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Ernest Tubb’s birthday

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Ernest Tubb was born in Texas 90 years ago today, on February 9, 1914.

He’s long gone to that great honky tonk in the sky, but we’ll always have his classic records. That deep bass voice, and classic definitive honky tonky country beat will last forever.

If you haven’t got any Ernest, you might start to relieve your unfortunate deprivation by hopping on Kazaa and looking for:

Walking the Floor Over You
It’s America (Love It Or Leave It)

Set Up Two Glasses, Joe
Too Old to Cut the Mustard
Thanks a Lot
Waltz Across Texas

This big honkin’ BOX SET looks like a pretty outstanding bargain, though it is obviously not representing his whole career. It particularly does NOT include “Waltz Across Texas,” perhaps his best song.

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  • AntFreeze

    Ernest T swings like a pendulum do. Greatest singing cowboy name ever. Seems like you’d try to steer some cash to the Tubb estate rather than over to Kazaa though.

  • Ernest is dead and gone. Most of his stuff by rights should be public domain by now anyway.

    However, note that there are links to buy a couple of his albums, and even a specific recommendation for one- if his estate were ever to see an actual royalty.

  • not that i really need to buy more stuff (like that’s ever stopped me) but you need to post a country-roots for beginners list.

    this is an area that i’ve got a little here & there of but feel like there must be gaps.

    lessee…Ernest Tubbs, Hank Williams…

  • David

    Something I discovered while wasting my ever-more-precious time noodling around the Web was that guitar weirdo Eugene Chapman wrote a bunch of country record reviews for artistdirect, which I liked so much that I bookedmarked a google search for them. Here it is.