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European Portable Ops To See Exclusives

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When it comes to Sony’s products, Europe always seems to get the afterthought, but with Konami’s upcoming overseas release of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops for the Sony PSP, the PAL version of the title will benefit from the virtue of patience.

Although Portable Ops is still a couple months away for European gamers (currently noted as an April release), Konami is promising the versions will “include a series of exclusive elements, including new game maps, characters and missions.”

The game’s release in Japan and the U.S. introduced a squad-based game play addition to the series, which allowed players to capture and recruit new characters that could be assigned to perform different functions. The team-building mechanic will be making its way to the European version with 12 additional, exclusive characters, as well as expanded character careers.

Through wireless play, multiplayer (for up to six players) makes its way into the version as well with 10 different versus maps – two maps being exclusive to the PAL version. A “boss battle” mode will also be present when the title hits Europe.

For the U.S. players who must have the extra features found in the European version, there is no regional lockout for the Sony PSP system if you can track down a copy of the game.

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