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Elvis Costello to Play Charity Show and the Daily Music and Tech News

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Elvis Costello to play charity show

Elvis Costello has confirmed that he will play a charity gig alongside Allen Toussaint in support of the venue The New Picket. The Liverpool venue is under threat of closing. Costello and Toussaint will take the stage on July 5th in order to raise funds for the venue.

Pirated Moore film turns up on YouTube

Over the weekend, links to pirated copies of Michael Moore’s new film Sicko turned up on YouTube. The video sharing website has taken steps to remove the links, after a copyright claim was filed by Lionsgate, which is distributing the film along with the Weinstein Company. The film had been posted by at least two users, broken up into fourteen clips. The film is set to open on June 29th.

Online anonymity to be tested by lawsuit

A defamation suit has been brought by two students from Yale law school against the Audoadmit site may test the anonymity of the internet. The suit was brought after the two women had faced threats and lewd comments and includes subpoenas for 28 of the site’s users. The two students have also sued a former manager of the site who refused to remove the offensive material citing freedom of speech.

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