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Electronics Review: Contour Design’s Showcase for iPod

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Contour Design’s new line of iPod cases are touted as a “perfect lightweight, hard-carrying case”. Promises include a stylish case that is durable and stable, providing maximum protection. So, does it live up to the billing?

The Look

The Showcase is built to snugly house the iPod inside its hard plastic construction. Since the 4G iPods vary slightly in size depending on the storage size, the case comes with extra pads to provide a perfect fit regardless of which 4G iPod you own. The front of the case is completely clear, providing a completer view of iPod. The back of the case also is clear in the middle, allowing for a view of your custom engraving, or just to look at the metal back on iPod. A durable belt clip is included, and the latch for closing the case is very secure. The cutouts for inputs are large enough for all accessories, without trying to stuff them through. If I had any complaint about the case, it would be that the clear plastic portions of the case seem to be just as susceptible to superficial scratching as the Ipod. After as couple of weeks, I had a fair number of scratches. It’s nothing that takes away from unit’s functionality, but a nuisance nonetheless. The case is available in white or black. The manufacturer has some great high res shots to look at here.

The Setup

Fitting iPod into the case is a snap. Open the case, drop in the iPod (plus some foam spacers if a better fit is needed), and then snap the case shut.


The are definitely some neoprene cases that would bounce a bit more during a fall than the Showcase, but shock absorbers inside the case that iPod sits on helps create a buffer on drops and falls. I have been using the case for a month and a half, and feel very comfortable with the cases ability to protect iPod from the everyday possibility of drops.

The Verdict

At a street price of roughly $29.00, the Showcase is a great value compared with its neoprene rivals. The ease with which you can take iPod in and out of the unit, as well as its hard plastic casing, make this a great way top protect your iPod. The case is prone to scratches, but you’d rather gets them on the case than the iPod. My old Marware neoprene case is a distant memory, replaced by this case as my choice to keep my precious 40 GB 4th Gen iPod.

The Showcase is available at Macmall.

Contour Designs also makes a comparable, all-clear plastic case for iPod mini, call iSee, that is equally impressive in its craftmanship and durability. Contour Designs was smart enough to make the case entirely clear, so as not to detract from the colors on the Minis. The iSee Mini is available at Macmall.

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  • I really like the showcase. This is the best case out there. Tried many. The reason is that it keeps my iPod looking new – but it takes the beating.
    Plastic being plastic will sratch and that is why the showcase front will scratch – but rather that than the iPod getting scratched. My minor gripe with the showcase is that it does not have a good arm-band mechanism to use say when running or in the gym. But now I use a shuffle so that is not a problem. There is no other case I would get to protect my 60Gb photo. My case has so many nicks (I use it everywhere – cycling etc) – I can’t imagine not having the case. Great case -period!