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Eric Burdon Salutes BUSHWORLD

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[sung to the tune of “House of the Rising Sun”]

Well our Prez went down to New Orleans
They call the him the Idiot Son —
And he’s been the ruin of many a country
And God I know we’re one.

His mother was named Barbara
Her vagina shoulda been sewed.
His father now looks like a liberal,
it’d be better if he’d spilled his load.

He said, “The the only thing a Negro needs
is a Superdome and a bath,
And the only time the GOP is satisfied
Is when I’m on a war path.”

—— organ solo ——

Oh mother tell your children
Not to vote like we have done
Spend your lives in a jobless economy
In the Land of the Idiot Son.

Well, I got one foot in the water
and one foot in the grave.
I’m tryin’ to get outta New Orleans
FEMA, please come to save!

Well our Prez went down to New Orleans
They call the Idiot Son
And he staged a cute little photo op
And got back on Air Force One.

==== lyrics by Shark: performing nightly @ blogcrictics.org ====

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  • Well, that was offensive and poorly written. Good job.


  • Shark

    Thanks, Dave! You know you’re my model!

  • Have you ever heard of METER, shark?


  • Shark

    Ohhh, got me there, Dave!

    Now run along; four more Americans died in Iraq yesterday and you need to go spin another post justifying their deaths.


  • Maybe Dave will show us how it should be done. A suggested title:
    “The Ass of Texas Is Upon Us” (all the livelong day.)

  • Eyes of Texas is too easy to work with. Down here we’ve got a million silly variants of it. Plus lefties would be happier with “The Lies of Texas are Upon Us”.

    How about this..

    There is a man in New Orleans,
    And he’s our native son.
    He’s served and fought in many lands,
    And he will never run.

    He got there in the morning
    They fed him pork and beans
    He’s come to do his duty
    In the mud of New Orleans.

    Now the only thing he cares about
    Are those that he can save.
    To bring them food and get them out
    And spare them from the grave.

    Oh mothers tell your children
    Not to loot and snipe with guns.
    The guardsmen will be coming
    And they’re our native sons.

    A victim has no color.
    The desperate have no race.
    The men who serve in New Orleans
    All wear compassion’s face.

    Well there’s a man in New Orleans
    A guardsman with a gun.
    He’s served and fought in many lands,
    But he’s our native son.

    That’s the final version. I edited out a different version of the second to last verse – for good reason – but here it is for Shark’s amusement:

    I’ve one eye on the networks
    And one hand on my keys
    I’ll speak for those in New Orleans
    And fight the leftist sleaze.


  • Shark

    Dave, get yer own material.

    The Management

  • Dave, my compliments on a job well done!
    I am glad you made the edit. Let’s try to keep partisanship out of our nobler instincts.
    Thanks for a good read.

  • Shark, Give Dave a break. He is only mad because W couldn’t find a blow-horn, a pile of rubble, and a fireman to put his arm around.

  • Shark

    There is a man in New Orleans,
    And he’s our native son.
    He’s a cop who tried to do his best,
    And now he’s on the run.

    He got there in the morning
    no help – no car – no shoes,
    He tried to do his duty
    and he’s got Abandoned Blues.

    Now the only thing he cares about
    his family that was drowned.
    He tossed his badge, gave up his job
    and left to look around.

    Oh mothers, tell policemen
    America really cares.
    Bush will soon fly over
    while you’re stranded on the stairs.

    Most victims have a color,
    They’re black and very poor.
    They’re the ones got left behind
    by an economic whore.

    While a guardsman saves Iraqis
    a cop has slit his wrist.
    he lined up for a bus trip,
    But he wasn’t on the list.

    I’ve one eye on the networks
    And one eye on the flag
    when the poor revolt with guillotines
    I’ll bring a body bag.

    * * *

  • Nick

    Dave, purely as a matter of public record – are you from New Orleans? If not, cut the pretentious pose that you speak for victims. It dishonours their suffering.

  • steve

    I wonder if weird al could come up with a better bleeding heart liberal take on “HOTRS?”