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Enter Blogcritics’ Scrub in & Win Giveaway

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I remember the first time I saw Scrubs – it was the summer of 2001 and I was but a young lad, interning at a studio on the FOX lot.  We got to see all the shows that were going to air on TV that fall, you know, true classics that would live forever like Thieves (with John Stamos!) and Emeril (with Emeril!), oh, and a new single-camera doctor comedy starring some guy named Zach Braff.  I loved Scrubs from that very first viewing of the pilot and have been a regular watcher ever since. 

Scrubs is now entering its new syndication cycle which means that Scrubs!you need to find out exactly where in your area the show is airing five days a week.  To aid you in that endeavor there's a handy-dandy website.  You can figure out exactly where in your DMA (designated market area) Scrubs is airing simply visiting the Watch Scrubs website.  Or, as the PR people put it:

You can now catch Scrubs 5 times a week.  Scrubs is an Emmy & Peabody Award winner. Series star Zach Braff has received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series and three Golden Globe nominations for his portrayal of J.D. Tune into Scrubs every weeknight. Visit  Watch Scrubs for your local tune in time!

There, now that you've visited the website, Blogcritics would like to invite you to Scrub in & win, in our Scrub in & Win Giveaway!  We're looking for five (5) runner-up winners who will each receive a prize pack with a Scrubs hat, t-shirt, pen, and clipboard.  And, if you're paying attention you know that if we're looking for runners-up, we're also going to be looking Scrubs prizesfor a Grand Prize Winner.  That lucky soul is going to receive a $100 Visa Cash Card. 

Don't think that's Scrubs related?  Well then, you're not paying attention.  This is a show about doctors healing people and, as they'd probably tell you if they were here, "cash can cure anything!" 

Okay, the rules (these plus the ones on the contest entry page:

  • Fill out the entry form.
  • Entries must be received by September 29, 2009.
  • The winners will be drawn on or after September 30, 2009.
  • The winners will be notified by e-mail and in the comments section below.
  • You must be a U.S. resident to enter and over the age of 18.

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Josh has deftly segued from a life of being pre-med to film school to television production to writing about the media in general. And by 'deftly' he means with agonizing second thoughts and the formation of an ulcer.
  • Adella Gonzalez

    Received my prizes! Thank you! 🙂

  • and the runners-up are:

    Kristi Kenniston
    Adella Gonzalez
    Jamila Williams Brown
    linda zid
    Beverley Justice

  • the grand prize winner is: Kenneth Schaeffer

  • Kalliope Ballas

    thanks for the chance to win.
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • LOVE Scrubs – the humor is so different and fresh from other shows out there!

    thanks for sponsoring this. [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Cindy Farrell

    Thank you!

  • shirley

    nice giveaway [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Sheila Veit

    nice prize

  • Dawn Langis

    Hard to choose the best

  • jackie

    thanks for the chance

  • Lori Hilts

    The janitor is the best!

  • jane jakins

    scrub and win
    [personal contact info deleted]

  • cathiem

    like the theme song.

  • Evelyn

    Great show