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Elric, the Movie?

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Following the runaway success of Peter Jackson’s adaptation of “Lord of the Rings”, filmakers are turning their attention to other classic fantasy works. One such work is Michael Moorcock’s anti-heroic dark fantasy saga Elric of Melnibone. So who’s going to do the soundtrack? Will it be Blue Öyster Cult, or will it be Hawkwind?

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  • Eric Olsen

    I definitely vote Hawkwind for this one.

  • Well, they’ve both done Moorcockian myth songs, but I’d favor Hawkwind, too. Still have a copy of a pair of Moorcock collaboration quickie paperbacks that featured the band as manifestations of the Eternal Champion (at least one, Queens of Deliria, also featured Elric).

  • Plus a couple of tracks from The Pink Fairies. Not to take this as an endorsement of more fantasy films, because it will come down to somebody like David Bowie in a frightwig.

    I’ll have to consult with The Ministry of Consequences, but I think the ratio of good fantasy and bad fantasy dreadfully exceeds the Sturgeon limit.

  • Eric Olsen

    Jim, “Pink Fairies” are two of the wisest words ever written: Kings of Oblivion is one of my all time favorite albums.

  • If you’re talking about Tolkein/Moorcock/Gygax-style fantasy (which will exclude films like “Highlander” and “Time Bandits”), I have to agree with you on the Sturgeon limit – I have trouble thinking of any great fantasy films apart from Peter Jackson’s LOTR. And on the other side you have Ralph Bakshi’s LOTR, Red Sonja, Hawk the Slayer, and (cough) Dungeons and Dragons. Ugh!

  • Forthil

    Having never heard Hawkwind, can’t comment on the music. But who in the hell would play Elric? I just don’t know of any blond, darkly brooding actors with the talent to pull it off. Directors either. I vote for a killer Anime version.

  • David Bowie in a fright wig?

    Perhaps not.

    In wonder how they going to deal with the incest between Elric and Cymoril. I can see the studios wanting to change that.

  • Forthil

    Bowie. Hmm. He’s got the depth, but could use some height. But if Chris Lambert can be Tarzan…

  • nuttyskin

    Why blond? Why not…Michael Jackson? He has the unearthly, alienlike appearance, the elfin grace of a dancer, and he’s already someone who once had an almost angelic quality, now forever tarnished by uncertain suspicions. Perfect antihero. Now exaggerate his vitiligo into translucent pallor; give him flaxen, shoulderlength hair the colour of milk; pink contacts; and a shining-black CGI sword, animated by Pixar, which gives out a voice-synthesised moaning at the sight of blood. Jackson could voice the eerie resonance of Stormbringer, and take his own singing in a new direction. The album could be a total departure: soundtrack by Philip Glass, multi-track chorale by Jackson.
    E L R I C…Can’t you just see it?

  • Good lord, Michael Jackson? The guy’s nose is shaped exactly like the stealth bomber. Eric Stoltz as Elric and Christopher Lee as Tanglebones. Hmm, maybe Christopher Walken as Tanglebones.

  • Gary

    Couldn’t agree more. Frankly if Peter Cushing was still alive and healthy, I think he would make an excellent Tanglebones/Dr. Jest and I can easily see Eric playing the antihero.

  • confused

    Well hawkwind have already done a sound track to the movie in the form of their fantastic stage show and album that came out of the project I dont suppose they will be asked to write a new one but hey if
    Mr Moorcock has anything to do with the movie maybe he can use his influence after all he was in hawkwind.

    They have to include the incest as its critical to the story.

    Well if its made in hollywood it will probably be bastardised to suit the american audience

  • Skibs

    Crispin Glover as Elric, without a doubt. Jack Black as Moonglum. The soundtrack should be a colaboration between BoC and Hawkwind. Tenacious D could do the obligatory single… yeah, dig it.

  • PK

    Johnathan Rhys Meyer as Elric.Vincent Cassell as Yrkoon.Born to play the roles I reckon.

  • Jeff

    Is there any validity to there ever being an Elric movie, or is this just fanciful rumor?
    And what about the ladies in Elric’s life… what famous actresses to play them?

  • Lefty

    I think the best one as Yrkoon is Joaquin Phoenix.U know, “Commodus” in the Gladiator.Born to act like that.

  • PK

    The saga has been optioned by one of the big movie companies(cant remember off hand which one though)so something may well come of it.
    Cymoril-Shannon Sossamyn(A KNIGHTS TALE)
    Queen Yishana-C.ZETA JONES or Isabelle Adjani(LA REINE MARGOT)
    Zarozinia-Monica Belluci or Clare Forlani.
    thats my two cents worth for the ladies.

  • Chico

    Yeah! Hawkwind and B.O.C. need to be included there…but how about the “unsung” heroes King Crimson? I’m just damn glad that MM is finally getting the recognition he has deserved for so long!

  • skyhawk77777

    I want a goth soundtrack for the movie. Maybe some death metal too.

  • This would be a great movie if it ever got made, but considering people have been promising this movie since at least the mid-80s, it’s a little difficult for me to believe this is actually going to show up on the big screen any time soon.

  • Blackness

    Hawkwind doing THE MUSIC? Come on people U Know they dont have movie music experience… And it would definetly SUCK… (And if i would hear guitars or spaced out synths in the background of this movie, i’ll definetly turn around and exit the theatre). Alotta Musicians and bands have made music with the ELRIC & Co Saga theme. I Like Heavy Metal but it doesn’t fit into a movie either.. Just look what happened to DUNE when TOTO made the music!..

    I would want NEW striving actors since they would have more drive than established ones. And we people wouldn’t feel as cheated as if we would see Tom Cruise or any other bigshot playing Elric.. It should be an englishman i guess… a Shakespearean actor maybe:..??

  • Erekon

    American pies Stiffler would suit Elric, he just needs a little bit better acting classes and needs to try to do more serious acting.However with tose wicked eyebrows I think David Bowie would fill the role perfectly he is lankey and the way he looked in labrynth was just awsome. Hmm Jack Black as Moonglum good idea there .

  • Rob


  • neil price

    Its got to be HAWKWIND that do the score!!! Moorcock I am in no doubt will demand this of the directors as its the right thing to do considering their collaborations over the years! I’m sure the differences between Dave & Nik could be ironed out for such an important and historic occassion!!

  • julian broome

    don’t listen to the comment by neil price. he wears green flash daps and thinks he is joan of arc

  • Lord Greenblood

    If Tom Cruise plays Elric I may have to kill myself. The guy who played Commodus as Yrkoon is a good idea though.

    Does anyone have a figure for when this thing is supposed to be coming out?.

  • Brhodes

    Several comments:
    The tentative date for the Movie is 2006.

    BOC / Brain Surgeons for music including score.

    Moorcock has actually mentioned Jude Law for the part.

    Universal has the rights to the project now.

  • BÖC and The Brain Surgeons? That will be interesting; it implies that Albert Bouchard and his former bandmates are on speaking terms again.

  • Gez E

    I think the guy who plays Elrond in Lord of the Rings would make a great Elric.

    Russel Crowe as Yirkoon? (joke)
    He does like a good fight though!!

    Richard O’Brian as Dr Jest?

    Hawkwind would be marvelous, gothic would be lovely, but seriously; a classical score is the only way it’s gonna go!

  • infernal duke

    use someone new as elric. Someone who has never been in a big movie.Same for dyvim Tvar and dyvim slorm. Goth music would be great on this movie maybe some melodic heavy metal on the battle scenes (Tuomas Holopainen could write the music)Jack black is a terrible moonglum.. I cannot imagin him in an armor swinging swords.

  • PK

    I have heard that Paul Bettany will be playing Elric. I don’t know how true it is, but so far he seems the best canidate appearance wise. Seeing that he played an albino once already… who knows.

  • jamesmorgan

    is there any hope of this actually being made….with peter jackson off the hobbit project he might jump at a story like this…i think depp or law for elric

  • Blood and souls for my Lord Arioch for an ‘R’ rating!!!!!!

  • Matt4045

    Tbh, blind guardian should do it

  • roy

    moorcock is part of hawkwind if noone knew that by the way