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E’s a dead, Ebenezza’s dead

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According to Jemima Lewis, rave is close to pushing up the daisies. Its seems that young adults these days are sick of the hype, the annnoying wankers on drugs, and the crap music. They are, as reported previously here, returning to rock. (You know, the genre that was declared dead in the late 90’s.)

You knew it was toast when DJs started to declare themselves “musicians of the decks” and started to act like rock stars. Egos, demands, and the salaries began to keep pace with rock acts. Of course it was all total bollocks. I was a dj for my college radio station(s) in the 80s and early 90s. I can tell you, even with my dodgy eye and co-ordination, it is not that hard to mix records properly. It does not take a rocket scientist to do a mix. I once watched a show on MTV where a famous dance DJ taught a “master-class” on mixing. He was acting as if it were some ancient martial art. I didn’t know whether to laugh or vomit.

Then we move on to the drug of choice, E. Its users thought it turned people into one big happy family. In fact, it turned people it annoying little children wanting to hug and act twee. Why must they insist on telling you how f***-ed up they are on E? At least most people on cocaine, booze, or uppers are not a pain to be around. You, my loyal readers, know that I am very open about my support for the legalisation of drugs. My one huge gripe is when arseholes on drugs get in my face in any way. It’s like religion, it’s between you and your maker; I don’t want to know about it.

On that note, ravers (non-club types) also seem to think it’s their right to pitch up on someone else’s property and trash the place so that they can have a ‘good’ time. Rock gigs need licences, so why shouldn’t ravers?

Then there is “rave” music. This has got to be some of the most boring noise ever made. You have to be off your head to even appreciate the crap. Much like a large amount of 60s music, it was made with drugs for people on drugs. Last time I was at a rave club I was actually falling asleep I was so bored. By the way, I am not against all dance music; I have been known to go to places like Electric Ballroom that play dark wave and its ilk. At least the music has variety and different beats. Unfortunately, I know “rave” is probably going to go into stasis, only to be revived by a whole new generation trying to “do their own thing”.

Thank god it’s back to sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Here’s hoping bands like The Darkness make it across the pond to the US.

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  • The Darkness is silly cock rock. Totally ripping off of Queen. They have a few good songs… if you like queen. I’ve seen them perform live a few times… I’ve seen several videos… They are not all that.

    As for “rave” music… just like other genres, there are several different types of sub-gene’s… all very different than each other. I don’t think it’s fair to lump it all together. I like some rock, some electronica, some R&B… To lump everything into one category isn’t very informed.