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Electronics Review–iTop Control Relocator for iPod

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The Nyko iTop Control Relocater addresses a nagging issue with the iPod–getting to the clickwheel when the iPod is in your pocket, in a bag, or otherwise unable to be controlled with both hands.


The iTop moves the volume controls, forward and back buttons, hold button and play pause to the top of the iPod with a small unit that integrates well with the mp3 player. The setup of the iTop is simple: turn the hold button on the iPod, and plug the iTop into the iPod. The iTop includes a headphone input along with a hold button of its own. While no menu button is included on the iTop, it really is unnecessary, since you’d need to look at the display in order to navigate with the menu button anyway. What some amount of power the iTop needs is fed from the iPod, allowing the user to avoid batteries.

The unit is a sturdy product that will help with making selections in hard to reach places. At a retail price of $18.99, this is half the price of some less useful iPod accessories.

The iTop is available at Macmall.

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About Matt Freelove

  • How do the buttons feel? I was thinking about getting something like this, but instead made an impulse buy for the Apple Remote.

  • The buttons feel like hard plastic–very durable. I definitely prefer it to the remote.The clicking is very definitive–you know you’ve it it. Its push controlled, not touch controlled. Hopefully that makes sense.

  • Hard plastic? Durability is one thing, but not feeling pleasant is another. Is it somewhat pleasant feeling to the fingers?

  • Matt

    by hard I mean not rubbery. It actually has a bevel in it for your fingertip. Very comfortable, durable in a good way.

  • Do they feel cheap? I mean, this accessory is attaching to a pretty expensive piece of equipment so it has to at least somewhat feel like it belongs with the iPod.

  • lightweight, but definitely not cheap. it doesn’t look like some long lost brother of the iPod (like the iTrip) but it definitely looks and feels like it belongs on the iPod. The top is a similar plastic on top of metal, reminiscent of the 1st and 2nd gen iPods. For the price, you can’t miss.

  • Awesome, thanks… But the question is, do I just stop using this damn $40 remote?

  • you could probably sell it for the copst of the iTop on ebay.