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Entourage – Season 2 – HBO

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Although we are only four episodes into the second season of Entourage, I am going to have to say that it is going to be one of the biggest television DVD sellers next year. This season has all the entertainment factor of last season, with 100% more cool cameos (Hugh Hefner, Chris Penn, Pauly Shore, Ralph Maccio, and Jaime Pressly) and enough plotline to raise the show another level from last year.

If you haven’t seen it, the show follows for friends from Queens through stardom in Hollywood. Vince is the star. Eric is the friend with street smarts who is acting as Vince’s manager. Johnny is Vince’s washed up actor brother, and Turtle is the lackey who is along for the fun.

The end of last season had Eric (E) getting the big promotion to manager, which has him acting as a go-between for Vince and the agent, played masterfully by Jeremy Piven. (If you don’t think you know Jeremy Piven, he played the Dean Wormer character in Old School.) Eric’s character is really what drives the show as he is the catalyst for most of the decisions, from what scripts need to be read, all the way to how much they should spend on cars and houses.

Again this season, the show explores the ins and outs of Hollywood life that we don’t get to see. I certainly don’t know how much truth there is to the whole thing, and I guess I don’t really care. I feel like it gives me some window into how the game works, and I like that, regardless of how genuine it might or might not be. But I digress.

Eric is in control and he is guiding Vince through his career. Vince finished the indie film and is now trying to land the comic book mega-blockbuster. The ups (Cannes Film Festival, the pajama party at the Playboy Mansion) are held in stark contrast with the downs (not knowing if the big payday is ever coming) and the viewer is left with a captivating show about characters who are easy to care about, while not being so perfect that you just have to hate them.

So grab some HBO and check this show out, or wait for the DVD’s to be released.

Season 1 is already available.

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  • justin

    hey there i would just like to let u and all of hbo and who ever is the one who made oz that me and all my buddy’s and famley really really love oz and i wud just like to no if ur gunna make a nother or if there is one comein out soon be cus now that there all the same at night i dont really have nothing els to wach i when and got oz from walmart and i just wanna no if u guys are gunna make a new one or not plz email ma back and let me no thank’s

  • Jay

    Does anyone have HBO’s Big Love epsiode 13 (first episode of season 2) that I could download? I love this programme and bought the dvd for season 1 so I could watch it. I live in Ireland and we don’t get it here. I dont think I can wait until season 2 finishes before I have to buy the dvd again!! Please help me.

  • amanda rubenstein

    Do you know when season 3 is being released???


  • thatguy

    oh man, you say your not sure how accurate entourage is, well trust me, its spot on, even downplayed a bit because you cant show everything on t.v haha. it is deffinatley a very good look into what happens after the credits roll and the cheques are signed.

  • Michelle

    I love this show. I didn’t get into it until into the second season. I went back on my In Demand feature and watched all of the previous episodes, and I am hooked.

    I have been waiting to see the second half of season two. I cannot find it on HBO in demand. Has season 2 been completed, and has it aired???

  • Nelly

    This is my favorite show i watched season 1 about 30 times already and season 2 on DVR about everyday it’s just one of the best shows i ever seen letting you into the hollywood world. i’ll be watching for the next 5 years plus i guess

  • James

    According to Movieweb, season two will be released on June 6, 2006!!!

  • steve

    when does s2 come out on dvd?

  • Ty

    I thought your review of Entourage was very good. Well written and very accurate. Like everyone else, I’ve shown all my friends and now they’re hooked. Some episodes of Season 2 are on HBO on demand if anyone wants to check them out. I have been searching everywhere for the release date of season 2 does anybody know?

  • bigNDfan

    when does season 3 begin?

  • Zac

    #3 Entourage, can’t wait for season 2 dvd and season 3. Good news #5 I can’t get enough of this show.

  • brian

    Entourage News:
    Jeremy Piven has signed a contract for 5 more seasons, the rest of the cast have signed on for 4.

    Expect season 3 to be out in May 2006 following the Soprano time slot. Season 3 is rumoured to be 20 episodes in length.

  • Hector

    yo this is really my favorate show i bought the dvd as soon as it came out. and showed it to all of my frnds. and they love it now to. were all getting ses 2 when it comes out so if you can keep us posted when it comes out.

  • Wayne Thomson

    Does anyone know which episode holly valance made a guest appearance in.

  • I don’t know when it is coming out, but we are on episode 13 of season 2 now, so I might imagine around Christmas…

  • James

    Do you know when season 2 of Entourage will be released on dvd? I love this show!