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Eminem and His Ex-Wife and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Eminem is back with his ex-wife. Rapper Eminem has reconciled with his ex-wife Kim. The singer divorced her in 2001 and has made reference to their relationship in his work. Eminem recently released a greatest hits CD entitled curtain call and is currently on an indefinite hiatus.

Joe Strummer Film Festival This weekend. The Charlie Don’t Surf film festival is set to kick off December 8th in London. The festival will feature Joe Strummer’s various work in Hollywood. The film festival focuses on everything Hollywood Strummer had his hand in post-Clash from soundtracks to acting.

Doherty escapes drug charges. In October Pete Doherty, front man for Babyshambles spent the night in jail following an arrest for drug possession, has been released from bail and will not be formally charged. Doherty still faces possible charges for his November 30th arrest.

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  • reggie von woic

    Like in the Blink 182 song i guess they had to “stay together for the kids” in this case kid.

    I think its a noble move for Hailie sake–i sure hope that this isn’t the only reason they’re doing this; if there’s no love they’ll be back to square one.

    I wish them all the best but personally i have a feeling we’ll be hearing ‘Kim 2′ not too long from now.

    ’nuff said.