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Man, lately ER really does something unseemly to my cheese. I mean, yeah, they’re talking about the horrors in the Congo, the senseless, killing, burning, raping, shooting point blank of the person next in line (don’t forget the sawing off the girl’s leg from the season finale). What gets me is how PREACHY and overwrought and cliche it all seems. Tonight’s episode was a veritable bible studies class, where the innocent moors are raped and murdered left right and centre (because black people are apparently expendable), but the dogooder Croatian doctor “with a past” who rails against the corporate, capitalist consumerism of America gets to live because he gives a little schpiel about how beautiful it was to be a Catholic kid growing up in Milosovic’s Yugoslavia, and how his act of contrition (praying in Croation in a Malarial, sweaty delirium) gets him confused as a priest, and damn if “you can’t kill a man of God!”

Like, we’re all going to be saved by going to Africa and catching a life-threatening illness that causes us to hallucinate.

I’m sorry if this all too cynical, but when Carter decides to stay with his Dixie Chickless ipod (I mean, what, is this supposed to be an attempt at irony here?) so he can potentially boink Abby-in-Training Mary McCormack, and drives off into the sunset in his gleaming white chariot (with the big Red Cross on the side, and yes, I know the Red Cross is a non-partisan organization, but it’s not the Red “Cross” because it was founded by Zoroastrians), I mean, people, it’s a little much, don’t you think? I’m getting a little suspicious.

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  • san

    My favorite part was where the Congolese rebels knelt in supplication before Luka. That was the most amazing slice of the preposterous that I’ve seen on TV since Bobby Ewing didn’t die.

  • Preposterous, yes, but I love the character of Luka. This devoted family man and doctor devolved into a lost soul last year, and I was sucked into caring about him and praying for his spiritual resurrection. I figured the Congo trip would lead him there.

    When that phone call came into the ER last week (“Someone is dead … Dr. Kovac”), I wept like a baby. The whole week I was sad, thinking he was dead. Watching the flashbacks during tonight’s episode, my thoughts drifted to all the things Luka had endured — the violent loss of his family in Croatia. His inability to find peace or love in Chicago. His fall into despair and promiscuity and irresponsibility. His loss of faith. I prayed with him in that moment before the seemingly inevitable moment came when he would be shot to death like all those around him. Then the woman yelled, “You can’t kill a man of God” (I read the subtitle, of course, as she was speaking in the native language), and I found myself leaping from my chair and shouting with joy. Tears were pouring down my face. Yeah, it was a cruel manipulation, but credit where it is due. All last season, ER kept me as a viewer solely because of Luka’s story. I came back to find out what happened to this wounded soul. And tonight I was rewarded for it.

    ER cheeses me off more often than not, and for too many reasons to recount. But I am so happy, so relieved that Luka lived.

    Now, Carter, on the other hand…

  • I’m just in the beginning of the season, but now I know that not only I think this season sucks. Thanks!

  • san

    “Now, Carter, on the other hand…”

    Carter has just been recycled into Mark Green in his annoying phase. Now it’s all about his angst. He wasn’t even irritating as a recovering drug addict: *now* he’s a pain. And you know Abby and Luka are going to hit the sheets again. Circular plot lines.

    I still like Noah Wyle quite a bit. But in ER-fantasy-land I’m presently more fond of Luka than Carter.

  • san

    Michelle: I think the international market is getting ER at about the same time we are. If you’ve seen two new episodes this season, then you’re right where we are.

  • It probably helps — in my case — that Goran Visnjic is way hotter than Noah Wyle.

    Abby and Luka, redux. Yeah, that’s what I expect. I do not approve. Thank goodness it’s only ER-fantasy-land.

  • Seeing as Luka has been anti-religious (atheist? not sure) all along, I think last night’s episode was pivotal for the fact that it appeared to be an ‘act of God’ that saved him, which had a bit of foreshadowing when the woman gave him the crucifix earlier in the episode. I thought that was handled quite well, actually – with him bound up, hands in front, almost as if he was being forced to pray.

    But really, I’m just looking forward to the episode where Linda Cardellini joins the cast. She’s rumored to be his new love interest. Really missed seeing her since Freaks & Geeks went off the air (boo NBC on that one – another great show that was NOT given a fighting chance while turgid crap like Good Morning Miami gets renewed.)

  • ‘his’ in my comment above refers to Luka, by the way.