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Entertainment PC Review: HP’s TX1000 Series, A Quality Control Disaster

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The HP TX1000 Entertainment Notebook (available in different configurations), which also doubles as a Tablet PC in most models, has been out on the market for a couple months. Because of the nightmares I've had from owning this so-called "computer," it has taken me two months to come to grips with myself in order to write a review. I've been concerned with HP for a while because while they have made some of the best desktop PCs over the past ten years, their notebook PCs show problems: cheaply made, inferior "stereo" speakers, poor unsaturated screen, and very short battery life.

When I first saw the HP TX1000 at Fry's, I just had to try it out. I couldn't believe an actual Tablet PC (even though it's more advertised as an Entertainment PC) could cost under $1300 and have some great features: 160 GB hard drive; 2 GB SDRAM; 802.11a/b/g/n (draft 802.11n) WLAN & Bluetooth; NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 video graphics (with up to 335MB total available graphics memory); and  a 2.0 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 processor. When I saw that the processor was an AMD Turion, I should have predicted that the battery life would be bad and it was, especially when running wireless.

Warning to all those planning to buy the HP TX1000 to use as a Tablet PC: stay far away! The inking experience on this so called "Entertainment PC" was uncomfortable, inconsistent, and offensive to geeks who understand how a Tablet PC is supposed to work. The digitizer on the HP TX1000 is passive, meaning you don't need a special kind of pen in order to ink. Some tablets with a passive digitizer have been somewhat successful (Fujitsu P1610), but not this one. The inking experience was the equivalent of writing on a pad of paper with a broken pen, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Apparently, the Quality Control Department at HP was sleeping during production of this unit, because the screen does not calibrate correctly. This isn't a problem if you like writing and having the ink show up about a sixth of an inch away from your stylus. Overall, I would recommend an Etch-A-Sketch over the HP TX1000 for your tablet needs.

But the tablet portion isn't the only problem with this computing disaster. If you plan to use it as an "Entertainment" PC, please be sure to watch the movies at a direct angle from the screen. If you turn the screen slightly to the left, right, up, or down, the colors start disappearing and the screen appears washed out. Also, don't expect any magic from the "Altec Lansing" stereo speakers. They are loud, but the sound is often muffled and unclear. I thought that the poor speaker quality, at first, wasn't a technical issue since I was forced to listen to my nephew's Gwen Stefani records. However, playing the Lord of The Rings DVD was also a difficult experience soundwise (as well the picture and everything else).

If I still didn't convince you not to get this PC, then please be able to bring the AC adapter with you wherever you go. If you plan to use this in places that don't have electrical outlets, then you are pretty much out of luck. The TX1000 battery life is extremely short. Though it advertises three hours of use, I could barely watch a movie (with WiFi connected) without the battery life draining in less than fifty minutes. In other words, don't take this on a plane.

Those of you who want a true portable Entertainment/Tablet PC with a decent amount of hard drive memory and RAM may want to look at the higher end Fujitsu T4215. The unit will run you over $2,0000, but you get the best of both worlds: a tablet that you can feel comfortable writing on (just don't put it on your lap because you may get third degree burns), and a unit with a beautiful screen that can be seen, without looking washed out, at all different angles. The speakers on this unit are not loud, but at least produce sound decently so it doesn't sound all muffled. If you can forget about the tablet part (and I still believe pen and paper is far more useful than anything a Tablet PC can offer), the $2,000 + Sony TX series is an incredible piece of portable computing for productivity and entertainment. But please, and I mean PLEASE, stay away from the HP TX1000 Entertainment PC. If there is one lesson to learn with this computer it is that cheaper prices in the geek world often mean cheaper quality as well.

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About Daryl D

  • Every HP computer I have bought has been poorly made. I learned my lesson when I bought a HP from Walmart, only to have it break six months after purchase. The power cord also is poorly made on some of these “cheap” computers and the Dial-up and DSL socket plugins seem to be fragile as well. I suggest to anyone buying an HP from Walmart to save the receipt, buy an extra power cord, use WiFi, and once you place it in a postion on your desk….NEVER MOVE IT.

    Also the keys pop off after a year. They just wear down after constant use. In my opinion, if a computer starts to break down after a year…thats a very very sneaky marketing scheme that has come back to bite HP in the hind end.

    Have a nice day.

  • daryl d

    I’ve had a lot of HP problems too. Personally, I still think Sony is the best (I don’t work for Sony). Their computers are a little bit more pricey, but the customer service is outstanding and the quality is much better. I love the screens on the sony laptops.

  • bliffle

    Thus dies a once great company, plundered by unscrupulous business pirates. May they burn in hell, and that goes for Carly, too.

  • e.j.

    Hp has been a quality control disaster for years. Their only worthwhile product has been the ipaq handheld series which is completely outdated now.

  • I bought HP DV1000 in 2006 – that was a total disaster. After six months it broke. I sent them back in March 2007 for in-warranty repair and after 3 months still don’t have back despite many reminders – even over 100 reminders emails sent to so called CEO of HP (using hp.com). result – A pending court case in NJ superior court against HP.

    I got HP 2000 for my son – it is dead after 20 days of use. no light no start no charge. I haven’t even bothered to talk to HP. How many court case should I file against HP. So, I am using this as evidence to show that HP produces substandard quality products. So, far it has proven to be a good paperweight.

    I bought a HP DV6275 in April, to replace my forever in-service DV1000 held at HP. DV 6275 proved even bigger disaster. I came broken from the day one and its on board clock will not work. Luckily, J&R agreed to return it even after 30 days as it arrived defective, and I told them I will have no choice but to start yet another case against HP (since they haven’t returned my previous laptop) and unfortunately, I may have to include J&R (which is a great store, and I love dealing with them).

    Three HP products and three different yet total disaster stories. At this point, I hate HP and they have given me so much trouble with their poor quality products and even more with their worst quality service, I would be happy if a company supplying such poor quality products dies a natural death. In my books, HP does not deserve to exist – poor quality products, rude and arrogant management and staff, and extremely poor service. That is HP for me and I am 25 year veteran in the computer industry.

    I look forward to a day when HP will file chapter 11 when one by one every customer abandons them like me. That will the day many will celebrate the death of a arrogant company that forgot the word “quality”.

  • RukShan

    l have to disagree With this review. I’ve Used a hp TX 1000 for over a month and every thing is Just Perfect. It feels better than my Previous Acer or Asus.Plus people fall in love With Its design and features.
    lam Writing my Comments not typing , So the touch Screen is fine.Ive got the 6 cell batty that runs for over 3.5h.

  • Matt

    Why in the world would you buy a third HP computer after having that kind of trouble with the first two? I have to say I have a dv1000, two years old, still going strong. Had a HP PDA for three years. Still going strong – except the SD reader did go out recently:(. Just bought a tx1000 a week ago. Good so far. I am a little worried about having an AMD processor as all my other computers have had Intel.

  • Mike

    People confuse pen tablet with touch screen. A pen tablet has a natural feel with pressure sensitivity (ie Wacom) where a touch screen is exactly that, a touch screen that does not require a stylus!!! Now, if you plan to paint, draw, doodle, etc, then get a pen tablet! If you want to browse the web without a keyboard or stylus, then get the TX1000.

  • Hassan

    I have bought a hp tx1222au and i think it is worth the money. But what makes me feel annoying is the screen. HP says that the screen is supposed to be ‘BrightView’ but it is exactly the other way round – very dull and murky. I am not sure why this happens. Is it beacause the screen is touch screen or what else? I find other hp laptops or even hp compaq laptops’ screen a bit better. Those kind of screens really enhance the power of Windows Vista. But not this hp tx1222au though it claims that it was especially developed for Vista Platform. Whoever wants to give a try for this laptop please keep this issue in mind. Other than that everything is ok about this laptop.

  • bobo

    i also recently purchased this computer.. i am well aware of it’s short comings ie)bright view screen and extremely slow boot up times while using vista.. i attempted to format the hardrive and put xp on it.. but i couldn’t find any drivers to download to make the webcam and internet work.. perhaps in a year or so hp will put out these drivers… because vista runs wayyy too slow on this computer… avg boot up with vista is 2.5 mins, while the boot up with xp on this comp was 30 seconds.. i plan to keep this computer as i can’t afford a more expensive tablet and this one only costed $1,100 on sale.. also.. if you plan on doing any sort of extreme gaming, you can look forward to some considerable lag…

  • Kirk

    I own the HP tx1000 and overall, I’m very happy with it. I will agree that the tablet part isn’t the best, and the battery life is annoyingly short. But I think there are many benefits to this computer as well, including the nice small 12″ size, 4 lb weight, and cheap price. I have the 2.2 ghz processor, and I’d say that with Vista, it runs about as fast as my older 1.8 ghz single-core with XP. But hey, that’s Vista’s problem, not the hardware. Another benefit is the fact that you can convert it to a tablet, which makes it more compact for watching videos and web surfing.

    Overall, I would recommend it. I don’t really use the tablet for writing much, but for me, the smaller size and really low price was the seller. Total cost for me was around $1,500, with MS Office and upgraded processor. I wish I could have afforded 4gb of ram, but at $575 extra, that was just too steep.

  • actually it was perfect, the design and the functionality, iam lit bit uncomfort to the ventilation system of tx1000, my unit fan can`t take the heat out of my notebook that maybe can cause my unit to over heat, i suggest to the production and design dept of hp to get a solution for this problem for future hp product.

    more power HP

  • Benjamin Chin

    To all dissatified users of HP notebooks; I am thankful for your efforts to warn the public of the sub-standard products HP offers.

    I have my first notebook, a ThinkPad T61 (7663A21 version), and, my second notebook, a budget-priced MSI VR320. So, I have a balance between the high-end vs. cheap quality notebooks.

    Before I proceed furthur, let me stress that I do NOT work directly nor indirectly for and computer brand. Hence, I am not partial towards any brand which I may advocate below.

    Firstly, HP and its related Compaq are NOT first-tier brands. They are neither known to be premium brands either — they are BUDGET brands.

    What that means is clear from common-sense; do NOT expect these 2 brands to perform like a ThinkPad.

    If quality is your primary consideration go for brands like ThinkPad T or X series, Fujitsu T, E or S series, and Toshiba Protege or Tecra series.

    These 3 brands also offer good quality tablet-notebooks (check them out).

    If you are price sensitive but still want decently good quality go for brands like Acer TravelMate, and TwinHead Durabook.

    The above 5 brands all come with 3D shock-sensor to prevent damage to the harddisk in case of shock, and their keyboards are all spill-resistant.

    Given that notebooks are portable this translates that being shock-resistant & spill-resistant are pre-requisite considerations when buying a notebook, over-and-above their specs.

    Stop wasting your hard-earned money on HP and Compaq notebooks and you have less to worry.

    I hope this message makes things clear for all readers.

    rgds, Benjamin Chin (5th Oct, 2007)

  • nilay

    i have the tx1000 w/2.2ghz turion and 2gb ram and think its great. of couse the tablet functionality, or in this case touch screen is no where near where a true tablet should be, but thats is not what this pc is geared to be. The battery life is poor but honestly what do you expect out of a laptop these dys. By no means would this computer satisfy a hardcore computer geek or anyone requiring a hardcore tablet, but for students, people looking for a very well priced entertainment laptop, and/or something quick and prtable this is it.

  • David

    I own this laptop and I love it. I hate vista so i went to xp tablet edition with dual boot because some of vistas features work well with this computer. The only dislike i have about this laptop is the heat it kicks out. You cant sit this on your lap for too long because out of the right back corner where it vents heat. It is pretty harsh. Overall I am happy with this touch screen compact laptop.

  • I don’t know what you are talking about, I love my Hp tx1000! Then again I am not the type of person who flames up over nothing. I don’t find the heat a problem when you put it in power saver mode, although there is a small lag in performance if you try opening to many programs at once.
    Yes the battery life is very very short (annoyingly so) but one external APC universal notebook battery later and I’m right as rain and more then able to watch at least two movies while on the airplane. And everyone i meet is so jealous of how cool it looks. I just love the ultra portableness.
    I do think the only real drawbacks are:

    The short battery life( Its made to be portable, but how portable can it be if you have to be right next to the wall?)

    The inability to actually see things on the screen in bright sunlight ( especially evil in Texas and New Mexico where its sunny 90% of the time)

    And the pressure, which is more of an annoyance then an issue. I do love being able to poke the screen if i lose track of my pointer!

    I would most likely buy from them again in the future. I do love the quadcore computer made by them. Cost less then the laptop actually.

  • Kanesis

    I have had this Laptop for about 7 months bought it for a trip to vegas. Its worked great bought a cell boost external battery an it went for about 5 hours enough for the plane trip playing dvds the whole way with wireless disabled. I then got upset will all the preloded vista O.S. so i totally formatted and used windows xp tablet you can find all drivers for everything just look. I have to tell you With windows xp tablet its ten times better now its a monster. I do use photoshop and it works well after a good calibration you just need to relize how to use it then you will get results you want. I have to say if you own this put win XP tab on it without all the extra hp stuff. As far as heat ive ran this laptop for weeks on end and it still works great. my tx1000 specs 2.0×2 turian 2gb memory 160gb hard drive and the lightscribe dvdr. I have to say after looking at friends laptops this one is easy for replacing anything as far as hardware goes cause everything is labeled i took most of everything off just so i could know exactly how to replace it. I would like a active digitzer but until i can afford to spend 2,000 for a laptop with equal power this one will work. Lots of the active digitizer laptops dont have near the specs this laptop has.

  • daryl d

    Well, I have very good news for people here who thought the TX1000 was promising, but ended up lacking a lot of features. The HP TX2000 is about to be released and I played around with it a couple weeks ago. I have been in the hospital for the past week and a half and haven’t been able to write a review, but I’ll get to it. You guys will LOVE this.

  • P. Brian

    Although I commend you for writing a review about the TX1000, I would say that you need to check into user error before bashing the computer.

    First off, the speakers that you are complaining about are either really messed up on your laptop (doubtful) or you have failed to adjust settings in your laptop properly. Make sure that you check your NVmixing tray to see that you have the speakers set up properly. Next, I have seen people get frustrated with the TX1000 because they could not hear voices during movies because they were lower than the music. Once again, this is user error. Turn up the volume to full blast on the actual desktop, and then, when using quickplay, turn the volume up to any level you like in there. It is the disparity between the max sound on the desktop and quickplay that cause the sound issue. This is a fairly common problem with most DVD-player applications that are bundled in with ANY computer, desktop or laptop. People do not tend to notice the problem on their desktop computers merely because they have a larger sound system hooked up to the computers. So, what to make of all this speaker talk? 1. Go get the latest audio drivers from hp’s website. 2. Check into user error, because you are describing symptoms that are unlikely to be the fault of the manufacturer

    What kind of problem are you having with the screen? Oh, it washes out at different angles? Boohoo, welcome to the world of laptops. You should step into my law school, there will be 130 students in amphitheater seating with laptops all going. Every type of laptop you can imagine is in this class. The very best to the very worst. No matter where in the class you go, everyone’s laptops wash at an angle. Is this a problem with HP? No. I take it that you have never purchased an LCD flat-screen television? It is a problem with LCD technology in general, and has nothing to do with this laptop in particular. They all do it, if you want something that will not wash at an angle, you need to create a plasma screen laptop. Just watch out, that will cost you a lot more than the cash you spent on this laptop.

    Let’s talk about the screen in relation to it being dimmer than some other laptops out there. Why would HP make a great laptop with a dim screen, right? Oh, wait, this is supposed to be a portable laptop that doubles as a tablet from time-to-time. Now, what does this mean? There is a giant hunk of glass between you and the LCD, which causes a bit of a “haze” and dimmer brightness. How could HP have corrected this problem? Instead of one bulb being placed in the laptop, you could have put a second in there, and fixed the issue. Wait, that would add another .5 lbs to the weight of the laptop. Think about using any tablet feature with this laptop being heavier than it already is? HP had to compromise. They saved weight for the consumer at the expense of a little brightness.

    What about the touchscreen? Yes, it is passive, but it still works great, you just have to calibrate it properly. Also, you have to break the screen in, you press hard at first for a few weeks, and then all of the sudden, it picks up everything you do with minimal force, and therefore, seems like pen on paper. The only issue is that you are weary about jamming a plastic stylus into the screen, and therefore, never quite breaking it in. If you are a student or a professional in need of light tablet features, this laptop is great. And, now, the TX2000 has both the active and passive screen, so it should appease all consumers. But, if you are in need of a tablet at all times, then you need to go the extra mile, pay the extra thousand bucks, and get a tablet that is meant to be just that, a tablet. But, most people do not want something that is exclusively a tablet, since they are useless when it comes to a great computing experience away from work. Pick and choose your computer wisely if that is the case.

    Now, as far as the guy who purchased 3 hp computers and is “suing” them in New Jersey. You are lying, flat out lying. Look at the terms you agreed to when you purchased the computers and retained them for more than 30 days. You are 100% UNABLE, flat out UNABLE, to sue HP in the NJ state or federal court system. Why? You agreed to arbitration, thus being unable to sue in both state and federal courts. The arbitration is more costly than the computers. You would lose money even if you “won”. This is a Pyrrhic victory at most. Right now, I am looking at a case for Gateway that went to the Jersey Supreme Court, and they have upheld that those terms are fine, and arbitration is proper. As long as you agreed to it by retaining the computer over 30 days. So, for anyone reading that guy’s horror stories, he is lying about the suit, he can file it, but it would be booted from court every time. Now, why one earth would you continue to buy from a company you hate? If they always break down on you, is that not like buying a firework without a wick — it may work or it may explode in your face. Come on, you did not really buy computers from them did you?

    For anyone interested in the HP TX1000 or TX2000 series laptops, you will be fine. They are great laptops. I have the TX1000, and as soon as bestbuy gets the 2000 in stock, I am going to go pick it up.

    Don’t listen to all of these people and their horror stories. If you look closely, there are a bunch of inconsistencies in them, and they appear to be suffering from user error in some cases.

    Good luck purchasing computers.

  • Rick A.

    I bought this for portability. For under a $1000 there isn’t anything else close. Gosh, you can get one for $800 with 3Gb memory and 250Gb hard drive. It is light and can be used on the tray table in an airplane. You can switch to tablet mode for an even smaller footprint. It has lots of features including wireless N, 1Gb ethernet, Bluetooth, expansion port, docking port, fingerprint reader, camera, cool design, 3 USB ports, touchscreen. It’s convenient and easy to use. It’s lightweight, though not ultra-light. It has a dummy plug to replace the DVD to reduce weight. You can play DVD’s without firing up the computer, and can watch them in tablet mode which has a very small footprint.

    Here’s the problems:
    1) Vista, Vista, Vista. What a pig! It’s not HP’s fault since M$ won’t sell/support XP any more. You can make a recovery DVD >once!< and then it won't make another. Again, M$ paranoia and nastiness, not HP. You can copy the recovery DVD as many times as you want, but can't make another from the hard drive. 2) Vista. You need to install a dual boot XP or just wipe Vista. Drivers for XP are difficult to find. Although I found them for everything, the display driver for XP is pathetic. Everytime the screensaver comes on, it forgets the resolution and you have to reset it. Why doesn't HP provide this driver? Or why doesn't the Nvidia driver for the 6150 on XP work on this machine? 3) Vista. This power and CPU hog makes the system very slow and short battery life. Going back to XP helps these, but you have to pay M$ to fix the problem they created. 4) Vista. Half of my legacy programs will not run on the system. For example, DeLorme topo. What difference does the OS make to a map program? Of course things like Partition Magic don't work and never will. You'll need to buy upgrades or new programs for many of your apps. 5) Display gets washed out in bright light. 6) Fingerprint reader requires an average of five passes before it recognizes finger. Probably more a problem with readers in general than this particular model 7) Power port is different size from other HP power adapters, so your old adapter won't work. 8) Position of instant start DVD player button is such that you accidentally hit it often. 9) Cursor movement keys are not standard. This is a compromise for its small size.

  • Kari Smith

    Just to let everyone know, I have contacted the BBB about the HP TX1000. They are a piece of crap and for the money you pay, it should last more then 13 months. What happened was my screen would not come on but the lights and fan came on, well they tried to charge me $49.99 just for tech support to help, only to find out that the motherboard was bad. When I got the pc it ran very very hot from day one, well it got so hot it fried my motherboard. Now they want me to pay over $300 for a new one when this pc is only 13 months old and I should not have to fix it. this is their problem and they should fix it. I need more email addys to send them so they will make it a recall and they will fix it.Please help and get the word out. they are screwing their hard working customers. tnx


    HP should acknowledge that TX1000 / TX2000 series has a serious build issue…

    I am another affected consumer.. the laptop died within 2 weeks of expiry of warranty..

    See HP’s own forum.

    If you experience any issues with your HP laptop, please voice these issues to HP support, in addition even if you are out of warranty, please voice these issues, so that HP can aware of the issue that exists w/in this model.

  • Definitly

  • Shannon

    Worst computer ever.
    Wireless died a couple of months after the warranty ended and HP support won’t acknowledge anything. Since this is an old review, I bet all those people who said it was an awesome computer a month or so after they got it, aren’t saying it now!

  • S

    Some of the issues you are talking about can be solved with a bit of help from google. Like the webcam, update your drivers. Or use the Asus driver, search google for TX1000 drivers.


    This product is DEFECTIVE.

    Documented here: And here:[Unfortunately, neither link provided was complete, so they have been deleted by the Comments Editor]

    Do not buy.

  • Sam

    Same here, it’s been sitting under my bed for about 3 months now. DO NOT BUY!

  • Chris

    I have had a TX1308nr for about 2 years now, it only worked for about the first year. Then the thing just stopped working. HP did not honor the 1 year warranty because it had been just over one year since I had bought it(like a week over.) So I looked into getting it fixed. HA! Its better to tear this one apart, and sell to other people who have had theirs break. All I have heard is horrible things about this series. Worked great when it did work, but way to expensive to fix…

  • killah

    I highly agree with all the claims and strong opinions that HP should hold responsibility for the serious problems being encountered with the TX1000 series laptops. Now i usually purchase a new computer every 8-12 months, and previous to experiencing the issues with the TX1000, i had a previous laptop which developed lines on the screen. HP refused to accept responsibility in that case as well, but i let it slide. However, with the new TX1000 the problem are very serious and are became effective fairly soon after purchase (sooner than i expected any issue of this monstrosity would occur). Now like most of you i agree that HP must take responsibility for these issues. Well one small way which i have began to play my role is i have not purchased an HP computer as i had planned to, and i have stopped using my HP printer. I will not purchase a single HP product again until HP decides to accept full responsibility for the following problems:
    1. Serious Boot Problem
    2. Failure of Wireless Adapter


    Now like many of you i have seen HP’s creative ads on TV, and i can only assume that HP has benefited from those ads. Well now i think its time that HP receives some PRIME TIME TV coverage which they probably wont enjoy as much.

    PS: I am working to try and get a story on the news to cover the following Law suit which could give HP some of the most TV time they will probably ever be starring in.

  • Ive been working on a new track to Up load but have been set back somewhat due to a motherboard issue on my HP tx1080ea. Basically my machine is dying due to a design fault that does not allow for adequite expasion from heat generated by the chip set and causing the motherboard to warp and cause bad connectons leading to various components to fail. The first thing to go is the wlan card it just dissapears completely which is what I’ve had eventually according to the message boards see below the machine will die completely. HP fails to acknowledge the issue saying that they have not have enough cases to warrant any action in other words you are just a number and we dont care.

  • Van Tsai

    Bought one at Office Depot for $850. What a deal! But the first one had problems even booting up, and there were problems with the construction, so I had to exchange it for another…. which ALSO has problems ( the wi-fi keeps disconnecting for no reason, unless you power off the PC and reboot )… calls to HP landed me in an overseas call center, where I spent a combined more than 5 hours on the phone/ and reformatting the hard drive to do a system restore. Still not fixed, I finally was allowed to send it into HP factory service center… got it back… still has issues… (the Vista locks up every now and then)… the tablet input? forget it…… im so mad….

  • alok

    fuck hp. they r bad infact worst.

  • Alejandro Nova

    I’m writing this with my 2 and a half year old tx1000, and I support anything said here. Why am I still with my tx1000? Because of the mercy of the guys [edited] who managed to fully repair this notebook, and because of your comments and the sheer reality this machine is unsoldable.

    The chips themselves, and the motherboard design, are faulty. How could you explain that, before the guys on NBK changed the southbridge, temperature here rose to 104° C before the BIOS lowered the speed of the processor? 104° C is unacceptable! After the southbridge change, I’ve never saw more than 87° C, with 100% processor load, and the BIOS never lowering the processor speed. They couldn’t find another explanation.

    If you manage to find a real service center who fixes all the problems, then I’ll recommend this. Sure, the screen problem is awful, but you can fix that connecting yourself to a TV and watching movies there. Sure, the touchscreen feeling is somewhat broken, but (I don’t know why) under Linux it feels a lot less broken than in Windows. I need less pressure, and I can use reliably my fingernail (unlike VIsta) I get reasonable (2 hours with a 2 and a half year old battery is reasonable) battery running times. And there are better-than-new batteries available.

  • John

    HP Pavilion tx1000 has been giving me overheating issues. I have had the laptop repaired by the Geek Squad at Best Buy twice within my 2 year warranty and now my warranty recently expired and the laptop wont boot most of the time and the wireless adapter is not even being recognized. The Nvidia chip inside the laptop has a defect and is frying the computer. Please recall this product. So many customers are having this issue and the laptop cost me 1000 dollars with a 200 dollar 2 year warranty. [Edited]

  • Hamilton

    I just watched the video of the Soldier blowing away his HP printer with a machine gun because of HPs poor customer service and decided to tell my own experience with HP, in summery:

    Before I even watched this movie, I figured it would be a Soldier shooting up the printer. Thanks, and he is right. HP told me the same thing when I called them to ask why my printer, fax, scan, copier would not fax; the told me for $65.00 the would let me talk to someone who would tell me how to get it to work and I had to pay the money in advance. I said, well what if I pay and they are not able to tell me how to fix it, money back, no he said, he just said again that they would tell me how to fix it. I told them to get screwed and therefore it has never worked. I also bought a HP laptop before that. It stopped working right after I bought it. I took it in while it was still under full warranty. They said although it was under a full warranty, I had to pay $50.00 because the said the problem was a software issue and therefore not covered under the 100% warranty. Like a dumb ass, I paid them the $50.00 only to later find out that all they did is re-run the six install discs returning the computer to it’s original settings erasing all my data, something I could have easily done myself. To top that off, once the warranty ran out, it happened again, locked up, would not work. My unit computer geek removed my hard drive so I would not loose all my stuff again, re-ran the install dics with another hard drive in it to get the computer working, told me to buy a laptop hard drive enclosure and I could use it like a external hard drive. Well, to make a long story longer, it locked up again, and again, and again, many many times over the years and by them I got good at re-running all the install discs plus my MS Word, internet programs, etc, etc, and I spent about six to 10 hours each time the laptop locked up because as it got older I had to run windows update more and more times each time to bring the laptop up to protected status with all the windows updates, etc. One day it locked up one time to many, I went out and bought a MAC, smashed the laptop flat, just busted it up in frustration, a little payback as if it knew what was happening; yes, HP sucks bigtime. My MAC has never had a problem, never needs to be serviced, no defraging, no harddrive cleaning, no virus protection, no security suit, no spy ware removal programs needed, it is just the best computer I have ever had. MAC, so sweet and yes, HP sucks, windows based computers in general are crap compared to a MAC.

  • Sandra

    Hp tx1410us junk I would like to know if any of yall nptebooks are still up running mine is dead dead dsead 2007 bought died 15 months after

  • yasmin

    A settlement of a class action lawsuit (The NVIDIA GPU Litigation, Case No. 08-cv-04312-JW) relates to the NVIDIA chips inside certain Dell, Hewlett-Packard (“HP”), and Apple notebook computers. The lawsuit claims that NVIDIA sold defective Graphics Processing Units (“GPU”) and Media and Communications Processors (“MCP”) that affected the performance of some of the notebook computers in which they were incorporated. NVIDIA denies all allegations of wrongdoing and has asserted many defenses. The settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing.