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Evanescence Announces New Album

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Well, ladies and gentleman, it’s finally happened… the out-of-the-blue hit rock band Evanescence has announced a follow-up record to their hit major label debut Fallen.

This new album marks both the return of Dave Fortman (of Mudvayne and Bif Naked fame) in the producer’s chair and the band’s growth since writing Fallen.

As you might expect, many of the songs feature a Choir as well as string arrangements recorded in an old chapel. The band also brings their own driving-yet-intimate style as their last album showcased and the unique blend of rock and classical that seems appropriate by its very contrast.

Lee shared,

The making of this record has been really intense, but I’ve come out feeling purified. I’ve grown so much since Fallen, and Terry is the perfect writing partner — I feel like I’ve been lifted up to a whole new level of inspiration and possibilities. After all the things we’ve seen over the past couple of years, beautiful and tragic, in the end I’m really grateful. It has made us create music I could not be more in love with.

But what will this album truly bring? The question many fans are asking themselves is “Will this be the heir to Fallen, or will it fall short? Evanescence certainly deserves high praise for Fallen – which it received – but this album will tell if it was a fluke or if we truly have a rock legend on our hands.

I’m hardly clairvoyant … and I don’t know if this new album will sell. But I can’t quiet the feelings of optimism and excitement.

It is certainly something to mark the calendar for.

More information can be had at and

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  • maria/ emofairys

    i love evanescence im only 14 but i have faith in the new album and i will but it even if it does suck and learn the lyrics by heart and sing them to all my friends at school even the chavs i may suffer serveir loss of friendship but for evanescence anything!

  • Guppusmaximus

    You’re 14 and you can’t properly structure a sentence? What a shame…

  • Guppusmaximus

    I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on a release from this band… It ranks right up there with the garbage Jada Pinkett released with her so-called metal act. The exploitation of a genre by untalented, money-hungry hacks continues…..

  • Leslee

    Thats a bit cruel Guppusmaximus. Who do you think you are? The God of Proper English?

  • JMG

    evanescence is a great band with deep lyrics..i believe that they will have a great sophomore album…im not sure if they’ll be able to survive the sophomore curse…i hope they do.

  • sammy

    Evanescence is the sh*t!! we can only hope that this album is up the par of fallen…
    I have def marked my calendar for this!
    Evidently Guppusmaximus doesnt spend much time online. ppl dont care much for spelling online Guppusmaximus… u understand what they want to say anyway, and its not worth your time to backtrack and spellcheck… just take a chill man….

  • http://dunno demongirl

    I loved evenescence when I was younger I’v kinda grown out of them now and got into my chemical romance more now but I would really like 2 own the new album cos there always good.but I’m sure one of my m8s is gonna get it the 1st day it comes out its likly she’ll cue up from like 6:00am to get a cd of it I’m sure lol

  • reggie von woic

    I’d have to be an extaordinarily good album to beat fallen . I’m glad to hear that, “many of the songs feature a Choir as well as string arrangements recorded in an old chapel”.
    That is definitely the way forward.
    Evanescence earned their place on my computer’s background.

    “…servatis a periculum, servatis a maleficum…”

  • http://june1,2006 evanescence0006

    the first evanescence cd was the bomb!!! but I think that the second well ”bring me to life”
    when i hear it !!
    evanescences amy lee is so talented and terry balsamo is oneof a kind
    So I now know that the second one “the open door”
    ismarked on my calander!!!
    I love evanescence!!!!

  • TRUEevlover

    ere right.. YOu lot are just people who have no clue to what ev are all about! They have released many EPs and one album (which amy prefers to call a glossed up Demo CD :P) and also a collection of Demos for Fallen. All of these are available on the net, and I think that the departure of that stupid idiot Ben Moody will do Amy and the Rest of the Band good! Stop acting like stupid wanna be’s (cept a few of you =p) and learn a bit about the band! Thank You

  • andel

    I can’t wait for this album to finally come to the stores! All the indications say that it will be much more suitable to Amy’s voice than Fallen!

  • goddess of the dark

    I cant wait till there new cd is comeing out! It seems like its been forever! Ever since there fallen cd came out I have been a big fan. Amy Lee has inspired me to wright my own songs, and to sing my hart out like my last breath is yet to come!

  • Moonlight

    I really can’t wait for the new album, i want right now in my hand and to dear AMY LEE there’s a girl TAFE who looks exactly like you. I’m sending this email from Australia NSW. Please come to Australia, Sydney for tours. You are so beautiful i wish i could be YOU.

  • A very close friend ( from your Highshool)

    To AMY LEE if i were to match make you i believe you suit the lead singer of simple plan please don’t make another mistake! and date somebody like that guy from SEETHER

  • evanescencerules

    A lot of Evanescence “fans” (or who they claim to be) said TOD sucked. And it didn’t. TOD was beautiful and it took a lot of days to record that album! Amy Lee DID put effort into TOD and it became a masterpiece like Fallen. I am so eager to buy the New Album! Just because all those haters say that Evanescence sucks, or TOD is stupid and the new album will be stupider, that won’t prevent me from buying it! I love Evanescence, and hopefully, they will succeed in their future! ^_^

    P.S. You haters can STFU, nobody gives a SHIT.
    Just putting it out there! If you haters actually searched up Evanescence, then why the hell are you people claiming to be haters? Stupid, just plain stupid