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Elton John At 55

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Elton John is sick of wearing all of those stupid glasses. The NY Post says he’s having laser eye surgery:

    The flamboyant rocker said he was sick of always misplacing his glasses.

    “I was just fed up with looking for my glasses by the side of the bed and having to squint to see the newspapers,” John told the BBC.

    “I’ve had all the preliminary tests . . . I’m going to do it.”

    The surgery will be a blow for diehard Elton fans, who are used to seeing him wear outrageous eyeglasses onstage.

    Many of his specs are studded with diamonds and rubies, and one pair lights up like a Christmas tree.

Check out some of the snappy specs on this page.

At this point it’s hard to dislike old Elton, and I’m glad if he’s happy. I’d certainly rather see him perform than his frequent touring bud Billy Joel.

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