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Empaths and Dreams

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There are many types of dreams, from the ones that we swear are real to the ones that make our hair stand on end and our hearts pound. The question is – are certain types of people more prone to have certain types of dreams? The answer is yes, highly sensitive people or people known as empaths do have more vivid dreams and nightmares.

First, let’s talk about what we mean by empaths. An empath is a person who is very sensitive to the moods and feelings of others and sometimes even to pets and the planet itself. Empaths can pick up on the energetic frequency of people and objects and feel that energy deeply, often affecting their own personal emotions. They pick up on any disharmony in their environment or in the lives of those around them. So with all the energy they absorb, both good and bad, it is no surprise that empaths have a higher frequency of dreams, and especially of nightmares, than the normal person. 

Empaths are people too! Often the nightmares are trying to reveal to them something that they may not be picking up with their conscious mind – it is the subconscious mind’s last-ditch effort to get them to see or process something they are unable to do in their waking hours. It is especially important for empaths to analyze their dreams and nightmares because this analyzation often provides a solution to a problem they or a loved one are facing in their lives. 

It is also important that empaths do their best to keep a positive attitude towards life and the people around them because studies have shown that stress and fear lead to a higher incidence of nightmares. Also, any personal problems, such as marital issues, health problems, and financial losses can lead to increased nightmares. In addition, healthy eating and exercise are the body’s way of regenerating and releasing any negativity stored in the body; an active lifestyle will also help keep the stress down and nightmares at bay.

Lastly, empaths must heal any emotional wounds from their childhood because these also show up later in life as recurring nightmares. Any trauma or abuse that was suffered will be felt deeply by an empath and will affect them throughout their life if it is not dealt with and healed spiritually and emotionally. Often once a past issue from childhood is uncovered and resolved the nightmares will stop. 

Everyone has nightmares, they are a common type of dream, and while empaths do suffer from them more frequently than most, when they come more than two to three times a month it is a sign that a person is under too much stress and anxiety. When this happens a person needs to take time out to relax and reboot their system. Get some sunshine and fresh air, make sure you are surrounded by lots of positive energy, and consume a diet of fresh foods and water so that your body can purge the negativity trapped in its cells and regenerate into a healthier, positive version of itself. 

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  • Tabatha

    My dad keeps saying that I am an empath and that it runs in the family, I’ve also had a past of emotional drama that has caused me to become a cutter, I get upset so easy and it kills me, I wish that this curse could leave me

    • Dragonfly

      You shouldn’t see it as a curse. I had a traumatic chilhood as well. It’s a matter of coming to terms with it and gaining control of your empath. I suggest looking up bubbling or shielding if you can figure out how to do that it could help imensely.

  • nikki

    You are not the only one out there. Believe it or not there are thousands out there like you. If u just go to google and type in empath community there is a special website for people like us. The site is not just subject to empaths only but people that r trying to learn more about us. People that may have a friend or spouse that is an empath and is trying to learn how to cope with being around us. This site is very helpful and there are so many more experienced empaths there just waiting to answer any questions from newbies.