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Eli Wallach: Celebrating A Legend

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Eli Wallach passed away this week at age 98. The world has lost one of the finest actors of our time and a wonderful man. A few years ago I had the privilege of spending an amazing afternoon interviewing Eli for our Emmy Award winning television show, Cool In Your Code which aired on NYCTV. I will always treasure that time as one of the highlights of my life. Our four-hour interview was edited into a four-minute segment that won an Emmy Award. (Here’s a link to the video.)

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.10.23 PM

What started out as an “interview” quickly evolved into an intimate and emotional chat about Eli’s entire life. I came away inspired and totally energized by Eli’s zest for life, love of his family, and devotion to the profession he loved so much.

After we had chatted for about two hours we realized that we had only covered the early years of Eli’s life. When I asked Eli if he wanted to stop he said, “ I Just need some more tea. I love talking. Are you ready for more?” He held us spellbound for another two hours.

There was so much more to tell beyond what could be captured in a video segment, so we transcribed the entire interview. Based on that transcript I published a Blogcrtiics article, “Eli Wallach: Inside The Life Of A Legend, The Early Years.” The editors and I think it is appropriate to re-publish this article to celebrate Eli Wallach’s amazing life. You will be treated to a rare glimpse into life of a a very special man that will touch your heart.

Thanks Eli for sharing your life with us.

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  • When you saw Eli Wallach’s name on the credit list you knew you were in for a great film. He totally stole The Magnificent Seven. What a great innings.