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Eminem’s Publishers to sue Apple

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CMU reports the following:

Eminem has often rapped about how MTV censors his work. Whether he will now be rapping about how the network infringed his brand identity by screening an ad that implied endorsement of a commercial product with out prior agreement remains to be seen – what rhymes with copyright litigation?

Anyways, a judge in the US has given the greenlight for Eminem’s legal people to sue Apple over an advert for the computer company’s iPod. The lawsuit relates to a TV advert where a young boy is seen singing along to music playing on his iPod – the track he sings is Slim Shady’s ‘Lose Yourself’. The rapper’s people say they did not give permission for the track to be used in this context, and as such their copyright was infringed.

Apple argued that the advert in no way implied that Eminem endorsed the product, nor was there any way the average viewer would infer such endorsement. On those grounds they wanted the case thrown out of court.

However US District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor yesterday ruled Eminem’s publishers did have a case and gave the go ahead for them to proceed with their legal action. They will now sue, among others, Apple, TBWA/Chiat/Day, the agency who made the ad, and MTV, who screened it.

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  • brown_boognish

    Eminem just wants money.

  • Eminem is a talented creep. He raps about how terrible it is that people sued him for frivolous things, and then sues somebody for something frivolous.

    Sadly enough, thousands of young girls/women would gladly open their legs for this jerk. He’s a “hot commodity.” Maybe. But he’s still a whiny little dick.

  • Monique M.

    regardless of what people think, i feel that eminem is one of the most talented artist out there. at times his lyrics may be vulgar, but if you tend to think about it. .doesn`t it open your mind up to realize that this is how the world actually is, and what it is still becoming ? he talks about the things that nobody wants to talk about.

  • Sombody’s jealous of Eminem.

  • Oh, he is highly talented, no question. But he’s also highly arrogant, and a hypocrite.

    And no, I am not jealous of anything about Eminem, except his money. But that also applies to Bill Gates (whom I admire) and any other person who is vastly more wealthy than me…

  • . . .And, looks, sex appeal, ethics, the fact that Eminen actually has a brain, etc. – not to mention certain endowments we will not discuss in the presence of a mental minor.