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Enron’s Ken Lay Dies

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One of the masterminds behind the Enron business scandal, Ken Lay, has died. He passed away in Aspen, Colorado at age 64. This news comes months before he was to be sentenced for his involvement in the Enron scandal. Lay was admitted to the Aspen Valley Hospital overnight with a massive coronary and his heart gave out during the early morning.

May 25th marked the day that Ken Lay was found guilty of 10 counts of fraud and conspiracy related to the fall of Enron. Ken Lay was the founder of the company and, at one point in time, the company was ranked the nation’s seventh largest company before scandal and corruption caused the company to fold. Oct. 23rd, 2006 was to be the day Ken Lay and former Enron CEO, Jeffrey Skilling, would face the judge and would be sentenced. It was estimated by legal experts that both men would face up to 40 years in prison for their actions.

Ken Lay was seen as a smooth talker and many analysts thought he would be able to talk his way out of the scandal. But, during the trial, Lay was seen as rude, grouchy, and arrogant. The jury had no choice but to convict him and Skilling of insider trading, and lying to stock holders. So the once-owners of a $101 billion a year company found themselves at the end of a losing battle. Thus the death of Ken Lay marked the stress and anguish that he must have been facing as the October 23rd date moved closer.

Key Lay is survived by a numerous family and friends. In a statement released earlier today by Kelly Kimberly, the faily spokeswoman, “the Lays have a very large family with whom they need to communicate, and out of respect for the family we will release further details at a later time.”

More details on the death of Ken Lay will be released in the days to come.

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  • How convenient the choice of burial is cremation
    What I want to know did the COURT that prosecuted ken lay ask for verification that key
    lay remains was verified to be him before the body would be cremated to prevent Mr lay who had a lengthy jail term to serve., or as in the past is he again have place himself above the law like his other friends in high political office.
    with plastic surgery and money the world is your oyster.

  • Mohjho

    Ken Lay has been raptured.
    I’m really quite shocked nobody figured this out.
    I’m pretty sure this is a pre-trib stealth rapture to get the financials in rapturville on target before the big push.

  • HR Pufnstuf

    He’s making plans with Xenu and L. Ron Hubbard.

  • All right, I’m out of theories. You win.

  • he found that his prison term would be in Texas, with Dave Nalle!


  • His last reason to live was the next Aaron Spelling television drama.

  • he was really a “grey” from Area 51..and being sent to prison would have exposed him, due to the physical and cavity search…

    so he abandoned his bio-mech oversuit, which appears like a simpel heart attack…crawled out the ear hole escape hatch, and has made his way safely back out to area 51


  • He really, really wanted to personally tell Christopher Reeve and his wife just how bad the Superman remake was. But had no way to get back, and once again didn’t think his cunning plan all the way through.

  • he is currently playing cards with Walt Disney, Elvis and Jim Morrison while his clone is being readied fer burial


  • He was recruited by the Fallen Angel himself to co-star in a reality show with Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and Marge Schott in an attempt to make hellgoers suffer even more.

    Your serve.

  • i’ll see yer island king and raise ya one..

    he was offed by tricky Dick Cheney so he wouldn’t spill the beans on the super sekret “energy task force” from way back

    Dick knew Ken couldn’t take the jail time and woudl sing like a canary…sooOOoooOOooOOOoo

    [insert Godfather2 low notes here]


  • Gonzo, I’ll do you one better.

    He’s the self-proclaimed emperor of the island nation of Alualu, with a George Hamilton tan, thirty native wives, three pools, S-shaped hedges, a giant bathtub shaped like a clam, and his own billiard room with zebra stripes and a giant stuffed camel.

  • well now…i’ll start…

    i ain’t gonna believe it’s him until we get independant DNA testing done

    way too easy for a guy with his money to plastic surgery up a homeless guy and induce a myocardial infarction

    your mileage may vary


  • I wonder how long it will take the conspiracy theorists to start in on this story.

  • TooOldToCare

    Ken Lay dies of a HEART ATTACK! That is too much irony for the normal human mind to comprehend. The best part is they will not have to dig a grave for him… he was so crooked they can just grab his head twist him into the ground. Where is Skilling?

  • it is hard to believe that ken lay died of a heart attack. did he even have a heart?

    i hope they put him in a grave so people can piss on it.

    he got off ..way too easy.

    jack jett

  • Ken Lay got exactly what he deserved. His final judgement has arrived. Other arrogant CEO’s will follow. This country has had it with these evil people getting 10, 20, 30 million in their “Golden Parachute.”

  • Will his body be cremated or shredded?

  • Connor

    Too bad he didn’t die in prison.

    He deserved lock up.

    As much as those people he helped to rip off and who no longer can afford to retire — deserve their money back, with interest.