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Essential Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

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In this week’s "Floorplan", OpenHouse New York host George Oliphant checks in with the experts at New York Kitchen and Bath. George gets virtuoso advice for remodeling your bathroom within any budget and with any design. George consults with Alison Swindler and Tommy Mitilineos at NYKB for design options, cost structure, and possible construction issues to consider before breaking ground in your W.C.

Field manager Tommy Mitilineos warns of the major construction issues to consider before any renovation. Tommy’s issues include dust, loss of facilities, and length of construction.

George also gets the lowdown from Ali on budget and design. She explains that plumbing fixtures, floor and wall coverings, accessories and construction are the greatest factors influencing budget and explains what different design options mean.

According to Ali, there are three main types of design: traditional, contemporary, and transitional.


  • Natural stone tile
  • Borders, mosaics
  • Brushed nickel fixtures


  • Porcelain tile
  • Chrome fixtures
  • Cast iron appliances


  • Fuse traditional accents with modern fixtures

Whether you want to soak in your tub or cleanse yourself in an immaculate shower, make sure you watch the video of this week’s "Floorplan".

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  • Francine

    Save your money, save your mind and go with real life recommendations, see the work and prices; and speak to the customers in private to get the real story

  • Rhys

    I cannot believe they are still in business. How are they still getting clients? What is their secret? There are many secrets buried deep in the basement.

  • Barbara

    Dust is the least of your problems. The surprise ‘scopes’ add up to double digit thousands and the quality does not reflect the amount of money they demand.. Jus’ sayin’! Tread lightly.

  • Janet

    I concur, as Amy Winehouse sang. “I say no, no, no” because the project will have to be rehabbed

  • orli

    This is a good one. PR; marketing. Who is the target market? Where is the video? Gone, Gone, Gone, like the people mentioned in this commercial.