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Episode 5 – The DJRadiohead Podcast Experience

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I’m back!

Questions are answered in Episode 5.

Episode 5 went longer than I imagined possible.
Episode 5 went longer than Episode 4 which totally amazes me.

So here it is… the language is again extremely coarse. New bits were added. The music is great.

Please be gentle. And honest.

Song list:
“When Your Number Isn’t Up” by Mark Lanegan
“Farewell Ride” by Beck
“The Storm” by Doves
“The Storm” (Remix) by Doves
“Eleven Miles Out” by Doves
“My So-Called Celibate Life” by Pernice Brothers

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  • Yay! More DJRadiohead!

    I’ll politely not mention that I recorded show #009 last night. 🙂

    I won’t be posting it until Monday, probably, so I’ll have time to listen to yours first.

  • argh! yet more taunting from the world! i only got the damn internet fixed today and already stuff for to hear, and i CAN’T, on acocunt of the sound card decided to get all nicotine-afied. im gonna have to go about learning how to clear space on my iPod, it looks like. i can stand this no longer!

  • Very nice of you to let me off the hook there Mr. Winn. I hope you enjoy the ‘cast. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  • Duke, I think you might enjoy a segment or two here in this one. I tossed a few things out there with you in mind.

    Sorry to hear about you soundcard, boss. This whole technology thing can be a real bite in the ass.

    Let me know what you thought of the thing when you get a chance to hear it.