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Evan Bayh should come out and play

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I’ve just published a joint news release from the Al Barger and Marvin Scott senate campaigns. Let me add here a few comments on the Indiana US Senate debate situation strictly under my own name:

It’s no secret that Evan Bayh is being groomed to run for president. However, if Evan’s afraid to have a simple debate with a poli sci professor from Butler and a blogger from the holler, then how’s he going to stand up to Iranian mullahs or Kim Jung Il? Those people are FAR worse customers than good Dr Scott or ol’ Al.

For my part, I’m ready to debate either of them anytime, anywhere right up until election day. If Evan won’t come out to defend his record, I’ll be happy to have a forum just with Dr Scott. Heck, we can go to his home turf at Butler. It’s all good. Any tv or radio types reading are encouraged to contact Evan, Marvin and me with an offer.

I can understand Evan’s Rose Garden strategy. It does not particularly benefit him personally to meet his opponents in debate.

However, I don’t understand why the public and the media have been willing to let him completely coast through this election without answering any kind of questions from anyone. He won’t meet his opponents in debate. He hasn’t done much of any kind of interviews with reporters. He won’t even fill out questionnares, not even the main Vote Smart survey.

The senator’s press secretary Meg Keck was explaining to the Indianapolis Star last week about wanting a “Lincoln-Douglas” format. Look, I know all about Abe Lincoln, and Senator Bayh is no Abe Lincoln.

Here’s my counterproposal for a simple debate format: We go into any tv news room in the state, sit down at their news desk, and let their reporters ask us some questions. Now how hard is that?

Like I said, I’m ready anytime.

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  • I’d like to see you take him out, Al.

    His DLC is really Republican on most issues so gives voters even less choice,

    Good luck on this one.

  • RJ

    He is employing a smart, yet cowardly, strategy. He figures he’s gonna win handily as things are now, so why bother risking his certain victory with a debate that might lead to a gaffe or two that weakens him.

    The media would be all over it if Bayh were a Republican. But since he’s a Dem, he gets a pass. Typical.

  • Nah, the media are leaving Bayhalone because they know he’s a mini-me-Republican, like all those in the DLC.