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Evan Foster-Instrumentals

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Artist: Evan Foster
Title: Instrumentals
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Musick Records

You always hear in a write up prior to a release something like this- “This is destined to be a classic!” I have said it myself. Well, I have to say that cliché does apply to the new Evan Foster album Instrumentals. Mr. Boss Martian himself has released a striking group of tracks for all of you instrumental heads to enjoy.

I do not think there has been a time when I have heard this young man play when I did not feel completely blown away by his talent. He does everything-guitars, keys, percussion, vocals; he defines the word one-man band. I have mentioned the fact on the two previous Boss Martian albums that Foster was getting further and further away from his instrumental and surf roots, so I am very pleased to see him reach back and come up with modern fresh rock instrumental treat like this. He constructs the perfect blend of traditional and modern surf and rock. There is no skimping on content here either; you get 20 tracks of bursting rock ‘n’ roll force in succession. The bonus track “Want Some Sex” is the only track with a vocal. Foster says the same thing repeatedly throughout the song-“I want some sex,” at least he knows what he wants! One of the coolest tracks is “I.D. Crisis,” it creates imagery of a science fiction thriller with UFOs and government agencies chasing a lost soul.

To say that Foster is able to form atmospheres and images in your head with only instruments would be an understatement. That is the reason why he is so good at what he does. This dude has all the weapons and he uses them quite effectively. Check out this release, it is a real scorcher for a hot summer day.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

August 11, 2004

01. Hearse Full of Souls
02. Drag The Dragon
03. Glass Packed & Fully Stacked
04. Venice, Late Night
05. Mouthbreather
06. Meanstreak
07. Cann of Electrodes
08. Spy On Me
09. Where Do I Stand?
10. Slidin’
11. She Rides A Chopper
12. Surfer’s Anthem
13. Embrujada
14. Primitive Art
15. Sequence Array (4-Track Demo Version)
16. I.D. Crisis
17. Werewolves International
18. Rattlesnake
19. Want Some Sex (Bonus Track)
20. A Familiar Unknown (Bonus Track)



Evan Foster-Guitar, bass, keys, percussion
Dusty Watson-Drums
Nick Contento-Keys

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