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ENUFF Z NUFF ‘?’ Frontiers (2005)
Enuff Z Nuff define underrated in that they release quality albums but sadly never really break out of their loyal fanbase, a fact not helped by the amount of record labels they’ve been through since the mid-90’s. This album sees the original line-up back with Derek Frigo back on guitar and Vicci Fox on drums (recent drummer Ricky Parent also appears). It’s already had a US release last year via Perris Records but now Frontiers give a full European release and hopefully wider exposure.

It’s what you’d expect from Enuff Z Nuff – finely crafted pop rock tunes, full of melody and at times barbed lyrics. Just listen to the harmonies on `Gorgeous’ or the band’s Beatles leanings showing through on `Home Tonight’. `Harleya’ kicks in with a fast riff and again it has got a catchy chorus.

Mellower moments are represented by `How Are You?’ and then there is `Joni Woni (Likes To Ride The Pony) – I’ll leave you to guess what this song is about… There is even a storming cover of Queen’s `Stone Cold Crazy’ (Metallica take note!).

One of the bands better releases (and seeing as most of their albums are better than many bands’ it isn’t faint praise) and certainly worth hearing for lovers of quality pop rock.

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  • I dig this band and it is good to see someone actually making an effort to cover them. thanks.

  • Always enjoyed this lot, have several of their albums. Their first album is still an under-rated classic.

  • my word!!!! They’re still around??

    I remember the cover of Motley Crue’s “Toast Of The Town” they did on their first album. I thought they faded away quietly after that.