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ESRB Search Points to Lost Planet PC Port

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The ESRB's rating search engine has been used in recent months to unearth many upcoming Virtual Console titles. So it comes as no surprise that people are beginning to troll the site regularly to find upcoming releases of bigger games, too.

They don't come much bigger than Capcom's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, released January 12 for the Xbox 360 to high praise. Lost Planet has sold well on the 360, and if the ESRB's site is to be believed, it will be selling well on Windows in short order, too.

It has been no secret that Lost Planet cost Capcom a large chunk of change, $40 million, according to Forbes. Half of that went to the marketing budget alone. But it has certainly paid off. Looking at NPD numbers, Lost Planet sold around 329,000 copies during the month of January, taking the top spot in non-PC game sales.

So it makes sense for Capcom to want to capitalize on their rather hefty initial investment right now. The game is still fresh in the minds of players, with a multiplayer update coming March 9. Two new maps are also scheduled for the same day, seven total in the coming months.

So the question is no longer "if," but "when" will the PC port ship for Windows. So much for that "Only on Xbox 360" badge on the front of the box.

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  • It’s months later now and Lost Planet is out on the PC. Unfortunately, after only a few minutes of playing, I’m wishing I hadn’t blown the cash. It really is just a port.

    The interface is clearly tailored to a controller-based setup, with Xbox 360 controllers popping up all over the place throughout the game and in menus to show you how to use the controls. Not exactly PC friendly. You right click a lot to back out of menus, versus using esc, and there are a lot of extra clicks.

    I guess $40,000,000 doesn’t get you what it used to. Sigh.