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Elijah Wood to Play Iggy Pop in Upcoming Film

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The Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood is set to play Iggy Pop in an upcoming film about the legendary musician.

Wood has stated: “I’m scared to death of doing it, because I love him (Iggy Pop) so much and I respect the music so much. I don’t want to be the person responsible for screwing that up.”

Shooting for the film will begin in 2006.

The 24-year-old Elijah Wood has starred in the popularThe Lord of the Rings trilogy, Sin City and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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About Jennifer Best

  • Not since Tom Cruise was cast as the Vampire Lestat has there been such strange news from movie-land…

  • Pretty close it seems, Lisa.

    Check out that last Live from San Fran.” Amazon link, though. Scary resemblance ain’t it?

  • I thought the same thing, Temple.

    It isn’t all that odd when you think about it. There are some photos of Iggy and Elijah where they certainly have similar facial features. I’m just real curious how Elijah is going to get that Iggy body!

  • The casting is perfect actually, from a pure physical standpoint. Look at this:

    Young Pop.

    That’s spitting image of Wood. Whether Wood will be able to shake off the baneful diarhea face of the One Ring is the real question.

  • Yep, I saw that photo, mbryan, and thought the same thing. Should be interesting!

  • Hmm…based on that photo, I’d say Jake Gyllenhaal would’ve been a better choice.

  • kitty

    Check out the young Iggy along side a shot of Elijah – I think it could work. Now he just needs to start going to the gym. A lot.


  • This is weird casting, but what a way for Elijah to break out of his old roles.

    Jake’s too ugly to be androgynous like Iggy. Hell, his sister looks like a man.

    Elijah Wood needs to do something about his big, expressive child eyes before he becomes all drugged-out looking like Iggy was as a younger man.

    He’s getting too old now, but they should have just hired Anthony Kiedis, who’s been doing his best Iggy Pop impersonation for 20 years.

    I think that guy Marty Casey on Rockstar: INXS (which none of you bastards watch) is pretty Iggy Pop-ish, but blonder and less menacing.

    Rock n roll bio-pics are box office death, usually.

    That is all.

  • Bob, I just caught Rockstar: INXS for the first time last week and watched it again last night. I kinda like it.

    I keep missing Marty’s performances, though, but damn is he ever nice to look at. The girls on the show suck, however. They should just pick me.

  • Actually, that dark haired girl, Jordis or whatever, wasn’t so bad but she’s gone, plus she was kinda cute with her hippie dreads, but that fat butt blonde girl is pretty bad.

  • Both the broads are pretty good, but Jordis got screwed. She was the most talented singer on the show.

    But INXS wants a white male singer. They want Mig, the cheesy 80s Australian nice guy.

    That is all.

  • Jeff

    I was never a big fan of EW but i totally respect his choices for roles… as for Iggy Pop… not to sure… see how it goies… but could be disasterous!! PEACE!!!!!!

  • Sounds Hollywood retarded.

    Elijah Wood looks NOTHING like young Iggy Pop….only the big Blue eyes. Wrong face shape, wrong vibe entirely.

    Velvet Goldmine fucked it up, too.
    Gay revisionist rock history.

    There is only one IGGY.

  • Damaged Rose

    Uhh —

    no. just no. I’m an Elijah fan — but no way is he even close to Iggy. All the gym time in the world isn’t going to re-sculpt the body. And no one has mentioned the FACT that his voice will never come close, spoken or sung.

    Wonder what sort of drugs the casting people were doing at the time they decided this monstrosity in the making? I’ve seen Iggy in concert — no way this will work…

  • seven

    I think everyone is being to critical of this most talented actor. I read where he wants to have his own record label. Have any of you ever heard him sing? There is quiet a difference in resemblence, but then can you think of anyone who will ‘fit the part’ perfectly? I doubt it. I think he’s talented enough to make it work. We are talking about hollywood here.

  • NO WAY



  • I agree, bad idea! Elijah Wood is a wannabe tough guy, no way could he even act having the balls and brood that Iggy has. His most powerful performance couldn’t even match the real Iggy blowing his nose. Good luck, Frodo!!

  • nugget

    “PUNK GOD” = oxymoron.

    what makes iggy so tough, Timmy? He’s a burnt out weird little man.

  • herdoktor15

    the worst news i’ve heard all day, wood could never come close to iggy. das ist das

  • Flicka Horse

    Dear Elijah, I think Your movies are so great I like Your Lord Of The The Rings Movie I also think you are so cute too!

  • Slim

    Well I think it depends on the person. If people who see this movie start to listen to The Stooges just because they think it will make them seem cooler, the YES THEY ARE POSERS!!! BUT if they start listening to them after they hear the music and really think it rocks, then NO THEY AREN’T POSERS!!! As for Elijah, I’ll just have to see. His face only looks like Iggy a tiny bit, his body does not, and I dont think his voice could ever fit Iggy’s in a million years (or more). But depending on how this movie is made it just might work. JUST MAYBE. I’ll have to wait and see, but Iggy himself said he saw the script and says its a work of art, and he thinks Elijah is talented. So I can only hope it turns out good.

  • She

    I DO NOT want Wood to play Iggy. If anyone thinks like me then sign this petition. Enough sigs and it will be sent to the appropriate people.

  • #23

    Elijah is a highly capable actor with over thirty films to his credit. He has more acting chops than most of you seem aware of.

    He will be amazing in this role.

  • Elijah Wood will do Iggy pop proud here. I smell Academy Award performance, if we go by his recent performance in Day Zero. It’s a free country and anyone can sign a petition, but the contract is signed, sealed and delivered, and anyone can certainly make a fool out of themselves.

  • #23

    Yep, Ed! It’s a done deal and Iggy approves the choice of Elijah for the role, too.

  • She

    Calm down. If Elijah Wood’s role is so safe then theres no need for some people to panic and stick up for the guy. If my petition will make zero difference then chill but it has only been up for a few hours and a few people have signed it already. Not saying it will get hundreds, thousands, millions etc but as I am a die hard Iggy Pop fan, I think I can be just as passionate as the Hobbit fans in who plays Iggy. Im also not stupid enough to think this guy can play anything just because I am a fan. Yes, he may be able to act but he may NOT be able tyo play Iggy as well as someone else might. If you cant handle other people’s opinion then tough. Thats life. You are within your right to think he could play anything from Ghandi to John Merrick just because you are fans. In reality, that may not be the case.

  • Emma

    Iggy didnt agree of the project AT ALL at one point. Maybe he finally got the cheque in the post huh!

    The Elijah fans are so biased they think he could play anything and no one can say anything slightly negative about him or you are teh evol!

    Iggy fans have as much right over who plays who.

    Acadamy Award? PMSL!! Yeah course!!! Dream on!

  • cherie

    Dude these so called hobbit fans are over 50 obbessed to the teeth sad old hags. they slobber all his slutty ass band chick wannabee girlfriend for goodness sakes.

  • #23

    Elijah can play this role and do it proud because he has proven himself to be a highly talented and committed actor not because anyone may be his fan. Directors are practically falling over themselves to work with him.

    Give him a chance to show what he can do. Elijah may just surprise everyone.

  • Lith

    Ah, dude, give Elijah a chance! He’s an actor, and has played a wide variety of characters. All because he’s never played anyone like Iggy doesn’t mean he can’t. Besides, he’s a die-hard Iggy fan, too, and highly motivated to do this role right.

  • #23

    Iggy agrees now. Since Elijah got the role. Isn’t that the point?

    Whether Iggy’s fans disapprove or not Elijah has the role and Iggy likes it that way.

  • Josh

    Lith, just because he has played a wide variety of roles, doesnt mean he can play a REAL PERSON. Ive seen Elijah Wood in many things and, while he’s not a bad actor, he tends to act very similar. If he is a die hard Iggy fan then he should seriously consider ruining this movie, which he MAY do. I wouldnt want to take that chance if I were him.

  • Emma

    Oh Iggy agrees NOW but he never used to and I tend to go for the first reaction and his was NOOOOO.

    Does it really matter who wants him or doesnt want him in the role? It will either sink or swim, fans will NOT make a difference to it by childishly bickering over who thinks what but I will say this: I have known a silly online petition such as this make people sit up and take notice of certain things.

    Anyway, who cares. Elijah fans: get over the fact that not everyone thinks he is suitable!

  • #23

    All signed and done. Elijah’s playing Iggy. That’s that.

    In fact Elijah was picked for this role several years ago as you can tell by the original date of this item. Nobody EVER changed their minds about him. Not Iggy,not the writers, the director, the producers. They all want him for the part.

    He’s going to be great.

  • ffordegroupie

    I’m with cherie,peeps. i know all these women, and they’re all over fifty and totally obsessed with this alcoholic slut hes dating. but they cant pretend theres a perfect romance/life if one of em gets criticized.

    me, i know he hasnt played a real person before, but that means we dont know how well he could do it either. he’ll try his best and shit, which is rare in movies, so im gonna just wait and see. he was great in “sin city” and im pretty sure hes not a psycho cannibal.

  • Well you should have started your potition [sp] a year ago, when he signed up for it and it was announced then. Elijah fans have known about this for a long time and the film has been listed on Wikipedia for over a year. But, in any case, if Iggy Pop fans want to sign it, we’ll inform LIJ himself, as he is “a huge Iggy Pop fan.” Perhaps he’ll come by and contribute to the cause. BTW, I’m glad I posted this URL on the A&F Fansite as a link. Got you lots of traffic, it did.

    Ed Patterson

  • BTW, a little known fact about the power of petitions. Elijah’s film Green Street Hooligans did not get a US distributor; howeer, it did get independantly distributed after a group of FANS (HooliFANS – I’m one) got a petition going and got a limited distribution in major US cities. We also helped fill seats. The Passenger will be Elijah Wood’s 40th Film, unless 9 comes out first. The Oxford Murder’s is due out in December and Day Zero (his best film performance to date) premiered at the Tribeca Film festival. I attending a performance, with the director Bryan Cole attending, and it is an impressive achievement.

    Ed Patterson

  • Annie G

    As one of the over 50, obsessed to the teeth, sad old hags mentioned above, I’m sure Elijah will be great in this role.

    Annie G

  • carol-m

    Elijah will be great as Iggy Pop look what they said when he was cast as Frodo and look how that turned out “I rest my case” and he will be playing the young Iggy there is a resemblance !!

  • pop

    Iggy fans, don’t be afraid. He’s in good hands.

  • It’s a done deal so get over it, guys. =) Elijah Wood will do an awesome job. He’ll prove you wrong, you’ll see, and you’ll be happy then that the part was given to him and no one else.

    Many critics cried, “worst casting ever!” when Elijah was given the role of Frodo, but look at these people now. They can’t picture any one else but Elijah when they re-read Frodo’s lines in LOTR, in the same way that they can’t picture any else as Aragorn but Viggo, Gandalf – Ian McKellen and so on.

    BTW, I’m only 32 so there. 😛

  • Pamela R

    Please sign this,

    Elijah wood is a decent actor, but as Iggy Pop? Sorry but even his talents dont stretch that far, I think the fans of Elijah need to stop being so biased, so you fancy him, and like what he has done so far- big deal, if you weren’t an Elijah wood fan would you all be thinking the same?? Your clouded biased towards him is affecting your decisions!

    I dont like or dislike the guy, but I will stand up and say Wood as Iggy pop is totally differnt to him playing Frodo, TOTALLY DIFFERNT!

  • Pamela R

    btw Seing as though no contracts have been signed yet, Elijah can STILL be replaced, the same happened over Ashton Kurtcher whom they dumped last minute for Orlando Bloom for Elizabethtown, so don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet, he can be replaced if popular opinion says they do not want to see him as Iggy, persoanlly I htink they should do auditions of unknowns, Elijah wood is hardly a box office hit is he- DAY ZERO will be lucky to get a distributor, it may go straight to DVD like many has before it.

  • Jamaican Ginger

    Edward you are a known homosexual fan of Elijah, so your opinion on wanting him to play POP is obvious, how can anyone take any of you fans seriously?? If you have fantasies of screwing the guy of course you want him in everything, maybe you should think of Wood- as he will be a totally laughing stock if he goes ahead with this, the guy cant sing for a start and his acting abilty average.

    The difference with Frodo is Elijah wood is very “little boy” like so Frodo suited him, where Iggy is the TOTAL opposite to him, when I saw him in Sin City, he didnt cut the mustard it was just “Oh theres Frodo”

    Elijah wood only appears in low budget films- nothing wrong with that, but these movies only usually get seen by critics and at film festivals, so the general film viewing public wont see him or this movie hopefully, I say total waste of money.

  • Lizabeeth

    Acxtually also about the power of petitions, Orlando Blooms low budget movie HAVEN got a distibutor thanks to a girl I personally know who started a petition on the same site as this petiton, it also got back to Orlando who was really flattered, I wonder if Elijah will hear about this one, but maybe he should realise that not everybody thinks he is right for Iggy.

  • Jamaican Ginger:

    Not only am I a known omosexual, I’m a damn good one. Are you trying to date me or set me up with someone?

    Elijah’s signed a contract to do this film last August 2006 as reported in Entertainment Weekly.

    As for fandom, some people like cars, some the Yankees, others linguine with clam sauce. Me – I am a devotee of Elijah Wood films. Being a homosexual has not made me more ardent, but being a novelist has given me some insight into the creative arc. As a reviewer, I find Elijah Wood exceeds in all his projects and this one will sail to the top. I have only posted here because it’s my annual assessment to see just how much venom and jealousy is out here and this blog is a good as any; and since we’ve tagged it to high traffic, others will know as well. As for Elijah, he could care less. He had the proper fear in this undertaking to actually succeed and we have more confidence in his ability than he has himself. This is my last post to this box and I know it’ll be good riddance. I have Wiki pages to monitor and a new novel in the works.

    Ed Patterson
    Homosexual (actually, Jamaica Ginger, you may call me faggot – because you want to, and I am not only gay, but over 60 and have heard it all) Living Proud and Loud and forever on a Cloud.

  • anatnij

    I read about this “supposable” petition and I am very neutral on this. Elijah is a great actor and he has done some amazing films. I think We just need to see how it turns out before we judge, i mean hell they haven’t started filming and people already act as if it isn’t going to be good. Elijah wood is music nerd and I believe since he is a fan of iggy that he’ll try his best not to mess it up.

    I also have been reading through this and seeing you guys personally attacking one other where as there is a remind on this comment box thing “Personal attacks are not allowed.” You can either like the guy or not, as for Elijah’s GF, she has nothing to do with this so why even bring her up. Also as an add in factor not every Elijah wood fan is fifty and see him in a sexual way. You may have ran into a group, but not every one of them are that way. For a fact I know there is a 28 year old fan who personally spends too much time ranting about Person/people they don’t know.

    Before we make any more judgements we have to see how things turn out.

  • cherie

    venom and jealousy? or opinions and people who disagree with you ? i see that you run away the minute someone challenges you and you invent reasons why they dont think like you. how sad..bye then. *waves* go back to your wiki pee pee. lol

  • pop

    While Iggy has imagination, it’s sad to see his fans have not.
    cherie and Jamaican ginger (sweet names for such poisonous tongues), I’m sure Ed would never run away from a decent challenge but what’s the point ? There is no decency in either of you.
    I’m out of here also.
    Good luck with the petition, you’ll need it. Wow 23 signed in already. lol

  • Pamela R

    I have just been informed that certain people think I am posing as Elijahs girlfriend. I am not, my name IS Pamela R. Im not going to give out my surname but it isnt Racine. I do see someone whos user name is Jintana backwards (Pamelas middle name) is that someone pretending to be Pamela? No I dont because I am adult to know that there is more than one Pamela in this world who has a surname begining with R.

    Some people are getting way too involved over this and are getting too personal (like ffordegroupie, way OTT). Elijah will either play Iggy or he wont. He will either mess it up or he wont. Either way who cares, its got zero to do with anyone here, its all opinion. I do see the Elijah fans going a lil apeshit over this petition. If you think it is a waste of time then why keep going on about it. Going on and on about this makes you look a little worried.

  • Pamela R

    Also, considering the petition has only been on for 24 hours isnt bad going. The petition isnt common knowledge yet so who knows what might happen. It may take off, it may not. If people are really opposed to this petition then why dont you start a petition to get rid of the petition instead of moaning about it.

    Frodo is more like Elijah than Iggy Pop so thats why he was able to play him OK. Oh and the fact that Frodo isnt a real person (no, seriously!). I find it hard to imagine ANYONE playing Iggy, not just Elijah!

  • Kev


    How can you say Elijah is going to be great before its even started? Now THAT is biased regardless whether he will be or not.

    Do you not hear how “oh I love Elijah, he can do anything” you are sounding? EVERY actor has limits to what they can do so Im guessing Elijah Wood cant play EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Anyone who says he can are just a lick ass. Im sure even Wood himself knows his limits. Thats why he’s shitting himself right now!

    So to disagree with this casting choice you are either a thick Iggy fan, an Elijah hater, or a bad Elijah fan? Now THAT is blinkered and putting people in boxes. Shall I put you in a box? Ok. Maybe its the scared, insecure, worried, teeny, obsessed, Elijah is GOD kinda fans that are chucking most the shit about! If this guy is so wonderful and perfect he would have won some kind of prestigous award by now and I dont mean Empires Best Death or whatever it were.

  • cherie

    *rinses and repeats previous message* it seems there others *pop,cough* who also thinks that disagreeing and having an opinion is poison glad to see you gotoo. *waves at you too* hhahahhaha pamela r or whatever you are why are singling out forrdegroupie on here? or could it be you dont like it that she speaks the TRUTH????

  • cherie

    27 comments and growing its only been up 1 day so eat shit!!!!

  • 1001

    So many people posting do not seem to have heard the news from Variety this past week. It IS a done deal.

    “Posted: Wed., May 16, 2007, 7:03am PT

    Wood to star as Iggy Pop
    Gomez to direct Schmid’s ‘Passenger’ script

    CANNES — Former Hobbit Elijah Wood is to star as Iggy Pop in “The Passenger,” a biopic of the legendary rocker.

    Pic is to be exec produced by Ted Hope’s This Is That Prods. and Traction Media, and repped in international territories by Oz-U.K. sales firm Becker Intl., which in Cannes is handling Directors Fortnight title “Control,” about Brit band Joy Division. Traction Media will handle rights in North America.

    “Passenger,” which follows Pop’s early years with his band the Stooges, is to be helmed by Nick Gomez (“Drowning Mona”) from a script by Eric Schmid.

    Pic will lens in next six months and is skedded for delivery by midsummer 2008. The $6 million-$8 million budget is being put together from a combination of pre-sales, a U.S. equity fund and tax credits from Philadelphia.

    Pop has “given his blessing” to the project but will not take part in it, according to Becker’s head of finance and operations Jonathan Page. ”

    Too bad if you don’t care for Elijah. He’s in. He’s signed. He IS going to play Iggy. It’s going to film. And Iggy approves.

    That’s, that. Relax. It just might turn out well. And if it doesn’t? It’s only a movie.

  • iam-indeed

    Iggy Pop stated in Variety that he was giving the project his blessing once his own album was out; he gave it the green light as soon as it was out. He said he also had certain stipulations and agreed once they were met. He expressly approved of Elijah – so if he likes it why should Iggy fansd disagree with him – I would think he is in the best position to judge. Also Elijah is the most versatile actor around today, starring in films as diverse as Sin City, Happy Feet, Everything is Illuminated, Return of the King, Bobby. It is because he is capable of playing such different roles and is so talented an actor (beating Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and Viggo for the award for Return of the King). He is only 26 and has won/been nommed for about 35 awards for acting – far more than other actors of his generation. Iggy fans should be pleased – as Iggy is – that Iggy is to be represented by such a talented actor who is also a devoted Iggy fan; Iggy is to be given such committed, serious and devoted publicity by the film. It is a tribute to Iggy; Elijah will bring his complete professionalism and dedication to the role – as he does to every role he undertakes. It is great that a celebration of Iggy should be undertaken with such devotion and passion – not undertaken just to make money as it would be if a lesser actor, not a committed music and Iggy fan undertook it.

  • Swedish-gal

    Hi! I’am one of those fanatic elijah fans, But I wouldnt call my self a sad old hag, since Iam only 21 years old. =p Iam a bit worried too that he wont pull it off, But! he has suprised us before a lot of times and he is an awsome actor so I’am really hopefull! =D And its a done deal so no need to get uppset about it, and if you are such devoted Iggy fans then you would trust his judgement right??? Think about it!
    Gota go! Bye

  • iam-indeed

    Iggy also said that he feels positive about the project and Elijah seems like a “very poised and talented actor”. He also said that the script was “a work of art”. Elijah has won/been nommed for 44 awards for acting, not 35 which at 26 perhaps speaks for itself about his acting talent. Iggy seems to feel that the film is a fitting tribute to him coming at just the right time – which is great – and
    I respect Iggy’s judgement.

  • Petition? Good luck!!

  • Yes, Pamela R, I really believe he would do a great job on this one even if I weren’t a devoted fan. The movie critics at AICN and Cinema Blend thinks so too.

    Uhh… excuse me, Kev, I re-read the comments of the Elijah fans on here. No one has stated or even implied that Elijah can play everthing. We know he has his own limitations, and I’m sure he does too. Elijah himself admitted that he was scared to do this! He nor other actors for that matter CAN’T play everything. Neither SHOULD he. What a terrible career decision that would be for a well-respected actor to take every project that comes his way. BUT we’re talking about this particular role, and we know that just as what he has already done in the past, he can prove critics wrong one more time.

    About Frodo, the critics actually expected someone who looked more like 50 rather than a “little boy.”

    Regarding Day Zero, it’s an actor’s, in this case Elijah’s, career choice to do indie films after doing a massive, big budget, award-winning trilogy. Even De Niro and Pacino are interested in going indie with “Righteous Kill.” *shrugs about the killer “indie” budget*

    Oh and we’re not scared of your petition. It’s just that… as the others have already stated, it’s a done deal so there’s no point anymore really.

  • Ioio

    Elijah is the more interested person in making a good work. And he goes to make an excellent work. Good lucky Elijah.

  • Annabelle

    After having read all these comments, one thing seems obvious to me. The Iggy fans take great delight in attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with them, while the Elijah fans treat people with respect. What does that tell you!

    As it’s a ‘done deal’ approved by Iggy himself, why not wait and see how it turns out before writing Elijah off.. you never know, he may surprise you yet!

  • cherie

    then you would take that biased view wouldnt you annabelle , maybe you should open your eyes.

  • mely

    I trust Elijah, he’s a skilled actor, I’m sure he’ll be able to turn into a very realistic Iggy!

  • iam-indeed

    Iggy is not the type of person to be too effusive but in his own measured way he has made it clear that he sees Elijah as the right person to portray him and the film as a tribute to him, coming at the right time – when people might want to reflect on Iggy’s career – and lets face it – it will give the new Stooges’ comeback album excellent publicity since Elijah is a v well known name. In fact the announcement of the film has already given Iggy a lot of media publicity; it is hardly likely to be a coincidence that Iggy gave his blessing to the film straight after the album was released and not before. Obviously he wants the publicity and wants the new album to do well. So isn’t it a bit weird of a few (maybe naive?) Iggy fans to want to go against Iggy’s judgement of the quality of the film and ways to promote the new album? A few Iggy fans are in a sense trying to diss Iggy by trying to damage the opportunity that the new Stooges’ album has got, via the film publicity and the link to Elijah’s name, for promotion – I don’t get that.

  • cherie

    but then you dont get very much do you and you come trolling here from the imdb board with your self righetous venomous crap..

  • whosonfirst?

    well, look whos still alive and kicking –ffordegroupie and cherie. what happened? did someone shut down the I Hate Pam site and you have no place to go?

    “…obsessed with this alcoholic slut hes dating.”

    wow, now she’s an alcoholic on top of all her other sins — like having been born? lol

    btw whats pam got to do with elijah playing iggy pop anyway?

  • WhoamI

    “27 comments and growing its only been up 1 day so eat shit!!!!”
    So tell me Cherie, why isn’t your name on the petition list?I would have thought with the amount of vitriol you’re dishing out againt this casting that your name would have been at number 1.

  • Curious Cat

    This will be the role that earns Elijah Wood his first Academy Award nomination (and likely win). Elijah has the prowess and the talent to do this well. I can understand his fear because Iggy Pop is definitely a unique personality, but Elijah is himself unique, quirky and independent enough to pull it off. I was impressed (and really creeped out) by his perfomance as Kevin in the movie “Sin City” which in itself takes a certain amount of discipline. Elijah is very astute and has excellent taste when it comes to picking roles. He relishes the challenge, and his risk-taking has paid off. This endeavor is more sophisticated and complex than any other character he’s played so he has the responsibility to play it correctly. But he always manages to buckle down and become completely focused. That….Elijah can do really well.

    Elijah was hell bent on not being typecast. He’s talked the talk; and he’s already been walking the walk. Good for him! But it’s amazing how many people out there still continue to pigeonhole him. Elijah, I say good luck to you and stay focused. I know you will do well.

  • sean Paul Mahoney

    I think it sounds interesting although I’ve always been more of a Bowie fan. Iggy is a fascinating person and it should make for a juicy movie.
    Having met Elijah several times (he used to shop at the Silverlake record store where I used to work) I have no doubt he can pull it off. He doesn’t look like the Iggy of today,true. But with the right hair and costumes, he’ll be fine. The only foreseeable issue would be Elijah’s skin. The guy has the best complexion I’ve ever seen! Seriously. He looks like a doll in person. Iggy’s skin, on the other hand, has always been problematic. So the make-up artists have their work cut out for them.

  • iam-indeed

    I agree with curious cat and Paul mahoney. I totally think that this film will be great for both Elijah and Iggy. I think it may well get him his first Oscar nom, but it is v good for Iggy too as it gives publicity to his current album and is a great homage to him too. I think apart from all the great reasons given as to why this is excellent for both, there is a pysical resemblance between Elijah and young Iggy – not Iggy now, but Elijah is 26 and is playing Iggy at about that age; Iggy is of course 60 now so there is not much resemblance between him and what he was like at 23 or so. Yes Elijah has a gorgeous complexion – but was Iggy’s complexion that problematic when he was in his 20s? Anyway I am sure that can be overcome.

  • MsMysterious

    If this movie goes ahead (and it looks as if it will) then good luck with it, Elijah!

    To the commenters above, maybe you can explain exactly what’s wrong with being over 50???? Don’t forget, what goes around comes around. When you get to that age (if you’re lucky enough to live that long) maybe you’ll relish being thought of as over the hill, sad or whatever. Is that what you want for yourselves? I suggest you print out these comments & put them in a special box, read them again on your 50th birthday then let us know if you still feel the same way :/

  • 1001

    Very well said MsMysterious!

    Rude thoughtless kiddies, save these words of yours. You WILL eat them someday.

  • PopInsider

    This film will never get made. Iggy is NOT onboard and the stories you’ve read are just typical showbiz hype for Cannes. Producers trying to find money for their lame casting. They’ve been floating stories about this since 2005. Get the Picture?

  • 1001

    I am not a sockpuppet, thank you! I am a mature woman with a sepArate and individual mind of my own. You might discover that Elijah attracts a lot of intelligent older women because he is not a infantile, screeching belittler of others. Rather he is is a kind and very talented man that women with a brain can appreciate.

    Oh, and it is a done deal folks. Gonna happen.

  • EW


  • 1001

    No dear. You appear to be a bit confused.

  • MsMysterious

    ‘mysterious i think your the missing the point. its not the age that wrong its the slobbbering and over obbsessing all over someone who looks about 12.’

    Okay. Well in my opinion Elijah now looks like a man in his early 20’s. If you think he looks 12 then in your opinion he’s still a child. Using that logic, it would look all wrong for ANYONE older than 12 themselves to obsess over him.

    Are you 12 or under? If so it’s fine to slobber over him yourself, but you shouldn’t be here on a site discussing adult topics. You should be busy doing your schoolwork instead.

    If you’re older than 12 well you must be obsessive about him yourself or you wouldn’t be here talking about him & rushing back to monitor the comments. So you’re an older person drooling over someone who looks prepubescent.

    Hypocrisy much? :/

  • Jarod

    “…he is not a infantile, screeching belittler of others”

    Not true. He openly criticizes musicians he doesn’t like.

  • 1001

    Uh…Ja-RED he didn’t screech.

  • PopInsider

    If its a done deal, why isn’t Elijah slated to do it. He’s booked on OTHER projects.

  • Sue

    I think it’s really interesting casting, and I hope the film gets made. I also think it could either make or break Wood’s career. Good luck to him and I hope he’s prepared.

  • cherie

    very true jared.

  • ralphie

    Crave Online: What do you think of Elijah Wood playing you in your biopic?

    Iggy Pop: “I have nothing against that idea. I’m sort of neutral. The guy’s actually an intelligent actor, contrary to the blather that the producers are putting out. I haven’t given them any permission to do it yet but I wouldn’t object to Elijah.”

  • cherie

    soooo its NOT a done deal then and the obsessors claim and hes NEUTRAL so hes NOT for it or against it. im sure he would change his mind to opposing it once he hears that the only people who will go and see it are the over 50 obsessed to the teeth old hags.hahahahahaaaaaaa

  • ralphie

    It IS a done deal, actually, as Variety reported a couple of weeks ago. Filming is to begin by the end of the year with an expected premiere in August or September of ’08.

  • cherie

    can you read? I think not. he said he HADNT given them permission yet so it ISNT A done deal when this petition gets through it certainly wont. the signitures are growing everyday!!!!!!! so suck on that.

  • whoami

    It’s an old article..anyone with a brain can see that!! You can argue about this for the rest of Time but the deal is done..and Iggy APPROVES!!

  • ralphie

    Yes, I can read, Cherie. Can you?


    Former Hobbit Elijah Wood is to star as Iggy Pop in “The Passenger,” a biopic of the legendary rocker.

    Pic is to be exec produced by Ted Hope’s This Is That Prods. and Traction Media, and repped in international territories by Oz-U.K. sales firm Becker Intl., which in Cannes is handling Directors Fortnight title “Control,” about Brit band Joy Division. Traction Media will handle rights in North America.

    “Passenger,” which follows Pop’s early years with his band the Stooges, is to be helmed by Nick Gomez (“Drowning Mona”) from a script by Eric Schmid.

    Pic will lense in next six months and is skedded for delivery by midsummer 2008. The $6 million-$8 million budget is being put together from a combination of pre-sales, a U.S. equity fund and tax credits from Philadelphia.

    Pop has “given his blessing” to the project but will not take part in it, according to Becker’s head of finance and operations Jonathan Page.

  • cherie

    still not a green light, if your so sure why are you obsessing on anybody who disagrees with you? of course its so done you dont need to come here and bitch at people. iggy being neutral says alot lol. That petition is growin every day but of course you dont need to worry do you since its a so called done deal. lol!!!!!

  • whoami

    I don’t see your signature on the petition, Cherie..but i suppose i could have missed it!!

    Maybe not the ‘green light’ but wouldn’t you be apprehensive if someone was going to portray YOUR life!! Elijah is a VERY talented actor..why does everyone hate the idea/him so much??..he’ll do a fabulous job because he’s really committed to the project..he loves Iggy too..

  • cherie

    thats because your thick enough not to realise you shouldnt put your real name on the internet. who cares what name is there its signed.

  • whoami

    Do you get off on being impolite to people Cherie?? I am by no means ‘thick’, i know the difference for example between your and you’re.

    So ‘Cherie’ isn’t your real name? If that’s the case why not use it to sign the petition? You’re dishing out so much hate, i would have thought you would have been PROUD to put your name to it.

  • billy

    i have never heard of, met,seen or known a sane female- and i’ve met plenty- the above posts just add evidence to my argument- and when you get two females together the sum of their insanity and hatred is more than the parts- if you can provide me with contrary information i’d be happy to examine it- but i bet i find a flaw- if i dont and she isnt dead i’ll marry her

  • 1001

    Y’know I was going to take issue with your comment Billy but then I read over Cherie’s last few vile posts and ….Yes if all women were like her it would indeed be horrific.

    But if you read around her very disturbing posts you might notice some nice sane women. Don’t rule us all out because of one incredibly disturbed person.

  • whoami

    My final comment. There is no reasoning with some people so i’m not even going to try. To be so bitter and full of hate towards people you don’t even know must take so much negative energy that could be put to so much better use. I feel sorry for you.

    And getting back to the subject in hand, Elijah will no doubt do a terrific job, he admires Iggy too much not to, and in so doing will prove ALL the critics wrong, after all he’s done it before. Many said there was no way an American could portray the english Frodo Baggens, but he did, and LOTRs was an outstanding success, and no-one can dispute this.

  • Dragon

    Cherie, good look with the surgery to have that stick removed from your backside. Posting does not a stalker make. I thought I’d check this place out, but I think I should find friendlier places to post.
    I recon Elijah will nail the role.
    Keep cussing all!Love from the Dutch girl!

  • Jen

    I love Elijah! Both as an actor and as a person. I hope he will have a great time doing the movie, and I think he has a fair chance of doing really well. Either way, he’s great.

  • 1001

    Hey where’d my comment go? I wasn’t cussing like Cherie does!

    Stamps my widdle foot and pouts.

    Elijah will be great as Iggy!

  • The proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

  • 1001

    Oooh pudding! Thanks HH!

    Not sad at all, Cherie. This is so funny!

    Elijah will be great as Iggy.

  • cherie

    well you WOULDNT think so would you?

  • 1001

    I would think so if it was possible to think so. So what ever it is that I wouldn’t THINK is so, I would. Wouldn’t I? So I do think I wouldn’t ? What do you think you would think if you would? So I think if you would and I definitely wouldn’t if I would so I wouldn’t. Wouldn’t you?

    I would!

    Elijah will be great as Iggy!

  • 1001

    I thought the problem was that I am too grown up for your tastes? Not that you actually know a thing about me.


    Elijah will be excellent as Iggy.

  • 1001

    BTW that was an incredibly ironic comment.

  • 1001

    Perhaps you haven’t had enough hugs in your life? Is that it?

    Here you go. ((((HUGS))))

    Why are you so angry and provoking all the time?

    I’d really like to know.

    Who hurt you so much?
    People you don’t really know? That doesn’t make sense.

    I don’t think your level of animosity comes from something so trivial as fandom. You’ve been furious for a long time before any of us ever bumped into you.

    Why are you so filled with pain and anger?

    The only thing that saddens me is that you seem so completely overwhelmed with negative emotions.

  • cherie

    so nice of you to open up about YOURSELF my dear.

  • tina

    Its NOT in concrete that elijah will play iggy. straight from this quote by iggy HIMSELF!!!!!

    Meanwhile lifetime achievement winner IGGY POP set the record straight about the movie of his life, in which he is rumoured to be played by ELIJAH WOOD.

    He told us: “We have no agreement yet they have big mouths and just keep jumping the gun. I think Elijah’s a very good actor and if he can play a hobbit he should be able to play me.”

  • cherie

    especially not!!!!! so suck on that shippers.

  • Info

    Iggy actually says, if you watch to the NME interview clip, that Elijah is set to play the role but that he wishes that they would ‘MAKE’ their movies not leave them.

    NME misquoted Iggy in the write up.

  • Good thing Elijah isn’t dependant on the opinions of those who are so green with envy they lie in wait like snakes in the grass, waiting with glee and, sometimes their fangs far outstip their reach.

  • Info

    LOL! Good one, Ed! Those fangs came back this time and bit the little snake who tried to bite. She should have watched the interview as should the NME staffer who misquoted Iggy.

    In the interview with Iggy he actually is quite good-natured about the films and although he says he hasn’t given official approval to either one he wishes the producers would just get on with making them. That is the real jist of his comment and NME got his words wrong and made it look like Iggy is fuming about the films when he is not too upset at all.

    He was really very cheerful.

  • Emma

    OMG!!! Elijah Wood was perfect for the roll of Iggy Pop!! HE’s perfect for any roll. But I don’t want to see him play a drugy!!!And I like his childish eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • becky

    i dont think he was the best choice, i think anthony from red hot chili peppers definatley looks more so like iggy than elijah wood, but it doesnt really matter that much. any actor playing an icon will get chritisized, no one will be satisfied either way. people are still gonna bitch