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Eminem moons Germany

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Eminem decided to drop his trousers on German TV.

Eminem then complained flashing is always censored in America, before getting up and mooning again.

Ah, the First Ammendment. Defending the rights of asses to show their asses since 1786.

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  • Anthony G

    Shut up Josh.

  • Josh

    Mike from Phoenix,
    That was hilarious man! I agree, it seems like any punk who can make words rhyme gets a record deal these days. I ask you, where’s the justice?!

    As for Eminem, well, I guess he needed the attention. Either that or he was signaling for a big German guy to get him up the butt.

  • Melanie

    Eminem is the best rapper in the world!
    For ever

  • Sandra Smallson

    Why? What is he doing that Mike from phoenix can’t do?

  • Eminem is the best rapper.

  • Mike from Phoenix

    Eminem is such a fucking bitch. You wonder why his mom treated his whiny ass like shit. I thought Germans hated black people? Oh right….I forgot he’s white. I just rhymed, holy shit I need a record deal, QUICK!

  • Sandra Smallson

    Clearly an Artistic statement;)