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Along with the media attention gained by the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the mid 1990's, came the development of many theoretical models as well as EI assessments or tests aimed at measuring emotional intelligence. Although not endorsing any particular assessment, the EI Consortium provides a list of EI tests that are supported by a body of research.

While some of these tests seem promising, there is debate as to whether or not they offer a reliable and valid measure of EI. Some of these tests have been viewed as simply another form of personality tests. There's certainly opportunity for continued research. When considering EI test options, examine the underlying competencies to determine which set most closely supports your view or aligns with the organization's culture. Research the various test's approaches and determine the pros and cons of each.

Remember the result of an EI test is a measurement. And whether or not this measurement is valid or reliable, you'll likely need to implement some form of emotional intelligence training to enhance EI skills. Read more about EI tests by visiting these blog sites:  Daniel Goleman, DJ Chuang, and Dr. Shailesh Thaker.

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