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Emanuel Now Found Ineligible for Chicago’s Mayoralty

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The history of Chicago may have changed forever this day as the candidacy for Mayor of Chicago of Presidential advisor millionaire Rahm Emanuel, brilliant and fiery, has been found inconsistent with guidelines by an Illinois States Appeal Court. At the time of the January 24, 2011, ruling, at 2:45 P.M., Emanuel was viewed as the front runner to fill the vacancy produced by the forthcoming retirement of long-time Chicago Mayor Richie Daley.  

Emanuel has already amassed in excess of $10 million for the run. In addition, he has been endorsed by former Democratic President Bill Clinton. The high profile and high level of name recognition nationwide made Emanuel seem a likely victor in the upcoming February 22 election. A poll by the Chicago Tribune last week showed Emanuel with the support of 44 percent of those surveyed; more than double any of the other candidates. 

Although the Illinois Municipal Code demands that Mayoral Candidates have resided in Chicago for a year preceding the election, there was some apparent leeway in light of Emanuel’s move to Washington D. C., a move  he deemed  temporary, to work for the public, indeed to work as Chief of Staff for the President of the United States. He had leased his Chicago home to new occupants, with no indication of an end date to  their occupancy; Emanuel in fact had some belongings stored in the house at 4228 North Hermitage in Chicago, listed by the State Board of Elections as his residence. The Board of Election made a finding that the candidate would be allowed to run; his name would be placed on the ballot. Now, in a 2-1 ruling, an Illinois appellate panel has said that Emanuel does not meet the residency requirement. His name will not appear on the ballot. And in the event of even an overwhelming write-in victory, Rahm Emanuel will not be permitted to serve.

The three top contenders for the Mayoralty, former Senator Carol Moseley Braun, former schools President Gery Chico and City Clerk Miguel del Valle have all been critical of the initial decision to allow Emanual; they call him an outsider who “doesn’t know” Chicago.

Emanuel was born in Chicago November 29, 1959. He attended Anshe Emet Day School, on Broadway, on the Northside of Chicago, near Wrigley Field. The family moved to Wilmette, a near suburb, where he attended Locust Jr. High School, and New Trier West High School. Encouraged by his parents, he took dance lessons at the Northside Chicago Joel Hall Dance Center. Emanual received an M.A. in Speech and Communication from Northwestern University in Evanston, adjacent to Chicago, in 1985.

At an afternoon news conference today, January 24, Emanuel said he would appeal the decision to the Illinois Supreme Court.

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  • John Lake

    For more on the “brilliant and fiery” Rahn Emanual, see this BlogCritics article.

  • Oops!

  • Ruvy

    What poetic justice. The scrutiny that Emanuel’s former boss, Obama/Soetoro ought to have received – scrutiny that would have kept him out of the White House – has been visited upon Rahm Emanuel, his loyal running dog. Maybe Emanuel will finally demand his former boss produce that Kenyan – er Hawaiian – long form birth certificate of his….

  • John Lake

    This is serious. Living in Chicago, one gets used to a powerful, resourceful Mayor, like Daley, worried about bringing business to Chicago, all those things.. Now who will we have? All three are good people, but I don’t want to keep living here. Cook County is as corrupt as anywhere in the world, and the State has no transparency. All we had was the city. Now what?

  • Ruvy
  • John Lake

    Great clip at #5; Sinatra never looked better.

  • Baronius

    John – You’d seriously consider moving based on a change in the mayorship, while it remained within your party? You don’t fault the other candidates, either. It seems that it’s only Daley’s power that you’re going to miss. What’s the difference between the power you respect in a mayor and the corruption you oppose in the county? And do you have so little faith in the city itself that you think it’s going to sink without a strong mayor to attract business? I really don’t understand.

  • Clavos

    One wonders how much the Daley family’s multi-decade stranglehold on Chicago politics has had to do with the pervasive climate of corruption of which John rightly complains?

  • John Lake

    This I consider good news!
    The Illinois Supreme Court has ordered the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners to put Rahm Emanuel’s name back on the mayoral ballot.

  • Baronius

    Temporarily, though.

    John, would you consider it a sign of corruption if the state’s Supreme Court ruled that a non-resident could run for mayor? What is corruption, if not putting the influential man above the law?

  • John Lake

    He is a de-facto resident; any Chicagoan will appreciate the fact he attended New Trier West High, then Northwestern up to the north, at neighbor Evanston. He owns a house in Chicago that he resided in before becoming Chief of Staff. As mentioned, he still has some of his families belongings in that house.
    The corruption, and this is just my opinion, may be more toward the two members of the appellate board who are trying to oppose his run.
    If Emanuel isn’t Mayor, we will lose all transparency, and much important accountability.

  • Baronius

    It doesn’t matter where he grew up, or what property he owns. He doesn’t reside in Chicago. The rest is just game-playing. I mean, if you extend that argument, I should be able to vote in five different states, because I have resided in them. My dad keeps my old sled in his basement in Ohio, so I guess I can run for governor there. Transparency and accountability?! Did Rahm commute home every night to Chicago from his White House job?!