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Entering the Ring

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Eric invited and I’ve accepted, but blame Al Barger. Al got me blogging just over a year ago, and I tend to blog as release valve, trial balloon, or message board.

I imagine my posts to Blogcritics will largely be political, but I will slip in the occasional book, video, or music review. I used to produce a great volume of reviews for a variety of publications, and sometimes miss the process. Of course, I’ll always be glad to geek out with Eric about Cleveland, my hometown for my first 34 years. For instance, what I really miss is getting my Polish keilbasa on Fleet Avenue…

As pointed to in a Descendents thread, music was my first passion, but radio came in along the way together with a history degree to take me to politics.

My favorite George W. is George Washington Plunkett. As JFKs go, 37 Kerrys scarcely make a Kennedy. While I am a Libertarian, my favorite Badnarik remains Chuck. Uncharacteristic of the norm, I am far less interested in arguing libertarian philosophy than I am in implementing it. It certainly makes for more interesting posts.

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