “Christian” second.