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Eric Martin – I’m Goin’ Sane

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I’m Goin’ Sane
Eric Martin

Like a game of football, this is a disc of two halves. The first side (if you will forgive the old term) is very “modern” sounding and thus not too great to my ears, with exception of the rocker ‘Marie’ and the bluesy ‘There goes the Neightborhood’. Then the disc picks up, and we see the EM of old. The same soulful voice we loved in Mr Big squeezes a bit of emotion out of tracks like ‘Everyday”‘ and ‘Bigger Man’. Why EM decided to include a piss poor cover of the Car’s ‘All I needed” is a mystery; the other bonus track ‘Only a Moment’ is better, if not essential. All in all, a pretty good collection of tracks from the former Mr Big singer, but it does not mean we don’t miss his old band.

Marty Dodge: 6



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