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Embedded Color Profile in Photoshop CS

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This is one of those small but very welcome additions to the new Photoshop CS. For me, I do not care one bit about the embedded color profile of an image. I mainly use Photoshop for web development. You can now check the box that says “Don’t show again” (also available in the Preferences.

I cannot tell you how many times I have clicked the “Ignore” button in Photoshop 7, and wished there was an option to turn this off. Well I guess I was not the only person annoyed by this.

Thank you Adobe, for adding this feature (its about time).

Originally posted on Breaking Windows.

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  • Tom Johnson

    What do you think of the new PS? I don’t have it yet, but have been drooling over thoughts of it since it was introduced. It looks to be a pretty nice step up from 7.

  • Ken Edwards

    Great domain name!

    I actually blogged about Photoshop CS a couple times. I have been meaning to write more on it, but have not had the time. here and here.

    I pointed out some of the shortcomings in this article. It is, however a HUGE update well worth the price. Macword has a great article on it here,

    There is a new Photo Filter, in the Image > Adjust menu, which is really nice, puts photo effects such as Warner Filter 85, which is a traditional filter. The Shadow/Highlight dialog is new as well, and is very helpful for photos. It is sorta another way to use levels, an easier way to do levels. There is a Filter Gallery, which allows you to layer filters on top of each other, and it keeps its history.