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Evan Bayh is Running for President

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Indiana Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) recently announced on This Week with George Stephanopoulos that he plans to form a presidential exploratory committee which enables him to raise money to run for president. Bayh is a moderate Democrat who has been elected five times in a red state. In his most recent election in 2004, Bayh picked up more votes than President George W. Bush did.

The reasons I am for Bayh as opposed to someone like former North Carolina Senator John Edwards or current Illinois Senator Barack Obama come down to a key factor: executive experience. Every president that has been elected since 1964 have been either a governor or vice president at one time or another. In 1960, Kennedy was one of the rare exceptions.

While Evan Bayh was was a successful governor and left office with an approval rating of at least 70% or higher.

When it comes to economic growth, while serving as Governor of Indiana, Bayh signed into law the largest single tax cut in state history, had the largest budget surplus in state history, and helped bring in 375,000 new jobs.

As to his education policy, as Governor, he insituted the 21st Century scholars program and Indiana went from 40th to 17th as a result of the initiative.

As a governor and senator, Senator Bayh has been a strong supporter of social security.

Bayh is pro-choice and is of the “safe, legal, and rare” ideology just like former President Bill Clinton.

If he gets through the primaries, Senator Bayh has the best chance to get the Democrats back to the White House. He’s a strong centrist, which may be a hurdle when it comes to the nomination but voters who don’t like Sen. Clinton will likely vote for him. The moderate vote is key to winning back the White House and until he pulled out, former Virginia Governor Mark Warner would have been his toughest competition.

Bayh recieves a lot of flack in the blogosphere for “not doing enough” for the party, but hrough his All America PAC, Sen. Bayh donated $25,000 to the Indiana Democratic House Caucus.

Of the potential Democratic candidates for president in 2008, Bayh is likely to be one of the most moderate and most viable candidates.

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  • Ah ha! So Daniel Solzman of Blogs for Bayh has unzipped and revealed himself as a Bayh propagandist. Ha!

    As an opposition candidate against his 2004 re-election, I had the honor of being beaten like an ugly red-headed stepchild by the most popular politician in the state. While the addition of a Democrat operative for the dreaded demon Evan Bayh may likely generate a slightly sulfurous odor around the site, I reckon this does help to make Blogcritics more fair & balanced – like Fox News.

    The campaign talking points boilerplate of this article doesn’t particularly impress me, but despite the pain of my brutal defeat I must admit Evan Bayh is not the worst possible candidate the Democrats could put up.

    Broadly, Evan Bayh largely likes to be as much of a liberal as he figures he can get away with as a Hoosier politician, and he loves him some gun control- though he’s far too smart to be openly leading the continuation of his father’s work.

    Still, Evan Bayh is more or less a responsible adult, with some idea how to conduct himself respectably in public. Even I would rather see Evan Bayh as commander in chief rather than an ambulance chasing demagogue like John Edwards or a complete blank slate like Obama. Plus, his judicious manner and public composure would be 10X preferable to laughable caricatures of human beings like John Kerry.

    You might take it as kind of an endorsement when I say that I hate Evan Bayh less than most Democrats.

  • I’ve always had the impression that he’s an empty suit. I’d be happy to be proved wrong. Not what you would call an electrifying speaker, at any rate. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those as a candidate? [It’s the main reason Barack Obama is so appealing, to the consternation of R’s who say, what’s so great about him? He gives a really good speech…and apparently is also a pretty good writer.]

  • I like what I see of Senator Bayh, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him speak. If handyguy is right, and he’s not a good public speaker, that could very well cripple him as a presidential candidate.

  • It didn’t hurt Al Gore, who of course won the 2000 election, running against an even worse speaker. Maybe if Al had given better speeches, he could have won a theft-proof majority rather than merely a 500,000-vote plurality.

    Bill Clinton famously bombed in giving the keynote at the ’88 convention, but went on to vastly improve his oratorical record, especially in the pulpits of black churches. His wife, however, is somewhat less than electric on the podium and could use some lessons.

  • Baronius

    I wonder if Birch Evan Bayh III or Willard Romney will get as much flack as George Walker Bush has. After eight years, people usually want a change in style. There’s the kinder, gentler Bush following hard-nosed conservative Reagan, and the unpolished Bush following the extra-polished Clinton. W is often characterized as the presidential equivalent of a legacy admission. Will that create a problem for “noble-birth” candidates in 2008?

  • Baronius

    Gore lost in 2000.

  • Looking at your politics reminds me so much of the trash I see here.

    Another Bayh being sold.
    Anothing Clinton being hustled.
    Another Romney in the mitt.

    Boy it gets boring…

    I you guys actually do have a presidential election in 2008, it will be retread city…

  • Baronius, my friend, is irony and sarcasm completely wasted on you?

    We all know who was inaugurated President in 2001…but the other guy did get more votes. My post was written with a bit o’ bitter humor.

  • JennyBlue

    I plan on learning about all of the Democratic candidates. I like what I have seen so far on Bayh. Well enough that I will definately keep him in mind.

  • Baronius

    re #8: Yes, irony and sarcasm are lost on me on this particular issue.

  • RogerMDillon

    “If handyguy is right, and he’s not a good public speaker, that could very well cripple him as a presidential candidate.”

    Where’s the emoticon to illustrate you are joking? Or have you not owned a TV in the last seven years?

  • Lumpy

    Bayh seems intelligent and well spoken and he has that one special quality which makws a goos democrat candidate — he’s not Hillary.

  • Donnie Marler

    Good point, #11. lol

  • It didn’t hurt Al Gore

    All depends on who you’re running against. Al Gore and Dubya were lousy speakers, ’tis true, but they were better than just about everybody they were running against. Bill Bradley was my choice for the Dem nod in 2000, but he was one of the most boring speakers I’ve ever heard. I knew then he’d never be president.

  • Baronius

    Interesting. In the last 20 years, the Republicans have put up two Bushes and Dole, and the Democratic nominees have been Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, and Kerry. Dropping Clinton from that list, those are some pretty awful orators.

  • Of course, it’s possible that the public will not pick based on who gives the best fiery demagogic stump speech.

    Depends also on what you call being good at public speaking. There are different qualities. Evan’s never been a particularly electric speechifier. He’s no Bill Clinton.

    But then again, he’s no Bill Clinton. He’s just not going to be doing stupid self-sabotaging stuff like poking the help. Nor is he likely to be lying to grand juries. Nor is Evan Bayh ever likely to have a public flameout like Bill Clinton’s Chris Wallace interview.

    Evan Bayh is not prone to having public meltdowns. He’s professional. He’s not particularly motivational, but he generally knows his business. He’ll look competent and professional, if not inspirational.

  • Ryan

    I use to look forward to speeches and debates, but its just embarrasing that out of ALL the people in politics….we got Bush speaking for us. How difficult can it be to find someone to top him. Unless we throw in Fez from “That 70’s show.”

  • Arch Conservative

    “We all know who was inaugurated President in 2001…but the other guy did get more votes. My post was written with a bit o’ bitter humor.”

    Getting more votes and winning the election are two different things handyguy. It’s not ironic.. it’s just wrong.

    Bush both won the election and was inaugurated in 2001.

    As for looking forward to speeches and debates in 2008. I am very much looking forward to Mitt Romney talk circles around whomever the Dems offer up for slaughter….especially if it’s that cunt Hillary.

    There are certain moments in life that we cherish forever because they make us so very, very happy…….getting married, birth of a child, and seeing the look on Hillary Clinton’s face when she has to give a concession speech in 2008 after losing the race for the White house by a Reagan like landslide to Mitt Romney!

  • “Getting more votes and winning the election are two different things handyguy.”

    Such a way with words, Arch. Perhaps you would agree it’s worth discussing whether that should continue to be true.

    For instance, if your pet poodle Mitzi were to win the popular vote and Hillary the electoral college vote after a prolonged legal dispute, I can imagine your reaction. Cool, calm, collected, no doubt.

  • Baronius

    Handy, that would be an interesting article: the “third term” talk in 1997, the “popular vote” debate in 2001, the “foreign-born President” talk in whatever year Arnold became governor. Our evolving system reflecting our hopes and dreams. Whatever.

  • Arch Conservative


    If you want to have a discussion of the popular vote vs. the electoral college you should just say so but when you make comments like AL “Gore won the 200 election,” you run the risk of people assuming you are implying voter fraud which of course still hasn’t been proven to this day and is still often repeated by left wing conspiracy nuts. You don’t want to sound like a moonbat do you?

    And if there was ever going to be serious consideration given to third term talk it should have been in 1987 not 1997.

  • The first Gore stuff I wrote was an attempt at wry humor. If you didn’t enjoy it on that level, let’s move on, shall we. Tell us more about Mitzi Romney, he’s always good for a laugh.

  • D’oh

    Bayh/Obama, that could indeed be a solid, centrist ticket that could win big as well as set Obama up for the big chair down the road.

    Better than Hillary or McCain.

  • Arch Conservative

    What has Barack Obama ever done to deserve all the attention he gets?

    He’s a nobody who’s done nothing and he’s fucking goof looking to boot.

  • Arch Conservative

    goofy looking